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Best Poems About / On LOST
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is someone i met and so dear you never lie to me and i always no you will bee there that's what friend ship is about i hope i will never lost you again you make me happy when come down or mad you that and your make me happy you have a heart of gold and i will never for get that i no i have bed so mead to some Pearson but i always said sorry no one ever care about me til i met you and my man i lost all my trust in my family and my friends but never lost my trust in you or Vince i need some one to be there and you where and i thank you for that you will away be apart of my life no matter what i love you my dear friend thank you for been there
angela gudgeon

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I Need To Throw My Mind On Someone, It's Too Much For One To Bear

I need to throw my mind on someone it’s too much for one to bear. I need to get a grip on something that could help me keep my footsteps right. I always try new pathways but I always end up in my old footsteps. When I do end up there in my old footsteps I always end up right were I started out. It’s my life going in circles, it’s my thoughts going in circles. I need to throw my soul on someone it’s just too much for one to bear. I’ve been lost in the woods, I’ve been lost in my mind. I think I’m lost all the time. I’ve struggled to get right, avoid my old footsteps and make a few new ones instead. But my mind wants me dead.
Love is a terrible thing and it will tear us apart. Love is such a forest out of redwoods that when I try to get it right my old footsteps bring me to the dead woods. Love is such a field of flowers how come my footsteps always make me end up in the dirt. I could really need someone to throw myself on, it’s too much for one to bear.
Ilme SonCries

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Right Here!

Doctor, Doctor give me the news I just got know if I'm crazy or just falling in love. I have this urge inside me pushing to confess this feeling i have right here right now. Right here in this moment by your side I feel no greater joy then this. Looking into you eyes I lose all thought and sence of whats around except for the vibes of passion being sent between us. I can't keep it inside me much longer.Right here, Right now I have something to say. Talking to you lights the fuse to a box of fireworks, that explodes with such beautiful designs. You take my every breath away with every thought I think about you. So, I'm comin lose. I can't control myself I have got to tell someone reight here right now. I feel like I'm losing you every time we stop talking. so lets not stop.Right Here, Right Now I just wanna say what I've been shakin to say I love you. Right here, right now.
chris corey

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Tha Realist Poem I Eva Wrote Pt.2

I was a winner in a lose lose situation, standin on my ten toes but someones always hatin, while im sittin in this cell I guess im learning patience, thanking god for waking me, is my morning statement, I was doin real good while I was at home, taking care of my lil girl, now shes gettin grown, Im in this new place really all alone, I cant even get more than 10 minutes on tha phone, Im feelin bad because I kno my mama need me, she miss me, I cant roam freely, my girl cant kiss me, I spend most of my time dreamin, and wishin, I wake up in tha same position, *
I did tha crime gotta do tha time, cant let tha time do me or ima lose my mind, I get it how I live, I aint dyin, and if im lyin then im dyin then, they say lifes a buffet come and dine in.......

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