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Poems On / About LUST  7/25/2016 7:38:30 PM
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Being In The Counsel Of Unrighteousness

Being in the counsel of unrighteousness;
Standing in the path of sinners;
Sitting in the seat of scornfulness;
He lied to her;
She lied to him;
With blood and death in your hands.
Edward Kofi Louis

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Love Ot Lust

Most of us wonder if what we have for our partner is love or lust.I am here to tell the world there is a fine line between the two.There is many types of love, But only one true love.When your in love with someone you will notice many small things that you think when you are not with them.You will be able to say the reasons without thinking or hesitation.When you lust you desire an act or a thing about a person.allot of time anyone can satisfy the lust.When it is love it is little things. (Like hearing their voice, seeing them, watching a movie they like and stuff they say keeps popping in your head.) When it is this you know your deeply in love.When you cant go 2 minutes without thinking of them.love is no matter how much it hurts doing something to help the other person.
timothy langley jr.

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A vision of lust runs through my mind as I feel your lips upon my neck. I touch at the darkness of the night searching for the light in your eyes. I arch my back feeling the coldness of the air upon my throbbing body. Again I feel you as your hands run down my sides to my waist as I softly moan out for your love. The darkness overtakes me as I grab out into the air wanting to feel the warmth of your arms as I grab onto them. Again the vision of lust goes across my eyes with the image of you smiling as your lips touch mine. As I open myself to greet your kiss a tear runs down my face as I look in the darkness once again searching for the light of love in your eyes. I grip my pillow tight as the loneliness overtakes my throbbing body of sweat and tears. Once again I am left with just a vision of lust for you.
Harry Gum

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Love Thickens To Lust

To say that love is breeze and lust, tempest
Or that love is spring and lust is summer
Is to say that love is best and lust, worst.
No, lust is just the intensified love.
Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

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Poems On / About LUST