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Poems On / About LOST  7/27/2016 5:59:39 PM
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Me Against The World

Its me against the world yupp its me against the world.Surrounded my the hatred, fakers and the pretenders. Surrounded by the people i call family and some i that i classify as friends but

really its just me against the world.Yea, we all know that we bitch around sometimes get drunk and make some dumb mistake.Yea its just me against the world, lets see who's gonna lose not until i die yupp its

me against the world.Giving up isnt an option so tell me whats there to lose. Stressing

myself over the earthly things isn't gonna get me any where but yea its just me against the world. In my coffin that's when i have lost the fight its just me against the world.Whats there to lose, my dignity? ? ? my pride? ? ? yea i lost those when i remember

that its just me against the world. Yea i know crying has taken me away from all the pressure and the pain.Pills stuffed in my mouth looking at a class of water getting ready to swollow it. Shit i was about commit suicide but no i'm not ready to give up cause this is a test and its me against the world. Follow my lead no i'm only an out cast an out law doing me and trying to do me and only me. A gun to my head but as soon as i pull the glock it was like it was lock shit its me against the world. I need you to come save me cause my wings are broken and i'm falling apart.Its me against the world but, Not because its me against the world i'm great at the fight.Its me against the world and the world against me. Screaming for help but shit how could i forget its just me against the world and the world against me.
Esther Rowe

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What I'Ve Lost

It wasn't always this way, the way of sadness and aloneness. I used to be happy and comfortable with everything about myself. It turns out once you get older you lose yourself to the point where you forgot the warmth of comfort or the joy and happiness that used to come naturally.

It starts with love. You know, the kind of love that makes you feel like you and that other person are the only humans alive and you have a bond of nylon rope wraped in diamond that could never be broken. By the time I thought I knew what love was she was gone out of my life forever and I had lost love. I kept looking for it though through time and time again I thought I saw it in other girls but I have come to the reality that it's gone out of my life forevermore.

Next I lost care and sense of responsibility. I broke all the rules unknowing that trouble lie with each broken one. I had traded in my common sense for a fun time.

Finally, I lost blood. Either by a razor blade across the skin woven together so careful or an eraser burn down my arm to prove that I can take the pain. I am now left with emptiness, worthlessness, and hopelessness.

I hope someday to buy back my common sense, to dig far enough to find that long lost sense of love, and to get in trouble enough times to where someone glues my care and responsibilty back in my brain.
Unknown Ever

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Lost in a moment
Lost in thought
Lost in words
Whether spoken or not
Lost in ways I cannot comprehend
Lost in you
Drove me to my wits end
Assorted Thoughts

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I found you, lost -
I lost myself
Creator lost, the creation lost.

Sadiqullah Khan
December 2,2013.

Lets Get Lost, Photography by Hingki Koentjoro @ artlimited.net
Sadiqullah Khan

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Poems On / About LOST