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Poems On / About LUST  7/22/2014 2:19:56 AM
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i lust for you,
at night,
i can smell you,
from far or near,
ripping my heart out for you,
i need you close to me,
so i can sleep,
your eyes,
so lifeless,
i need you,
i lust for you,
like i once said,
that day in december,
as the snow fell, on us quitely,
nothing can come between us,
i will hold you close,
until the day you leave me my love,
for a new one,
not like me at all,
but until then i will lust for you my love
abbii dawns

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human or not (vampire)

My heart is hollow
Like the beat of a drum
My skin is pale
Like the color white
My teeth are now fags
They lust for the teats of blood
But not just any blood
The blood of what I use to be
But Im I not still human
What is it that makes me not
The hollow beat of my heart
The paleness of my skin
Or the lust for blood
Has your heart never been sad
Have you never spent
All summer in doors
So if it is not those things
Then it must be my lust for blood
We all need it
But I just need it a little more
So I am different but I am still human
emoly core

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Love Is Taste Than Lust

Love is taste than lust,
I think love,
Heart is saying it all,
Love is taste than lust,
Believe it,

Iam a lover of Humanity,
Whilst this heart revealed it's content,
Hold on this soul more and more,
Pleasure of lust and immaturity is not excellence,
My covetousness of composing is deeper,
Understand that term,
We are needing things New,
New life,
New style.
maxpoet beauty

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To Disturb!

To disturb!
With the muse of the Moon God in your mind.

Like a misnomer,
With the muse of the saga.

Illegal lust!
Very hash on the people;
With the muse of the land,
To express surprise! !
As the truth was rejected.
Edward Kofi Louis

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Poems On / About LUST