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Poems On / About LOST  10/23/2014 4:21:55 AM
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Best Poems About / On LOST
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At Least

Sure it hurts to lose
Someone that you love
But in losing them you realize
At least you had them to lose

Ray Hansell

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To Lose Something!

When you lose your mind
You'll be losing everything in your hand
To Lose something in your life
is to know what you had in your hand
Rose Rose

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Have I Lost You

In my attempt to make you happy
Did i lose you?
Is everything i tried to do
Come back to haunt me
Have i lost the one i love the most
Just when i realized that he was the one
Did i offend you in some way
That you seem through
Has your love for me faded
That i might have lost you
I said i was sorry for losing hold of me
You still haven't forgiven me
Does it mean you are lost to me
What can i do to make up for what it is
That has made you lose interest
I don't want to lose you
But if being done with me is what makes you happy
Then i'll be gone, so that you can have what you need
Tell me please, instead of making me think
Letting my mind run from me
Have i lost you and should i prepare
For the pain that is coming next?
Have i done so wrong that you just don't see
Happiness in being with me?
Tell me is it you that i am losing?
Guarded Heart

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(Am I alive) Miserable life

I'm alive just in body's face
Because inside me, I feel
That I'm not any more in this place

I lost my spirit
I broke my old habit
Now I'm lock in this secret
As you can see and feel it...

I don't have dreams
I lost the wish of a new future
I even lost the old screams
That made me felt that I was imature

I lost the new mind
I lose what I find
I'm always lost and blind
Because my life lost the big why

The why I was here
The why I fought for
The why I would breathe
The why I went out from that door

Am I alive? Am I dead?
Did I lose the control of my head?
Did I lose my true love in a mistake?
Or am I just here waiting for someone to take
Take me away from this miserable life...
Ianne de Angel

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Poems On / About LOST