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Poems On / About LOST  9/3/2015 10:46:26 PM
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Best Poems About / On LOST
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This life isn’t fair. Why would anyone want to be born into such a self-destructive state of being? You may think you’re looking forward to falling in love and getting married, but you never think about the heart break. What will happen when everything goes rubbish and nobody cares? So what if you have a high paying job, nine to five of boredom and self loathing is all that awaits you. Lifeless hours of you regretting all the choices and all the wrong turns you took. But it’s all the same to some people I guess. Sitting in front of the T.V, drinking their lives away. How messed up is that? Why were you born if you’re planning on drinking yourself to death? So not being born would have been a good thing for lots of people in this world. Dictators and psychopaths, why the hell were they born? To make the rest of us terrified, that’s why. Every day life is simply us waiting. Waiting for one of our fears to come true. To inevitably destroy us. Even crossing the road is a fearful task. Will some drunk driver speed around the bend and knock me down? Will someone in a hurry run a red light and change my life forever? We cant even be truly safe in our own homes. Some kid with a gun, or a homeless man full of anger, could break in, realise you’re there and end you. They probably didn’t intend to, no, just the sheer panic of saving themselves is enough to pull the trigger or flip a blade. So we are kept in a constant state of fear. Fear of losing ourselves in all the madness. Fear of losing our grip on reality, when reality is so messed up as it is. Sometimes we need to lose it. Just scream and scream until we feel free. Lose our minds to stay sane. Tell me I’m not crazy, but I don’t even care if I am at this point. Believe me, it would be a nice change of pace in my mediocre life. Boredom and restlessness, a completely repetitive ordeal that doesn’t deviate from one day to the next. And then, guess what, the next week the whole bloody thing starts over again, whether I want it to or not.
Rachel Brewer

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M Lost Again....

Lost and found bt lost again
I learnt the art of smiling in a pain.
Nightmares scared me.... in absence of light
, just like your th8 are making me wise.......bt m burning inside...
Lasted till the passing of night.......
Lost and found bt m lost again............
Arish Qureshi

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In the desert the wind is lost
looking deep into thy self
its only a start to the unquenchable desire.

the wind in the desert is changeable and uncontrolable so lost
the soul when changeable and uncontrolled is also lost
the desire, being uncontrolled and changing (unquenchable I may say) first step to be lost. in this way i made myself clear to my (ha ha) readers
jabberm alessawy

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Gods Unique Purpose

God has a purpose for all of us.We all are unique in are own ways.Each of us have a special talent to use to serve our Lord and saviour Jesus.Rather it be singing the gospel, helping the youth, writeing or just witnessing to the lost.
No matter what the talent is are unique purpose as christians is to serve are Lord and saviour and bring the lost to him.So we all need to come together united and spread the word through out the world.
Opening the eyes and hearts of the lost, showing them that threw Jesus is true happieness and freedom.And the only way to heaven is to belive in him repent and be baptized.
By the blood of Jesus christ and the grace of God I am free and, I will stand up for what I know is true.No matter what life throws my way I won't lose my faith in the Lord.For he said he will never leve us nor forsake us.
So I ask you brothers and sisters in christ help me, help God show the world truth.
jennifer sheehan

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