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Poems On / About LOST  10/20/2014 4:43:46 AM
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Although the world, so vast
seems cold, yet welcoming,
How can one feel so lost?
Does one seek the lost,
or does the lost seek the found?

Sometimes, the world itself feels lost.
Or at loss. Once lost though,
the world feels nothing. No one
can find a world, that has been destroyed.
Ichigo Streck

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I am Lost Now

Thoughts of Nothing
Thoughts of Darkness

No Dreams or Goals
No Hopes or Spirit

Only the Remnants of a soul remain
Tattered and Torn, No hope of Revival

I am lost to my self
I am lost to all

Deserted me, my friends have
Deserted me, my soul has
Deserted me, all for a Dream

I am Lost Now
Oh so Lost

No one to run to
No where to go

My only wish is to disappear from memory
To be lost in the depths of time, and space

For I am an Empty bottle
Cast aside without a second thought
Brad Combs

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Lose That Too!

I've lost the morning sun again
The dew upon the dale,
Wings of dove and butterflies
Breezes as they wail.

Lost another noon of blue
One more kiss of rain,
All the flowers bloom today
Nighttime as they wane.

Lost a silent starry moon
Upon a summer's rill,
And the valley''s marigolds
Sweet with daffodils.

Lost another gaze of night
Upon a mountain's view,
Even if I tasted love
I'm sure to lose that too!
Kevin Gorman

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My Beads

My beads
Each the same
Lose one
Wear again.

My teeth
Each size
Lose one

My eyes
Bold twins
Lose one
Then begins

Quick decay -
One voice
Lose it
No choice

Leaves one
Just will
Lose it

Linda Hepner
Memorial Day
Linda Hepner

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Poems On / About LOST