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Poems On / About LOVE  8/30/2015 10:53:12 AM
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Definitions for 'LOVE'

verb: have a great affection or liking for
noun: a strong positive emotion of regard and affection
verb: get pleasure from
verb: be enamored or in love with
noun: any object of warm affection or devotion
noun: a beloved person
noun: a deep feeling of sexual desire and attraction
noun: a score of zero in tennis or squash
noun: sexual activities (often including sexual intercourse) between two people
verb: have sexual intercourse with

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Your Love

When I think of your name I think of everything that makes me happy. I think of laughter, I think of beauty, I think of peace that no man could ever achieve. When I look in your eyes I see life. I see a life that is fill with so much passion it could burn this world on fire. When I look at you I see love. I see a love that could stop any hunger, that could quench any thirst, that could end any war. What would I do to get close to this love. I would face my worst fear. I would love my most hated enemy. I would give all that i had, and all that I am to be close to this love. Cause love is not a toy that can be play with. Love can ease all pain. Love can comfort all anxiety. Love can reach down to the very fiber of your existence and turn all that was real and unchanging, into a world of giggles, and bubbles that delicatley pop only to tickle your senses in as way only you can. I love you.
Aaron Woodyard

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Poems On / About LOVE