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Poems On / About LOST  10/9/2015 8:25:58 PM
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Losing your self-Obedience and Strength to Trust one another.
You can be lost in yourself or into someone else.
Lost in Love.
Lost in Trust.
Lost in the ones you trust with your love.
Another person's gain becoming your misery.
Losing the only thing you strive into keeping.
Turning you into such hostility.
Giving up because yourself has become without reach.
But the loss in yourself my be triggered by the loss of someone else.
Body no longer lingers earth,
But their soul may exists in another baby's birth.
Got you thinking, why you couldn't have gone first.
Now the one you lost isn't around to ease your hurt.
The soul got to choose, nothing else got to but the soul.
Why this soul? Why leave you lonely and cold?
Matter fact, lost deep trying to find your own soul.
Feeling of no love you can hold,
Closer than that one whom you have grown old,
With for years of your life.
Now it's hard to continue to move on living,
When that person is gone and you have to start back from the beginning.
Cynthia Mok

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The Forever Peom

The Forever Poem
He my forever u my lover u my dreamer
u my life and soul mate we never be apart one other u will find me I will find u in the spirit soul I never lose u and u never lose me we are one great soul mate that forever he my forever and my lover dreamer soul mate u make me smile like shine star with a big heart on me I dont want to lose u no more in my life so make sure u with me all the time never let go.
nicole tates

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Broken Hearts

many different people have suffered threw heart lose, feeling of happy to sad and why they always cry for weeks, days, or months, but some will get over it and try try again.

when different people loses their spirted and loses the will to try again then those people will never find love again.

for me i almost stop loving into one day i found the one person to help me love again.

broken hearts
joseph macquarrie

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Unsaid To Her 7

I seek for happiness, I lose tears and i found smile
I seek for answers, I lose questions and i found reasons.
I seek for love, I lose myself and i found nothing... nothing more than.................... YOU
Ocean MisT

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Poems On / About LOST