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Poems On / About LUST  1/26/2015 12:21:52 AM
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He was after her thus,
The uncontrollable lust was,
There in his eyes,
In each organ of his.

She has sensed it at last,
His lust,
Is making her sick gradually,
Since her brain reminds her of it constantly.

Who wins in the end? Let's see,
The lust or chastity!
Md. Ziaul Haque

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Were You My First Love Or WereYou Lust

Were you my first love or were you lust?
I now ask myself that question
I would like to know the answer to it
Did I really loved you or was I lusting after you?
Did I really have you in my heart or were you my pleasure?
I now have to wonder were you my first love or were you lust?
Erica Santana

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Bed Of Life

distance separates the soul
from the body of a lonely sea
as the woman lusts with cock
which dominates woman's minds
the point of insertion as her
being the hungry hole.

the thirsty soul knows
the meaning of cock
the cock lusts as Lust dominates
all angles with or without mind
have an exclamation point
the desire of man!

Warming up is inclusive
Of the water gives bed of life
Sugar and Spice

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With Only One Night

Illegal lust!
With only one night that ruins all things;
With the belief of the odds;
And, with outlandish Statements.
Illegal lust!
Treating people always in the wrong way.
Edward Kofi Louis

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Poems On / About LUST