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Poems On / About LOST  5/26/2015 2:31:55 AM
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A Thought

When a flower loses its fragrance,
When the sky loses all its cloud,
When water loses its purity
And, the moon loses its shine
No one feels the pain.
Biswajit Dutta

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Never Useless

Never Useless

She plucks the string of the beat-up old guitar, it makes a sound, a sound of waste, a sound of lost time, a sound of no play.
She walks to the chair, and takes a seat, the chair falls to the ground, not because of her light weight, but of no use, wasted time, time lost, and oldness.
She walks to the door of the old house, it's useless it seems, wasted away at the walls, the floors are broken, same as the door...but that house isn't time wasted, as she lives the rest of her life, fixing it up, replacing that time of no play, and time lost, to new life to play, and time put together.
You aren't useless, my oh my, dear, you aren't time lost...you may feel useless at times, but never are you to 'old' or 'damaged' to fix. Just like the old house, you CAN be fixed! Don't give up in this time of darkness, for you never know who or what is on the other side of the door.
Johanna Kortman

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Catch Ecstasy.

Absorbed in music, you lose yourself.
Immersed in fantasy, you lose yourself.
Caught in sexual love, you lose yourself.
Losing yourself is ecstasy; catch it.
Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

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Lost Without You...

lost without you, no one will ever know how much i really loved you..
why do i feel so bad..I knew in my heart i was making the right choice.. losing you would have been worse.
so now i feel incomplete, lost without my other half. I will never forget you, i will always love you. No matter what i know in my heart that you will always be the only man for me...and i miss you..every little thing about you, how when you would smile at me..even if i was mad or sad it would make me happy.....even the fights that brought us closer together, made us grow up more and more. All that bull ish we been though only made us learn more about each other...i wish you were here with us.....

i'm just so lost without you...
vanessa coleman

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Poems On / About LOST