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Poems On / About LOST  1/25/2015 10:21:48 PM
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lost in thoughts

I feel lost
Lost no matter what I do
No matter how hard I try
I fall in a river of thoughts
I find your face
Memories I once though
Lost behind

I find memories of distant
Days that bring pain back
Those take me away
And I drawn in my river of thoughts

Lost in distant days
Once make cry
But also make me laugh

Come and get me back to you
Out of my thoughts
Were you exist
Were you are reality
It can not be so hard
So cruel
Out of my lost thoughts
Guadalupe martinez

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To Mary Jane...

My dear, when I am with you
I find myself getting lost...

Getting lost in the ambiance
Of your summer sweet music
Playing as soft as a whisper
In the genius loci background

Getting lost in the distant depths
Of your green earth eyes
That simulate your boundless world
Of inexhaustible possibilities

Getting lost in the resplendency
Of your sun reflected smile
And lost inside
The floral envelope of your heart
Blossoming everlastingly
In your warmth

But frankly dear
I don't need to be found
Because I have found
What I've been looking for

The cushy current through your love
Michael Fischer

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Lost in some strange new land,
where things are so different,
so scary and so uneasy.
Lost within myself and within my mind.
Running around in a never ending maze of unanswered questions.
Lost in my own fears,
fearing tomorrow, fearing the future and the unknown.
Lost in my own anger,
in my own confusion.
Iam lost,
help me find my way.
Phil Panebianco

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If I Lose The Poem


If I lose the Poem
I will lose myself-
Words will be too difficult for me
I will wander in the world useless -

True, one day I will not be.
But for now
And for as long as possible
I need the Poem.

If I lose the Poem
I will cease to be
And all the Poetry that has been in me
Will also seem lost.

I waver and wonder
As I write
These plain and simple words.
Shalom Freedman

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Poems On / About LOST