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Poems On / About LOST  9/5/2015 9:14:37 AM
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Best Poems About / On LOST
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Tha Realist Poem I Eva Wrote Pt.2

I was a winner in a lose lose situation, standin on my ten toes but someones always hatin, while im sittin in this cell I guess im learning patience, thanking god for waking me, is my morning statement, I was doin real good while I was at home, taking care of my lil girl, now shes gettin grown, Im in this new place really all alone, I cant even get more than 10 minutes on tha phone, Im feelin bad because I kno my mama need me, she miss me, I cant roam freely, my girl cant kiss me, I spend most of my time dreamin, and wishin, I wake up in tha same position, *
I did tha crime gotta do tha time, cant let tha time do me or ima lose my mind, I get it how I live, I aint dyin, and if im lyin then im dyin then, they say lifes a buffet come and dine in.......

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When Love Like Your Has Me

For one moment I was lost in the deepness of the lake of sadness that dragged me down then farther then I could ever think I would be. The bright side of this is I met you the greatest thing of all the one thing in my life I no I have to live for the sweet gaze upon your eyes has made me short on sadness for your all I need to be happy I see a happy girl as I’m one step away of losing everything I start to think of you. I quit the stuff that I have been blamed for on past and yet I feel its going to caught up to me………………………….. wow I’m losing it I cant catch my breath what’s going on with me I feel the world spinning and the only thing that cant help me back on earth is My Commit, I miss her for what would a sweet harmless little boy like me would deserve this treachery….! ! I don’t know how to prevent this from happening for as I now realized the one who has a love like yours has me when she looks into my direction for I look back and smile as God would smile for the sake of young love he blesses the one love that may come to be known as thy peace for I pray for all girls may they find what love has them at first sight in this life I make the prayer that for every girls broken heart I pray they fine the right guy for them not of anyone’s else choosing may they be happy and I pray the guy they end up may he take what he need to survive this relationship and stand with her as need be.............
Redeemer Nephilim

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How I Feel! ! ! (I Love You Raheem)

It seem like forever since I been with you. I know I've been lost but now I found you I was living a lie. So, happy I found you. Hiding behind my fears so lost without you. Yea I know! ! ! ! I'm losing my mind. I'm otta control! ! Its like I'm going round in circles round and round and finally when it comes to an END you calland it starts all over again. Siting and waiting just thinking of that day when i finally get to say 'I DO'. I'm writing this to show you How much I LOVE YOU. How much I CARE. How much i need you. Don't get me wrong when I banned vyou its not to be mean just to show you that i care.! ! ! ! ! .............Some people ask me how could I LOVE again when I've been hurt to many times? ? I say 'Theres always that ONE PERSON that canmake you forget all the bad thing you've been through! ! ' So, Yea I must say I am In LOVE WITH YOU
Erica Mitchell

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Make Me Wanna

Forced into a life I don’t know how to live, got nowhere to go, got nothing to give. Forced into a place that has no connection all I seem to see is imperfection. Walk around this place, with the same look on my face, losing hope, falling fast tell me this ain’t gonna last. I need some stability, help me out cuz I can’t see, all this stuff I need to be, can’t seem to find me. I need to journey to a place far away, can’t help but wanna know what you’d say. You can’t say that I’m not good for me, nothing but your mystery. Lose all casual conversation; maybe discover your new destination. You make me wanna jump on star see how far I could go, wouldn’t need to fear the land not far below. Jump on the nearest train just for us to get a little closer. They make me wanna die my hair, and be somebody else but with you I can just be myself, wish I could keep this feeling forever. Let’s just freeze time, maybe pretend we’re mimes, lose the words we’re so accustomed to, and learn what we wanna do. You make me wanna jump on the nearest plane, just to find a stranger to kiss in the rain. Break some rules just to feel the danger, maybe even fall in love with the stranger. You make me wanna jump, you make me wanna fly no fears, or questions…no asking why.
Alyssa Lynn

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