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Poems On / About LUST  7/23/2014 3:23:06 PM
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Lust is Love in hope of immortality
Walk on, in the intoxication of hope
Abandon the paradise your father lost
Trade it for a dime and a half
Believe in ecstasy and the magic of rhymes
Compose the music of eternal right
For life is a tragedy- A divine comedy
And Love is lust in your mortality.
Moz Rauf

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Today I burn in the cold waters of grace
Tomorrow I drown in the hot flames of lust

Today I am what I am
Tomorrow I will be what I was

Reminders of mortality
waters of grace that burn me
flames of lust that drown me
let my epitaph read

We burned in the blue waters of the Pacific
We drowned in the dark forests of Germany

We lie buried in the swollen mists of time
our resting places unmarked by granite-
we learned that there are no honors
without difficulties in this life
Michael Pruchnicki

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vampires die for you

In the valley,
before i lay
someone come
and kill me now
I drown in the fear
of my lust for your
the fear of falling
for my lust
my thrist
of your blood
it fills my heart with
slowly killing me
i cant give in but the
thrist has gotten stronger
i must have too so i slit
your throat drained
you of your life
and drunk your soul
your blood drained me
of my soul and
now im dead
and so are you
the first of your blood destroyed
my soul
Halloween Nightmare

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twisted emotions that scream in my mind

alone, forgotten, forlorn, afraid
I am forgotten in every way
disapproval, Depression, confusion,
Are all of my thoughts just one allusion
Deprived, Hurt, broken, fallen
Is all my pain consumed in one patch of poison pollen
wounded, diminished, Destroyed
all of the sick thoughts I've tried to avoid
vicious, malicious, lust
I stair at my bloody hands in such disgust
Pain, sorrow, dying hope
to many things that my heart just cant cope
panic, complete terror, fear
I see in your eyes that your just so sincere
dumbfound, disappearing, Insane
the calling blood that i cannot abstain
Voices, blood lust, craving
Maybe someone will see that I'm worth saving
Kellyn, A Grau

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Poems On / About LUST