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Poems On / About LOST  3/4/2015 12:46:22 PM
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A Way Of Life Professed

he is lost
he intends to be lost
in the crowd
he never
to anyone

he is lost
he loves to be lost

he has no world
no place
to stay

he has no breasts to hold
and keep
him in place

so keeps on looking
where he can have a place
where he
can stay put

he is not afraid to become
a stone
only if he can find
a home

there is no one
no place
and he learns it after
so many
fears and then

he begins to love
this feeling
got stuck to
being lost
as a way of life


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They Got Tired

Sufferings, pains, wars, human errors, and A lot of ugly things led them Into ugly tents of shame, Into ugly boats of death, Into that ugly loss here and there, Into ugly separation, Into that ugly poverty and Into that horrible misery, They lost their original addresses, They lost their real names, They lost their loved ones, They lost their pretty houses, They lost their own ways, and finally They got tired.

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Losing survival

Losing survival.

It is because of
Climate change
I am losing
My survival instinct.

I have failed to
Adapt to the condition
And I am losing
My survival instinct.

I am the victim
Of the cruelty
And I am losing
My survival instinct.

In the water and
In the air and
In the fire and
Under the sky
And on this land
I am losing
My survival instinct.
gajanan mishra

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Lost all loved
Foundation of stillness

Lost all dreams
First pillar of stillness

Lost all support
Second pillar of stillness

Lost egoism
Third pillar of stillness

Lost temper
Fourth pillar of stillness

The roof of stillness

Sink in tears
Purified the self

There erect a wonderful self
Behold the courage crafted

There arises a brave human
Silently in some corner! ! ! ! !

2014 SALINI.S.NAIR. All rights reserved.

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Poems On / About LOST