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Poems On / About LUST  11/26/2015 5:09:51 PM
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Usurpers Of Authority

Usurpers of authority;

Illegal lust,



Illegal lust,
Like the burden of the desert with your dessert.

Treacherous! !

Illegal lust,
Walking naked to the laws;

Illegal lust,
Being barefooted to the laws;

Illegal lust,
With your buttocks uncovered in the name of the law!

Living in a terrible land,
With a grievous vision.
Edward Kofi Louis

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And I Lust

And I lust
lust for feeling
As I watch it crumble to dust
And stand in its majestic ruin

Readily do I sit in solitude weeping
Grieving the severance of my hopes
Without ever speaking of how I
Claw open the eyes of those dreaming

As I lust
lust for meaning
And watch as it turn to dusk
Standing around its majestic ruin

Verily have I been broken
Inevitable that it should happen again
But have I not also spoken
Words to the effect of causing an end

To their lust
Or rather its hopefulness
As they watch it crumble to dust
And stand in its majestic ruin

There is no puzzle to be a part of
And I am a key which fits in no lock
Hasan Ali

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Broken, Lust And No Love....

Broken with sorrow..
Drowned with Bloody tears and burned black with pain....
My cold, black heart is aching...
Because of all this pain...
It's all the same when it comes to the internal pain called heartbreak...
I can't stop thinking of this never ending life..
Eternity unbareable and the Thirst unquinchable....
Humans look at me and see a Goddess, not the real me...
They only see the lust in their hearts and all i see is the pain and sorrow im about to bring....
I lust for their life and they lust for my body...
When i come into veiw thats all they can do is Lust...
They can't help that i cause temptation and sin...
For i am the Angel of death and sin....
Darkness is my party and all humans are invited...
I can garentee that it will not end so greatly..
how can anyone love a killer? ? ?
How can anyone love and accept the real me when im a monster that only exsist in their nightmares and dreams....? ?
How can anyone love me and not the beauty they see, but the real me?
No human can truly love me and so i wait for death to knock on my door...
For bloody tears of a broken heart, lust and no love is all that i see...
And thats wat it shall be...
Black Rose Night

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My Lust.

My lust for you is like a fire
All it does is burn
It burns everything in sight
My lust for you is intense
All I do is think about you
The way you smell
The way you look
All I do is think about you
That's my lust for you.
kaitlinn sendar

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Poems On / About LUST