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Poems On / About LUST  10/31/2014 1:11:38 AM
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in love she has been disappointed

yes, in love
she has been disappointed
with fate always playing pranks on her
one man to another man
one house to another house
always moving to another arms
for whatever comfort is left
of her
she feels betrayed
and ought not to trust anymore
yes, love is a disappointment
that is her latest
definition of what
love is

but always she will
fall on the same fault
if love disappoints her
to lust she will always return
there ain't no love in there
but there is always
the cure
for her temporary cares
her ceaseless loneliness
clinging to lust
for her survival

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Lust is Love in hope of immortality
Walk on, in the intoxication of hope
Abandon the paradise your father lost
Trade it for a dime and a half
Believe in ecstasy and the magic of rhymes
Compose the music of eternal right
For life is a tragedy- A divine comedy
And Love is lust in your mortality.
Moz Rauf

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Love and Lust

Love and lust, two way differenet thigs
They both may be fun
They both may hurt
They both may last a while, or not
It depends on how you take it
They're easily confused
And mixed up
But if you know your in love
And you know it in your heart
Then it can never be lost
If your just in lust
Its'easy to lose and nothing will ever be the same
Elysia Palmer

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The Halos Are Gone

The dragons flame burns like hell
Turning everything to dust
It's from grace that I have fell
Fallen for the demons lust

Devil whispers like candy
Demons voice like wine
Whiskeys next to the brandy
Sweet lies that you'll be fine

The mage casts a spell
It's meant for you and me
A portal back to hell
The call of the banshee

The halos are all gone
Only horns and tails remain
The gift of good has been pawned
Replaced with death and bloodstains

God is still looking down on us
But it remains our choice
To resist the devil and his lust
And get back our own voice
William Mowell

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Poems On / About LUST