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Poems On / About LOST  5/28/2016 2:51:25 PM
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Lost In....Darkness

ive falling from the rest of my group long lost cold and hungry i look for everyone esle but they are gone low on supplies everything seems confusing emotions were high and tensions were building then i lost consciencness was i abandoned to fend for my self in a cold desolate place billions and billions of km's from anywhere forever i am to be here with no esle and an eternity to think bout what i will for my revenge i wont be getting revenge all ic an do is think of my next move away to catch up and ask questions later in life ive always fallen behind never makin much of an attempt to catch up i guess that why i always been average or below average and everyone always over looked me for i was always behind in everyone else's shadows watchin as they all went farther and farther away soon after the lgiht left all i was left was darkness and lots of it for im -lost in an eternal darkness.- thanks everyone for leaving me behind.....
dorian suchelle

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Losing Love

my mind is gone lost in ur love but you are gone so my love is lost for all eternity it seemed like for a while things was going good they would go great but with you out of the picture there is nothing but an empty space there my heart beat is goes slower then it will beat not more but thats okay sum times life is goes that way your love leads you to the right direction my love is leads me afar and far away and brought me down down all the way to the bottom ive lost out on everything and yet i cant complain bout it cuz thats what happens ur a (loser) u learn to start and re start everything i must refocus lifes energies on other things things that will not lead me to a destructive ending we are an ending yes to this sort of life i knew in this brief past many a week but no more any sort o negative ness from me must remain neutral must go back to neutrality and lonliness lik i never knew before must g back to being a(loser) i was never a winner so i shant sayin anything bad bout not winning but i shant go speakin anything ill of always closing so until that day when all good things can happen for me ill always be a loser...
dorian suchelle

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Forbidden Love

I know It Was So Long ago... I know Theres Something Still there.. Come on.. Give it a chance.. Just be Fair.. We might of Been young. But last time i saw you you took the Breath from my Lung.... One Chance.... Once Kiss.... To Try Relight the Spark. What can we Lose? ? Or What are we Going to Miss? I Loved you then.. Back when we Were Ten.. The Love isnt Gone just Lost and Waiting to be Found.. Please Take my Hand.. Dont make a Sound.. Tonights about us. Finding the lost Love <3
Talbyy Newnham

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Lost Love

If you've ever been in love then you'll know how I feel, When you had a love that was so strong and so real- that it was like Heaven or a wonderful dream And for his love you'd give anything.But now it's gone and nowhere to be found, You'll never forget the day he left silently without a sound, It was like your heart forgot to beat there was no reason to eat or sleep, Have you ever felt that way, unfortunately I feel it everyday.A lost love, a lost heart- I thought only death could do us part? I feel dead without you, I have no one to turn to.I spend all these restless nights alone, ever since you were gone. I breath you, I need you so please come back and bring with you the love that was lost
Nadia McDonald

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Poems On / About LOST