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Poems On / About LUST  3/4/2015 5:14:44 AM
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Flower is only leaves.

Flowers, you are leaves,
A modification in evolution.
Love, you are lust,
A hypocritical purity.
Flowers are modified leaves.
So is love of lust, believe.
But one difference.
When you see flower, leaf is lost.
When you see leaf, flower is not lost.
Love hides lust but not vice versa.
19.05.2001, Pmdi
Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

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Lust is lust and love is love
Until you riped my hear out with a glove

Riped it, smashed it, and ground it down
Now I look like a clown

With the saddest eyes and tears running down
I hope every time you see me you get a frown

I thought I loved you but now I know
that it was lust and never love
clarrissa berry

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i like to see love dance before me

i am boredom

i sit on a chair watching a show
it is love
bellydancing its way
into the secret room
of my heart

i am lust

i lie on bed and here comes love naked
on top of my heart
my ears hear the beating

i am love finally

lust overpowered
after this darkness that is so sweet
love and lust sleep
in the silence of their fulfillment

i am flesh closing its eyes
i am a spirit soaring in the skies

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human or not (vampire)

My heart is hollow
Like the beat of a drum
My skin is pale
Like the color white
My teeth are now fags
They lust for the teats of blood
But not just any blood
The blood of what I use to be
But Im I not still human
What is it that makes me not
The hollow beat of my heart
The paleness of my skin
Or the lust for blood
Has your heart never been sad
Have you never spent
All summer in doors
So if it is not those things
Then it must be my lust for blood
We all need it
But I just need it a little more
So I am different but I am still human
emoly core

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Poems On / About LUST