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Poems On / About LUST  5/3/2016 11:07:56 PM
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Love Is Taste Than Lust

Love is taste than lust,
I think love,
Heart is saying it all,
Love is taste than lust,
Believe it,

Iam a lover of Humanity,
Whilst this heart revealed it's content,
Hold on this soul more and more,
Pleasure of lust and immaturity is not excellence,
My covetousness of composing is deeper,
Understand that term,
We are needing things New,
New life,
New style.
maxpoet beauty

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Mind Masturbation

When a man speaks, he ejaculates
When a man writes, he masturbates
The semen of a heart is infinitely finite.
Silence buds within like lusting twilight
As a poem's evolution to womanhood.

In tragedy her curves are arched,
Each sigh-
A widening bulls eye-
Your words, the darts-
And as your heart marches through the dark
If you deny yourself the light
Of your lust for her, (the lust to write)
It is no sin of incompetence
Simply poetical reconnaissance.
Lazarus Knix

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A Broad Nature Of Love

Nature has programmed lust for all to lead romantic life;
Lust cannot be overcome unless controlled by strong mind.
War between instinct and intellect go on till the end of life;
Lust weakens to dimness but love brightens to divinity!

Love resides where mind is beautiful and heart broad as sky!
Beauty, music and art foster love and enrich the world in joy.
As Nature love grows the more it gives to others in world action;
Love captures and rules all however clever intellect may work!

Soothing effect of love recharges the soul to survive successfully;
Power of love depends on maturity, beauty and breadth of heart.
More than saying, serving in action love wins the hearts of all;
Love with knowledge perfects all to enjoy freedom, joy and peace!

Beauty of mind, breadth of heart and bliss of spirit make love divine;
A divine life one lives in this world under the influence of divine love!
Ramesh T A

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You Have No Root Of Love

Wherever the carcasses are,
There will be vultures gathered together.

You have no truth within yourself and,
You have no root of love.

A call from behind;
A call for you;
In the Cottage of your heart.

Cover, discover!
With career transformations;
But, you have no root of love in you.
Edward Kofi Louis

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Poems On / About LUST