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Poems On / About LOST  11/27/2015 8:15:24 PM
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Best Poems About / On LOST
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The shoemakers daughter has no shoes.
The breadmakers daughter has no bread.
The architects daughter has no home.
The doctor's daughter has no health.
The preacher's daughter has no faith.

A lost and dying world... Help me to hang on!
Vonda Overlie

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I lose my keys
I lose my book
I lose my pencil
But how do I lose someone so close to me?
They’re right in front of my face
We always hung out together
We would laugh at stupid stuff
We would cry together
Sharing secrets was our specialty
So how did I lose someone so close?
How did I lose a best friend?
Lost Sierra

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Get What Is Lost Within

Extreme will find its own way to provide you something special do what you have in your heart rather than listening to your mind unconsciously you can be the best in your own world but reality is bitter get out of this world and feel the fresh air try to locate yourself between bunch of talented people what so ever it is let it be wrong or let it be right don’t change your dreams and try fighting till you lose your last breath and believe me the time will never come and you will get everything assembled around you and that will be the right time to choose, adopt and evaluate it in your worthless life that you think is giving you all pleasure and experiences come out of these wire thoughts that can get fire anytime and can convert into ash it will not leave nothing just you with your life in close dark be confident and look for new ways to explore something special for people around you and for someone inside you know yourself and try to cut wrong things out of your introduction make it short but make it perfect if you dream big than try to do big nobody can achieve heights if they are scared of looking up dare to live and be scared of the good soul inside you listen to yourself and concentrate on what people say try to analyze every single word and make your own sentence out of it be a poet and write something on what you have done and then try to find wrong words out of your own creation that you did after a long concentration and by putting more than you can afford

It’s tuff to know what we are. And sometimes it’s really tuff to forget what we are?
Nobody will agree with what I have written but that is what we are all about I don’t want anybody to enroll all this shit (according to you) in your life don’t make it as a part of your life but it will get into your blood one day may be you will be lucky to get this life but in the end you have to lose work hard and get everything you desired work hard and make people proud of you smile for yourself but ultimately you will cry for something you lost you can never get fulfilled with what you have got you need to have more you need to achieve something unachievable that is what human being is all about

But you should work let flow your life the way it is going and enjoy every part of life let it be worst or let it be best enjoy everything and you will see that you have got that lost part but you have lost everything else and that will be the achievement getting something that everyone is loosing achieving something that everyone says is impossible to achieve to know something that most of us can never know the lost part is the major part except this you have everything in your life you will get all pleasure and everything you need but to get something that even you are not aware of is the real achievement

lokesh pant
lokesh pant

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Its Funny How Map’s Helps Us Find Our Way Back Home.

While going home I took a short cut and I got lost, took out my MAPS =MORAL, AMBITION, PRIDE & SENSE and I saw (1) STI= SENSE, TRUSTWORTHY & INTEGRITY street but I had already passed that street and panicked a bit...then walked back and passed... (2) HIV = HONESTY, INTEGRITY & VALUES street or is it HIV =HUMOUR, INTEGRITY & VALUES street am not sure now but My heart started beating faster...then I started running and screaming after a minute I then saw. (3) AIDS = ATTITUDE, INTEGRITY, DEVOTION & SINCERE street. I don't know how I got lost... then asked my self why am I running? And where am going? and I stopped in the middle of “LOST AND FOUND STREET”. I took out my M.A.P.S. = MORAL, AMBITION, PRIDE & SENSE and read (there it was written I fine print) , “CORNER VISION AND GOAL” that’s when I found my way back home. When days are dark....read your maps because friends will be few and don’t use your friend or partners maps because they take you to wrong places. We all have difference ways of seeing things.
Sakhile 85TEN25 Koaho

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