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Poems On / About LOST  10/1/2014 11:15:49 AM
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lost reson

i have lost reson
and hope
i cant think right
anymore i've lost it
for sure i've always
hide in the back so
no one can see me
no one saw me
but one person
]can make you
come out and
get lost and
cant find a way
back you lost
all you had hoped
for in your life
gose away and
get lost
Alice Kling

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Lost Love

Lost love is a sad tale
Every soul must find a vale
Even lost can not be lost
For it will still hold a lasting cost
I am lost and finding soon
That I might be a hidden lagoon
But when I am found by my true love
No more shall I be the long lost glove
Isaiah Thompson

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Lost In Subdivisions

Lost in subdivisions!
Lost in a struggle,
with sterotypes.
Lost between religious beliefs,
and an identity...
never felt or reached.
None that felt complete.
Lost with others,
appearing detached and empty.
Lost and feeling unsuitable...
Without a sense that connects to an entity!
And nowhere is it seen,
the importance of this addressed.
Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Get lost among the sandunes
Whoever you may be
The pebble clad beaches
the soft, subdued sea.

Lose yourself in the sandunes
Whoever you may be
Forget about your troubles
the pain, the misery.

We are all lost among the sandunes
Whoever we may be
searching for some reason
a way to break free

Each speck of sand, a person
just like you and me
Lost among the sandunes
a lost identity.
Frances May

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Poems On / About LOST