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Poems On / About LUST  8/22/2014 10:33:39 PM
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the beastie

hidden in the darkest recesses of my mind,
Hides an unmistakeable creature.

Fangs sharper than the shiniest steel
Its heart colder than ice.

Its eyes are of fire and lust.
Lust of blood and pain

Like the forever living demons that fly through hell
Bending the truth and truthing all the lies.

Forever loathing the angels abouve
Those who fly free with grace

the creatures toy with my mind
with my emotions and my soul

It has hurt me and it has hurt those around me
This creature is my love for you
Katherine H. Belle

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In the realm of all the human possibilties
that i have predetermined to ascertain
that even ewe have now discovered
there is only yet one to remain
only one more to discover
i have something
which remains a secret place to me
my love is more than just emotion
my heart is mostly desire and pain and lust
a wishing wanting living loving yearning lusting place
For deep within the shadows of my heart
the possibility remains
that i must go there in my future
the futurisitic fantastical future
that possibility is ewe
Charles Hice

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SEPARATION.....I am so sorry

plotting marriage,
I nodded,
while looking through you
at every women in the park.

seven years,
a child, come between us,
I miss the lust
publicly displayed by others,

free to roam, I sit alone
watching couples with children, and lust
for the blessed trinity...

of the three of us, to be, again, at home.
John Tansey

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The Cycle

i say
pain is pleasure
and pleasure is the pain
because no matter what
the lust remains the same
combined with empty words
connected to people with no names
in this shiesty society
of mind games
that targets the heart
and break us for our unforgiving mistakes
day by day
we take the hate
that others make
and create this wall
that soon will crumble down
to start a cycle of
pleasure and pain and lust
it's a must for us to survive
before we all die
and inside i cry
because I try to stay alive
ale cng

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Poems On / About LUST