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Poems On / About LUST  7/3/2015 6:42:50 PM
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Deamon Seed

And when i Dream, I can feel you, come and take over me, take my insides and turn then im lust, as if looking at my own relection, drownding in confusion, fighting to survive as he changes, morphs into something i have never seen, I can see inside, don't deny what you fear, I am slowly changing, into the demon that is fear, that comes to torment, take my origionality and turns it sour, like a lemon on a fresh tat, because all of your lies completely engulf me, making a false witness, to the happiness you once gave me! Im gonna submit this to some contest. What you think?
Matthew Boisjolie

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I Feel Like By Cedrick Dennis

I feel like I'm in a tailspin My heart is like a whirlwind Lately I've been struggling Trying to keep these feelings from uncovering My dreams are influctuated My head is infuriated My heart is elated All because of you Nothing else matters Nobody else is there Everything is perfect When I am with you Smile from ear to ear Eyes with a glow Heartbeat doubling When I think of you Feelings that never cease Thoughts that never subdue Lust that never surrenders When I am away from you You took my hand Led me to happiness You took my heart Left me speechless
cedrick dennis

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i am looking at your back while you apply your make up... i notice all the small freckles and blemishes... i start tracing constellations in them... i match them up and make faces too...you start doing your hair... as you pull your hair up... i find more little friends there... i start using them to form new pictures... i see lovers in those marks... words start forming in those freckles... lust... passion... hold me... kiss me... don't let go... eternity... she looks over her shoulder in the mirror... she smiles... i pull her close... and kiss each one...
Half Past

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My Heart

I have loved you every sense i have set my eyes on your warming face, i loved the way you made me feel when i spoke the love that i felt for you, i made you see the life that surrounds you, makeing you see the love you can still have for another, ive tried to let go as easyly has you have, but my heart screems to be with you, screeming that it will never let you go without a fight, it just doesn't see the pain its going to endure, when it loses what it lust for.
alicia wattss

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Poems On / About LUST