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Best Poems About / On LOVE

Definitions for 'LOVE'

verb: have a great affection or liking for
noun: a strong positive emotion of regard and affection
verb: get pleasure from
verb: be enamored or in love with
noun: any object of warm affection or devotion
noun: a beloved person
noun: a deep feeling of sexual desire and attraction
noun: a score of zero in tennis or squash
noun: sexual activities (often including sexual intercourse) between two people
verb: have sexual intercourse with

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A Nurse's Surrow

As I walk along, my heart fills with dread, she’s truly gone, lost in time, forever, living her life in rest. I make my final steps along the sad, deserted beach, towards the death and sorrows. From up above we are small black dots, but in each other’s eyes we are loving family and friends.

I walk into the crowd, but the only noise is people crying. Crying to forget their pains. For what is lost may never be found, and although it was not our fault, we still think we could have helped. But no one can stop death.

It hurts to think it is partly my fault, I was there, shocked, frozen in time. She lay there in tremendous pain, but yet I did nothing. The doctors surrounding her, me standing back, the other nurses shouting for my help. I tried to move, my feet were stuck to the floor. My heart beats faster, my breaths get shorter, and then it stops. Her heart and her place in mine.

Now I stand, remembering her life, she gave it to me, but I took it away from her. The guilt crawls up my throat, I swallow it. How could I live knowing death was partly my fault? Her friends, her family, all come to say goodbye. But if I had of done something she may still have been here. If only I could bring her back, I would tell her ‘I love you mum, truly I do. But seeing you there, it hurt me inside. And what I still don’t get, is that it still does.’ She smiles at me, then fades away.

She is truly gone, another picture hidden in my mind. Then they fall, one by one, darkening the sand below. Tears they are, we must let them go. You think to stay strong, but you know you cannot. Your heart, your dread and to know that she is dead.

Looking back, far back in time, to know that she was always mine. They say they will live forever and ever, but we all know that it means never. I used to say to her ‘I love you, to the moon and down again, and around the world and back again.’ And she used to say to me, ‘I love you to the sun and down again, and around the stars and back again.’ Do you remember, mum? And I used to think, wow, I love mum and mum loves me, and what can go wrong? What went wrong mum? I love you, and you love me, and what went wrong? You see, I know she loves me, and I know I love her, and- so what? So what? She’s over there and I’m over here, and she hates me because of the things I’ve done to her, and I hate her because of the things she’s done to me. You stand up there asking, do you love your daughter, and they say “yes”, and you think you’ve asked something real, and they think they’ve said something real. You think because you throw the word love around like a Frisbee that we’re all going to get warm and runny. No. something happens to some people. They love you so much, they stop noticing you’re there, because they’re so busy loving you. They love you so much, their love is a gun, and they fire it straight into your head. They love you so much you go right into hospital. Yes, I know my mother loves me. Mum, I know you love me. And I know one thing you learn when you grow up is that love is not enough. It’s too much, and it’s not enough.

The years go past, those many different thoughts, they come, they go but always know. Your surrounded by loved ones, even if you can’t see them, they will always be there. The day I was shot, right in the face. Never do you think that you yourself will ever be shot, but I guess your time will always come. Weeks and weeks that I spent in hospital I had time to think, do I love mum? For days I spent thinking on that same question. She tried to kill me, but I moved and it hit my cheek, and survived with minor scars and that’s thanks to the plastic surgery. But not knowing what was going through her head.

But through all those years, what you never will know, is when it’s your time to go. It hits you like a bus, the shock, the pain when you know your time is up. That you will be gone before the time your 50, and there is nothing you can do. But sit, and wait, and watch the time go by.

As painful as it is to know, to think of saying ‘I have not lone to go, the cancer has spread, I am dealing with this as best I can, but telling of it of it makes me fell better, to know that you will help will always help me through this time.’ Those are the words that she said the year before she died, though thankfully things between us came to an end, she lived longer than expected but still she is now gone.

But here and now, on the dark beach, the sandy footprints that I have left behind, the memories, the love, all left behind with the lone prints. All the emotions, sad, alone and the list goes on. But shortening it down, to the thing that matters the most. My mother, a loved and now missed soul. I step onto the boat, what looks like a Black & White world. Without the life of the sun, all would seem dead, lost in a different world, leaving those memories, of her love and her life back on the shore. Sailing into the deep, far away from what we hoped will be forgotten. The road ahead is mist, my futures untold, then I open my eyes and realize, leaving it behind is forgetting her forever. The pictures we took, throughout our lives, hidden in our mind. This is always miserable for all, but then, you open your eyes, and realize. Your loved one is truly gone, lost in time, never to be seen again. All you have left is the picture, hidden in your mind. You bid your final farewell, and kiss the moment good bye.
Rochelle Thompson

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Heart Of Head

Embarrassment about your love A love you have been warned of. A love you have been denied From birth of this love they lied. This love make you happy You wear it's after glow In this love your life flow. Embarrassment keep you from Reaching your end. Not sharing the who you are within, Let go of the myth, Go for the ring...SING! Put the embarrassment on the Back burner, Be your own life learner. Your soulmate no one knows A soulmate just don't come and go, Most times soulmates are like you But most times you never have a clue. A soulmate of your kind can make you blue? That embarrass soulmate is the deal, The one you deny is the real. Your heart and head have Minds of their own. When you are flying and your Feet are still on the ground, That is your heart, let it pound. When you are in flight... And scared, that gotta be your head. The average person love With his or her head, Wondering way down the road That love is dead. But those who love with both Feet on the ground, They become the host of happiness bound. Love is like sex for the first time You just want to do it... There is no crime. Listen to your heart, be wise For your head have many roads unrevealed.

your friend kwane
kwane Lamb

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Love Me

Love me!

'Love me...

Love me anyway...

Do accept me as I am...

yes, love me...

love me for who I am...

love me for what I am...


LOVE that heals


LOVE that accepts


LOVE THAT forgives

Love me...

Love me unconditionally...

Love me especially when nothing makes sense...

Love me... love me blindly...

Love me tenderly

Love me passionately

But please, love me always... love me madly! ! !

Yes, LOVE that is Divine, just love, pure love, simple love, wonderful love! ! ! ! '
Sangeeta Menon

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Love 2 Haiku

Love love love love love
Love Love longer Love Lovely
Love Love look Bub Two
Ken e Hall

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