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Poems On / About LOST  2/13/2016 5:40:50 PM
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Lost Love

If you've ever been in love then you'll know how I feel, When you had a love that was so strong and so real- that it was like Heaven or a wonderful dream And for his love you'd give anything.But now it's gone and nowhere to be found, You'll never forget the day he left silently without a sound, It was like your heart forgot to beat there was no reason to eat or sleep, Have you ever felt that way, unfortunately I feel it everyday.A lost love, a lost heart- I thought only death could do us part? I feel dead without you, I have no one to turn to.I spend all these restless nights alone, ever since you were gone. I breath you, I need you so please come back and bring with you the love that was lost
Nadia McDonald

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Valley Of Shadows

As I walk through the valley of the shadows of death. I hear my heart beat fast. For once upon a time ago these deaths were full of life. I'm looking for the lost love of mine, It died binded to time. I walk and walk but still no luck, does everything turn to dust? This valley is dark with the shadows even darker and finally I find the one. This lost love of mine is twisted and mangled, it's seen so much, I look deep into this mess of a shadow and see and hear and feel. So much it has been through. Nightmares and lies and all the bad things. This valley is dark and the shadows are darker. But the darkest thing is the thing I see in this lost love of mine. And that darkest thing is nothing.
Jessica Lyle

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Pearls And Pigs

Friends, an absolute in life. You have them you lose them. Decisions made and turn into night. The beat the street and the evening that you miss. The love of the ones that go, the hole that fills with water. The sinking ship, the blind leading the visible. Lost in the day found in the night. Truth, lies and the falcon that flies in the sun. Things around your neck, show love and trust. On the ground in the mud and muck. Now forever to be ignored, and put in the back. Mind you not, remember your life and the dreams that you once had. Trust in the honesty of the world. Passion, and never to lose the things that you hold most dear. The things inside you, no one can take, this is you, now and forever.
Mary Haydon

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How Would You Feel?

How would you feel if you lost everything that meant something to you is now gone?
You lost your dog or cat, maybe a family member or lost your job.
Lost your home, or whatever you lose.
How come? Why does the world have to be so mean?
You feel so lonely inside that your screaming so loud but no one even turns to look at you.
You walk the halls in school wondering if someone hates you, or even if someone wants to talk to you.
You lost all your friends, your boyfriend, everything!
How would you honestly feel?
Well you would feel just like me!
Ashley Ostrander

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