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Poems On / About LUST  8/2/2014 3:34:17 AM
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emptiness building inside of me
dark clouds gather over my head
rejected woes infectin my bleedin heart
fade away my pain leaving remains of sorrow

twisted fate, phases of loneliness
crawling inside my mind
lust to love, love to lust
disparate reasons come together

raindrops from heaven, an orange glow
On bed of nails, i lay
while i lay u on bed of roses
with you forever making you smile.
Anoop Lokkur

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The Belief Of The Wick

Detached, unstipulated, under stimulated
With prejudice, I demand to be filled
Alas, without
Lust, a prenatal configuration
Of two intolerable humans
Alas, without
Heed not onto this wild act
Of one intolerable weakling
I would break like the thinnest of glass
While I re-puncture my wounds
Perhaps with that very glass shard
Old becoming new, never healing
My scabs flickering away
Like the belief of the wick
Allie Edson

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Leo Sign

She is Leo;
The lust is extravagant.
I explore the lust, and
Leave the extravagance for Leo.
Atef Ayadi

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Blood Lust

Blood Lust is...
The need to kill
The need to rip

The need to slice
The need to cut
The need to bleed

The need to feed
And then you wake up in a pool of blood, that's when you know the true meaning of blood lust.
Lilith Rose Reitenbach

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Poems On / About LUST