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Poems On / About LUST  1/24/2015 9:48:15 PM
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Fallen Guardian

Lust beckons to this angel
Possesive desire takes control
Falling through the darkness
Feeling his way around
Ripped agony
Wings torn away
Thrown back to the darkness
Walking through the world
Lust and desire long since dead
Raging with anger beneath the glassy surface
Permitting himself into a body
Feeling alive for a while
Playing games with people
Finding new desires
Love aglow within his heart
Blackened past sharpen his eyes
And secrets lock themselves away

* inspired by my newly favourited book, Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick :) *
Rachel BaByBeAr Anderson

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Lady Lomotte(last laugh)

The flow starts just a trickle
Lust blooming on living rumors
Beyond the gates of fine living she flew
Spreading not only her words but limbs as well
She be not the only one who wants fine toys
Plans made dates set
Many seeking queens favor
Necklace made
Taken and sold
Checks forged
Lust abolished by disguised lover
Truth seeps out in raging size
The seller impaled, branded
The luster even exiled for his advances
But in the end it is sad that the queen did not know it so
That it was really Lamotte the other she that would be watching her head roll
olivia helmes

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The End Of times

Everyone is praying
While the rest of the world is preparing
The Soliders are dying
The Zombies are rising
All of this came from mans greed, Mans lust for power, mans Desire to play god
As the worlds armies rise up as one the heavans part
showing Gods army Rushing down
The ground splits open and all of mans nightmares are released onto a once majestic mother earth
All of this came from mans greed, Mans lust for power, mans Desire to play god
There's no where you can go, no where you can hide
For nothing escapes the lords sight
this is the end of mankind
This is the way the world dies
Andrew Evans

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Women cannot be free.

The chastity of woman is not practised voluntarily.
It is coerced by generations by patriarchy
With the dire consequence of death and estrangement.
In a cage, she feeds without lust, lusts without food.
Men never free women; Masters never free slaves.
04.05.2001, Pmdi
Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

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Poems On / About LUST