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Poems On / About LOST  11/25/2015 10:16:12 AM
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Losing You

Losing you is like losing a piece of me
My life feel so incomplete
My heart skip beats when I dream about you in my sleep
Losing you is like the world losing light
Or like a human being losing there eye sight
Losing you make me realize that behind every battle you fought you over came your fear and put in all your sweat and tears in all these years
You was strong you was beyond strong you was army strong
And the battle that you fought wasn't only for me it was also for our country
Losing you is a undefined pain I can't explain
Moving on feel so wrong but I have to be strong
It would be something you would want me to do
Even tho it's killing me
Forgetting you is something I would never do
Loving you is something I'm going to always do
Lailoni Marie

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Mind Wilderness...

Lost on a dark and rainy road. Trying to feel my way through the rain and fog.

Lost in the dark.

Lonely there's no one insight.

Frighten of the wolves that hear howlling, in the distance fog.
I just want to go home.

Lost and desperate for mankind words speech.
Anger welling inside, from the fear that festers within me.

Lost in the dark.

Is anyone out there looking for me? Does any one know I am lost in this wilderness, and trapped?

I scream for help.

The only sound of others is the echo of my own voice.

No feed back.

Just my own thoughts that take me deeper into the wilderness.

My compass was lost long ago.

Lost in the darkness.

Fear moves me to go on.

If I stop, I know the wolves will catch up to me and their massive fangs will devour me.
Never to be found again.

Lost in darkness.

I have to find my way back to a place I can rest.
Where I will be out of reach of becoming another, there and gone.

Lost in darkness.
Ms. Anika Martinez

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A king thats lost his kingdom,
A lord thats lost his land,
His men who lost their freedom,
Wiped the grime from his wicked hand.

This king who's lost his kingdom,
This lord who's lost his land,
Not the wives who stood beside them,
Can no one understand?

A lover that's lost her only,
An ocean that's gone dry,
Will always end up lonely,
Though what's lost is in the sky.

This lover that's lost her only,
This ocean that's gone dry,
With sadness their souls did agree,
And they won't find it hard to cry.

A moon that's lost her sun,
Is alone in the sky.
Virgil Howard

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I'm lost, can't find my way.
Day-to-day I'm lost. Without a trace.
You'll never find me here.

No one seems to keep pace with me but i feel the need to keep theirs.
I'm individual, independent, I'll never change, unlike you.

So I'm lost, on my own.
I know what I'm doing.
I'm not lost, just lost to you.
Seems I'm the one who knows what's going on.
You never find yourself until you're lost.


Now I've found myself, but I'm still alone.
Still here, lost to everyone.
For an unknown reason I like it here.
Alone but not.
Together but not.
You don't understand me, but I like it that way.
Jax Ann Newton

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