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Poems On / About LOVE  2/9/2016 7:44:53 AM
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Definitions for 'LOVE'

verb: have a great affection or liking for
noun: a strong positive emotion of regard and affection
verb: get pleasure from
verb: be enamored or in love with
noun: any object of warm affection or devotion
noun: a beloved person
noun: a deep feeling of sexual desire and attraction
noun: a score of zero in tennis or squash
noun: sexual activities (often including sexual intercourse) between two people
verb: have sexual intercourse with

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Our Love For God

What would u give to love God. he chooses a place for u among his chosen if u love. Love holds no envy jelousy or anger. Love can make u feel better it takes strength to love. Its easy to hate someone. But true love will not let u down. Try to give love a chance. With out love what will life be like. No one knows how love realy feels cause we all envy are jelous angry of hatfull. Love is the strongest emotion to display. Give love a chance.
michael archangel

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Only Love Will Be

I realize only one thing, which is love. Pure love with purity of soul and that is the ultimate truth of life. Being far away from love and the feelings which it carries will only increase suffering. To flow with love by letting love be is the only way to live. We can hate love by describing it as the root cause of suffering. Although, it is only love which can heal the wounds of a suffering soul. I will love and love again when I find the person who will fulfill all my dreams of love. Only love will be.
Rohit Sapra

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Permanent Love

Inside me there is a love for all who walk on earth happily as long as they love their fellow brothers and this love extends to their good deeds and their good behaviors and my eternal love to people who respect and estimate others'good deeds and my love goes to those who love others'good fame and love never stops but it goes only to the good and never goes to the bad and a permanent love prevails, stays, and lasts forever like a plant rooted in the ground and a permanent love after all is a true love for all the good only.

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Love To Hate

Love to hate, how in just a flash of a eye the feeling joy turns to sorrow, how pain replaces pleasure, my love brought me to tears my love left me to wether in fear. O god she said as she walked away, My love My love why so cruel o god why must i feel this pain, is this love? is this a test? if i endure this torrment will i pass and see her blue eyes and feel her embrace? or our these just demons in my head? if i let go is our love lost? was it there in the first place, four monthes have gone by no word no sign, four will turn to five and five to six. love lost no time for embrace, gone forever this love, no peace no pain no love no fun no joy no hate no crying no smileing no anger no fear nothing with out her love.
Justin Perryman

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Poems On / About LOVE