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Poems On / About LUST  8/2/2015 7:21:06 AM
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Where Theres Beauty, Theres You:

There's beauty and there's wonder,
The wonder to know the person, and the love for the person
Both, I can't live without,
Therefore, I can't live without you.

There's passion and there's lust,
Both I can't live without,
Because there the two things that remind me of you.

Your eyes, for instance,
They shine with a fiery passion,
Or your lips,
Always filled with lust,
A lust that you rightfully clam, as you crush your lips to my own...
Sherry Painter

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Sawyerr, ear, years, are, ears, era, war, wars!
But, who is this little girl around you?

Sawyerr, saw, was, year, sea, raw, yes, sew;
But, who is this little girl who just came to town?

The shy tpye!
Come to me and let me sing you love songs to satisfy your muse.

Horizontal petals and vertical petals!
I know the right catch when i see one.

Twin, twine!
Ring my bell with the lust of your tender tunnel.

The lust of your tender canal!
The earth was divided before i was born.

The lust of your tender channel,
My name is Sawyerr and, i am in the land of your muse.
Edward Kofi Louis

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Walking along the streets of China!
Thinking of the ways to find your homw;
But, this world is being controlled by negative lust.

Trading the blunder of life with your muse;
And, being led like a less human to rape women.

Cadden, ad, end, add, and, den!
Telling lies to win your ways;
But, you are very much noted in this village.

Chase, case!
Telling lies to cover up your actions;
But, your sins are now catching up with you.

Leading you to rape women;
And like your ways in the sea of fire! !
Edward Kofi Louis

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Love Without Lust

Like love
Lust comes in the same shadow
With a spirit of obsession
With heart full of passion

Get me drunk
Let me say what I know
Love comes not
first without lust

In the smithy of the smith
Refine your feelings
Hit the the grains hard and throw them in the wind
Don't give the barley with chaffs

I doubt not love
But the child is born with a placenta
Bring out the evil in good
Give your love without lust.


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Poems On / About LUST