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Poems On / About LOST  5/24/2016 10:42:49 AM
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The Loser

He lost his money first of all
And losing that is half the story-
And later on he tried a fall
With fate, in things less transitory
He lost his heart-and found it dead-
(His one and only true discovery),
And after that he lost his head,
And lost his chances of recovery.
He lost his honour bit by bit
Until the thing was out of question.
He worried so at losing it,
He lost his sleep and his digestion.
He lost his temper- and for good-
The remnants of his reputation,
His taste in wine, his choice of food,
And then, in rapid culmination,
His certitudes, his sense of truth,
His memory, his self control,
The love that graced his early youth,
And lastly his immortal soul.
Hilaire Belloc

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Im Lost

Im dying inside.
Inside im lost.
Inside i feel pain.
Inside Im dead
Im lost
I cant
Find my way home.
Im lost in peril
I cant find the way.
I ve lost the path.
Wheres the way
God im lost
Lost in my fears
Lost in everythink
Amy Kerswell

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I'M Lost

I'm lost,
In many thoughts.
I'm lost,
In frightening thoughts.
I'm lost,
In sad thoughts.
I'm lost,
In upsetting thoughts.
I'm lost,
In fearful thoughts.
I'm lost,
In many ways.
I'm lost,
In many places.
I'm lost,
In my mind.
I'm lost,
Beacause of you.
Dragon Crenshaw

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I Am I

I'm a lost moon in day
Like lost night in night
Lost as a light in light
I'm lost in your longing
But I am not lost in you

I am longing for a long
Longing for your smile
And for your rhymes
I'm longing for your eyes
But I am not lost in you

My wings of time is you
Smile in a night is you
Your a light in my light
I lost heart in your love
But I am not lost in you

Your ruling all my senses
Its blind and deaf for you
Makes me lost in longing
Yet I am I, who long to be
Me, myself and I but not you
Kranthi Pothineni

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Poems On / About LOST