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Poems On / About LOST  7/26/2014 2:13:54 PM
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(Am I alive) Miserable life

I'm alive just in body's face
Because inside me, I feel
That I'm not any more in this place

I lost my spirit
I broke my old habit
Now I'm lock in this secret
As you can see and feel it...

I don't have dreams
I lost the wish of a new future
I even lost the old screams
That made me felt that I was imature

I lost the new mind
I lose what I find
I'm always lost and blind
Because my life lost the big why

The why I was here
The why I fought for
The why I would breathe
The why I went out from that door

Am I alive? Am I dead?
Did I lose the control of my head?
Did I lose my true love in a mistake?
Or am I just here waiting for someone to take
Take me away from this miserable life...
Ianne de Angel

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My Lost Love

So many dreams
I have of him
So many memories
I want to come back
So many things
I wish I had done
So many statements
I wish I could tell him
So many apologies
Lurk in my heart
So many times
I picture him with me
But is he really
Is he really
How I remember him
I don't know
And I don't want to know
I just want him here
I don't care how
I just want him
But he's a lost love
The only one
I truly love
The only one
I truly crave
My only lost love
He's a lost love
But not a lost cause
No matter what
I know I love him
He may be lost
But he can be found
I believe I can find him
I believe he cares for me
And I believe he's a lost love
But why
Why does he have to be lost
Why can't I find him
I love him
And I can't let him go
But I have to
He's a lost love
But can love be lost?

Tierra Bradley
Tierra Bradley

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The Loser

He lost his money first of all
And losing that is half the story-
And later on he tried a fall
With fate, in things less transitory
He lost his heart-and found it dead-
(His one and only true discovery),
And after that he lost his head,
And lost his chances of recovery.
He lost his honour bit by bit
Until the thing was out of question.
He worried so at losing it,
He lost his sleep and his digestion.
He lost his temper- and for good-
The remnants of his reputation,
His taste in wine, his choice of food,
And then, in rapid culmination,
His certitudes, his sense of truth,
His memory, his self control,
The love that graced his early youth,
And lastly his immortal soul.
Hilaire Belloc

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Lost My Way For You<3

I lost my way for you
And yet you still ignore me
I lost myself when you never said goodbye
And you still block me out of your life
I lost you
And it was the biggest mistake you ever did
You lost your ways for me
And I still cry for you and try to help
You lost yourself when I said I couldn't help
And I wish I was still talking to you
You lost me
And I've never been more hurt in my life
We lost our own ways
And we still stay silent to each other
We lost ourselves when we saw each other
And we don't know what to do
We lost each other
And I never got to say... goodbye
Abby Christeen Whaley

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