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Poems On / About LOST  10/9/2015 8:25:41 PM
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Best Poems About / On LOST
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Its Funny How Map’s Helps Us Find Our Way Back Home.

While going home I took a short cut and I got lost, took out my MAPS =MORAL, AMBITION, PRIDE & SENSE and I saw (1) STI= SENSE, TRUSTWORTHY & INTEGRITY street but I had already passed that street and panicked a bit...then walked back and passed... (2) HIV = HONESTY, INTEGRITY & VALUES street or is it HIV =HUMOUR, INTEGRITY & VALUES street am not sure now but My heart started beating faster...then I started running and screaming after a minute I then saw. (3) AIDS = ATTITUDE, INTEGRITY, DEVOTION & SINCERE street. I don't know how I got lost... then asked my self why am I running? And where am going? and I stopped in the middle of “LOST AND FOUND STREET”. I took out my M.A.P.S. = MORAL, AMBITION, PRIDE & SENSE and read (there it was written I fine print) , “CORNER VISION AND GOAL” that’s when I found my way back home. When days are dark....read your maps because friends will be few and don’t use your friend or partners maps because they take you to wrong places. We all have difference ways of seeing things.
Sakhile 85TEN25 Koaho

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Lost In....Darkness

ive falling from the rest of my group long lost cold and hungry i look for everyone esle but they are gone low on supplies everything seems confusing emotions were high and tensions were building then i lost consciencness was i abandoned to fend for my self in a cold desolate place billions and billions of km's from anywhere forever i am to be here with no esle and an eternity to think bout what i will for my revenge i wont be getting revenge all ic an do is think of my next move away to catch up and ask questions later in life ive always fallen behind never makin much of an attempt to catch up i guess that why i always been average or below average and everyone always over looked me for i was always behind in everyone else's shadows watchin as they all went farther and farther away soon after the lgiht left all i was left was darkness and lots of it for im -lost in an eternal darkness.- thanks everyone for leaving me behind.....
dorian suchelle

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Losing Love

my mind is gone lost in ur love but you are gone so my love is lost for all eternity it seemed like for a while things was going good they would go great but with you out of the picture there is nothing but an empty space there my heart beat is goes slower then it will beat not more but thats okay sum times life is goes that way your love leads you to the right direction my love is leads me afar and far away and brought me down down all the way to the bottom ive lost out on everything and yet i cant complain bout it cuz thats what happens ur a (loser) u learn to start and re start everything i must refocus lifes energies on other things things that will not lead me to a destructive ending we are an ending yes to this sort of life i knew in this brief past many a week but no more any sort o negative ness from me must remain neutral must go back to neutrality and lonliness lik i never knew before must g back to being a(loser) i was never a winner so i shant sayin anything bad bout not winning but i shant go speakin anything ill of always closing so until that day when all good things can happen for me ill always be a loser...
dorian suchelle

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I've been trying to find a way to tell you how much I live for those untold moments, hiding under blankets, completely lost in each other... Where you look when you're nervous, or how you know exactly what to say when I am... I'm trying to find a way to tell you how much more than just two people in a relationship this feels... it seems more important somehow... Like all the paths we've walked alone all these years, unaware that someone who would become so important to us was walking the same way, or the people we've loved and lost have simply made us ready for each other, in the most ironic of ways... Maybe it's because I feel myself opening up to you more than I have to anyone else that I couldn't possibly want to share my thoughts, and dreams, and fears with someone so apologetically on fire... I can't wait to grow with you and see the person you're going to be, with all the flaws and frustrations... I can't help loving you without compare... I am lost in all that you are...
Milo Orren

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