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Poems On / About LOVE  11/27/2015 2:51:37 PM
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Best Poems About / On LOVE

Definitions for 'LOVE'

verb: have a great affection or liking for
noun: a strong positive emotion of regard and affection
verb: get pleasure from
verb: be enamored or in love with
noun: any object of warm affection or devotion
noun: a beloved person
noun: a deep feeling of sexual desire and attraction
noun: a score of zero in tennis or squash
noun: sexual activities (often including sexual intercourse) between two people
verb: have sexual intercourse with

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If Love

If love could be another word,
If love always is true,
If love’s all the world’s about,
Then Honey, love is you.

If love, my love, is perfect,
If love, my love, is fine,
If love, my love, is love divine,
Then for you, my love, I pine.

If love is romantic modulation,
If love’s my heart’s only consideration,
If love is love’s only calculation,
Then I have but love’s declaration.

Can a man love a woman,
And not want to love her more?
Can a man love a woman,
And not want to be loved even more?

If love, my love, is the question,
If love, my love, is the solution,
Then you, my love, are my occupation,
My one and only adoration!
Christian Eliab Ratnam

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Heart Of Head

Embarrassment about your love A love you have been warned of. A love you have been denied From birth of this love they lied. This love make you happy You wear it's after glow In this love your life flow. Embarrassment keep you from Reaching your end. Not sharing the who you are within, Let go of the myth, Go for the ring...SING! Put the embarrassment on the Back burner, Be your own life learner. Your soulmate no one knows A soulmate just don't come and go, Most times soulmates are like you But most times you never have a clue. A soulmate of your kind can make you blue? That embarrass soulmate is the deal, The one you deny is the real. Your heart and head have Minds of their own. When you are flying and your Feet are still on the ground, That is your heart, let it pound. When you are in flight... And scared, that gotta be your head. The average person love With his or her head, Wondering way down the road That love is dead. But those who love with both Feet on the ground, They become the host of happiness bound. Love is like sex for the first time You just want to do it... There is no crime. Listen to your heart, be wise For your head have many roads unrevealed.

your friend kwane
kwane Lamb

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Poems On / About LOVE