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Poems On / About LOST  8/2/2015 11:22:55 AM
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Surfing The Love Wave

Looking into your eyes is an understatement, I gaze into them. Getting lost, losing control. Once we look, they are locked, drawing us closer.This connection is screaming through our pours. There is no explaining it, it's an electric pulse beating rapidly and fiercely. Impulses drive us to keep going, deeper and further. Until there is no turning back. I cant see where we started and dont know where we will end. Thrilling being blinded by you-us-this! We could be going in circles and I wouldn't even know, or do I care. The ride is too exilerating and effortless. Why stop when I am so addicted to the feeling; to the touch; to the moment. Believing is knowing, So I WONT, I might lose it if I try. Right now I will surf the wave, floating away. And wearing PINK lipstick doing it! ! !
Aleigha Rieger

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The Unknown

walking these lonely street's in search of love, haven't seen light for miles ever since i turned off of suffering onto pain. around these part of the world you will not find anyone shedding tears for the ones they've lost. i continue my walk down unto pain and as i look up, what appears, a tear drop hits my face, at that moment all i felted was the greatest sorrow. as the tear drops begin hitting the ground beneath my feet, the tearful souls begin to raise, all i hear is the screening voices of those who have been lost in these very street's as i am now. the tearful drops of these lost soul's begin raising even higher taking me to unknown heights and out of nowhere a light appears, the voices speaking i hear more clearly now saying the only place i can find love and peace is far beneath these dark cold lonely tears of water called suffering and pain.
jesus rodriguez

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Im Scared Im Cold Im Lost

i cant do anything icant even sit if anyone makes me i wont i wont do it because im lost it is cold outside i want my mummy and daddy i cant find them at all i fill scared i see god god is looking at me keeping me safe but i cant fly anyway someday ill die ill cry i cant move i want my family right now im scared theres scary people i dont know i see somebody i know im moving now but by the time i get there there not there im scared im cold im lost and most of all i want mum and dad im young to be living on the streats im only 9 yrs old if i were home i would be in my lounge room hugging my dad wait i see the police and i know my address maybe they can take me home ill run fast run as fast as i can wait my dad is a police and thats him im speeding im running yelling out dad dad oh my gosh he sees me he is hugging me he is kissing me one day ill be lost again but i will be a teenager and everyone will be old and then u will find out u dont have anything
Amy Leckie

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The Devil

I bet on my sentimental and I lost. I played with the devil, an expert in love. I'm not the first to win but I'm not the only one that lost. He knows how to play the cards well. I'm an angel with good intentions. If he lets me, ill play him again and try to win this time. Maybe he'll be more compassionate and let's me win this time. This time I played the cards slow and bet on my love. No sentimental attachments will be involved. I lost to the devil, an expert in love. I wish I can be that angel that turns dust to true love.
carol vega

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Poems On / About LOST