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Poems On / About LUST  3/6/2015 6:06:29 PM
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twisted emotions that scream in my mind

alone, forgotten, forlorn, afraid
I am forgotten in every way
disapproval, Depression, confusion,
Are all of my thoughts just one allusion
Deprived, Hurt, broken, fallen
Is all my pain consumed in one patch of poison pollen
wounded, diminished, Destroyed
all of the sick thoughts I've tried to avoid
vicious, malicious, lust
I stair at my bloody hands in such disgust
Pain, sorrow, dying hope
to many things that my heart just cant cope
panic, complete terror, fear
I see in your eyes that your just so sincere
dumbfound, disappearing, Insane
the calling blood that i cannot abstain
Voices, blood lust, craving
Maybe someone will see that I'm worth saving
Kellyn, A Grau

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Mature i am
or more than before
for the year i have written
has made me more mature

yet at my young age
i really don't know what mature means
For i am told i am
but i know im not

for whom i love is on my mind
day in day out
you shall never know
whom you are

poems written before
about any other guy
is lust not love
love i have in my heart

lust is in my brain
but love comes from my young heart
hard to believe
but ILYT! ! !
Make A Wish

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There is no sun
Only moon and stars.
Magick spells of hate and lust
Float around like pixie dust.
Earth, wind, water, fire
These 4 things are love's desire.
Hate, lust, and misery
Each one of them love's company.
I wrote this all in two minutes time
And could not find a single rhyme
When midnight comes, though all seems fine,
Your mind will soon be lost like mine.
Vanessa Kingsley

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the divine


to understand how is it to be human
he went to the womb and was born
he passed each stage


part of humanity he was ordinary
he bled and died


to conquer death he died
to conquer lust he lusted


the divine experiences how is it be human
humanity makes a glimpse, divinity in morsels


a little light shines in the darkness
flickering and then fading and then waiting

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Poems On / About LUST