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Poems On / About LUST  3/6/2015 5:03:40 AM
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Marketing Lust as Love

Secret love,
Is really love?
Or it is lust!

Love is a universal,
From heaven it comes,
Yes, desire of body -lust,
Love for soul,
That never gives pleasure roll,

Love induces serenity,
In dust,
Love needs no proof,
But lust,

Love descends from heaven,
It transgresses without shame
A wonderment of heaven; just

Love! The misnomer,
That we murmur,
Serving the lust,
Disguised love to enjoy,

Love sprouts peace,
Love is like color,
Saint Hood,
Putting all colors together
Turns to white,
Lust is ephemeral,
Love is eternal
Aftab Alam

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Don't Let Lust Get You
It Will Betray, The One You Love
The One You Love Won't Trust If You Let Lust Get You
Don't Let Lust Get You
It Will Trick You
It Will Leave You, The One You Love Won't
Don't Let Lust Get You
It Will Tell You That It Loves You. But Really Doesn't
It ill Hurt You Every Time
Don't Let Lust Get You
Because In The End Your The One That Feels Like Shit! ! !
Latasha Dixon

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A Love Lust!

Lust born of love is full of passion!
Passionate love rules life longer;
Ageless passion never diminishes
Even when death approaches fast!

Caught by the web of lust we live
Loving souls dear and intimate ever!
Heat, drought, rain, snow and storm
Can't change the decree of lust long!

Born of lust all can't escape its clutches
Albeit drunkards promise to stop drinking!
Kick of lust as the drunkards enjoy drinks
Always comes handy to satisfy one's thirst!

Even priests and sages stealthily enjoy it
Though they act to be strict by preaching!
Overcoming lust is a great feat higher than
Climbing Mount Everest to hoist flag ever!

Lovers' paradise makes time nil by lust long
Willingly caught by its spell to fly in fantasy!
Will there be life renewed sans this dream
Ever indulging in love fantasy full of lust long?
Ramesh T A

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a certain lust

ya see, i gotta certain lust, that makes me want to do stuff
theres so much i wanna do before my time is up, so much i wanna experience, so much i wanna see, so much i wanna smell, so much i wanna touch, so much i wanna play around with
see, i am a rather eccentric, loving unusual person, that is determined to live life with flair and laughter
i gotta certain lust for something better, and i hope that it last, last long enough to be wanted, to bee needed, by a person that really believes in me
or maybe, one day i'll soon realized that my lust for something better, was nothing but a lust that will never be furfilled, never furfilled that I would ever be loved for more then my body
but i have a certain lust, a lust for experience, to allow my body to feel free, deatched myself from this cruel world
live life feel life as it is, both bitter and sweet
just to say that everyday is a good day, not to focus onthe donts doesnts and cants
you might think being succesful is the only thing in life, but is it really, and if it is, how can you define successful
so like i said i have a certain lust, a certain lust for life, and to live it to its full extent
Takiyah Penny

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Poems On / About LUST