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Poems On / About LUST  2/11/2016 11:38:23 PM
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The Lust...

we are alone now...
finally we are...

come and close the door...
i have many things to tell...
and have many desires for you...
come let me undress you all...

and hold you between my arms...
to hug you to my chest so strong...
and to start kissing you...
kissing you with my thirsty lips...

which missed you sooo...
to start from your neck and then down...
down till i reach the holy place where you care about...
to give you a happiness which you missed from a long time...

and to start the great love...
the love which we created for...
come, , my room calling you...
my warm bed missing you soo...

please give me the gift which god gave you...
so come to me sweetheart...
to let your body heal...
open up every thing you have...

breathe the good you feel...
breathe in joy and feel the warm from me...
to get from each one the lust...
the lust which we need to...
hazem al jaber

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The Last With Lust...

The last with lust...

between your arms...

here i am...

as a great panel...

drew by a great artist...

in front of your eyes...

here i am...

as boat without drone...

has no leader to ride...
lay away your imaginations...

threw your paintbrush away...

here i am your panel which you seeks for...

waiting your touches...

waiting your colors...

needing you as paintbrush...

to draw me through your fires..

and to fire each others..

let me lie down peacefully into your lap...

pillow my head on your chest...

to throw all worries back...

with a happiness taking a nap while you hugging me...

get me more close to you...

let me lose myself through your hot breathes...

and your exciting whispers...

to give me all colors of love...

here i am your panel...

give me your hot colors...

give me, my happiness through your great appetite...

draw me with your lips...

with your hot naked body fire me...

with no stop..

with no mercy...

to the last with lust...

by: hazem02@yahoo.com
hazem al jaber

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My Friend

I am hear and I am there I will be by your side and all I ask of you is that you do the same this is a game of truth and trust love and lust for you are my friend my sister my brother I will give you my all till the end when and if I shell fall for we have been through it all the good and the bad time and time again for I will always be your friend even after the end
Dorian Melody

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Im Alive

holding on to what im feeling, I think of you i am alive, I can feel you all around me, even in the air within you bring me life while i sleep with death i feel your love in my heart lust for your touch on me i love im alive i feel you all around me this feeling i shall savor till you walk to me again.
Allen gill

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