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Poems On / About LUST  5/2/2016 6:18:49 PM
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Best Poems About / On LUST
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Lust Versus Ethics

Lust never rests
Between two souls
But tends to crossfire.

She drew to me closer
While at work we were.
There were under-currents
Deep in the placid ocean.

She feigned her presence
Propelled by Lust,
But refrained from advance,
Repelled by Ethics.

Be merry, Lust lured;
Be virtuous, Ethics warned.
Is she to give in or not?
Lust and Ethics were at war.

I felt her and smelt her
But bent not to taste her,
Yet it is as much worth
As if she was tasted.

A flower when smelt
Is not spoilt but is, when plucked.
So she is not abducted.
Lust and Ethics were at par.
Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

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Lately, so many things have happened to me
It’s all because of lust
I wanted to have a time pass
Here I am ready to explode my head into pieces

Love isn’t my cup of tea
I went for lust
Forgot that lust could be as wicked as love
I wanted to feel like a woman
A woman in control of her life
Silly me I’ve turned into a depressed head

I want to break free now
I want no love no lust
They nearly destroyed me both
I have always been a nobody
Today I’ve become a pathetic nobody
With a frighten head and a fragile heart

The writing is crystal clear
There won’t be a way back
No turning point
Love has never been for me
Think neither lust
I’m on the dangerous verge of losing my mind
The only thing I possess

I've tasted almost everything in life
I had my good and bad days
Think now the crazy moments are behind me
I’ll gonna start a new life now
A new me
My asset shall be focus, discipline and independence
Let my past be behind me
For I gonna act different now
The fallen leaves of Mira

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Religions Vs Lust

Religions and the lust clashed
Over the might they command on man
The former had a collision course
With the latter by citing incident
Of waging war and subverting dynasties.
It exhorted lust to read history
Where religion bugles and chime of bells
Attracted mobs like lambs of the shepherd
Who calls them at dusk to be caged.
It was not the icons of religions
That exhorted war and brutal killing
The diabolic, gruesome murder
But the self appointed guardians
Gave call for unrest and riots!
Religions never tended to flower
When the Messiahs led the men.
The religions took an extreme pose
As the Messiahs returned to coffins!
The religions argued and waged war
Of words with lust kept in silence
It was we that created pools
Of blood and corpses in all continents
And perished the peace placed
Safely in the minds of men by Messiahs!
The lust broke its silence and said:
“Let’s have a trial of strength
And you begin fist and I will combat then”.
The religions blowed the conch
Bugles and the bronze bells
That invoked devotees to come out
Like ants or smokes from the burrow
And started fighting to the awe of lust!
Lust exhorted the angles
In his command with celestial looks
And erotic gestures to be on earth!
As the angles put legs on earth
They turned Helens of troy
That poured cold water
On the blood of the fighting men
And incited lust in blood in abundance
And the men rushed to the incarnations
Of lust with unquenchable thirst
That made them pleading, kneeling
And cringe for the bliss!
Both lust and God smiled
When religions fled in fear.
Vadakkumpurath Ramesan

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Love isnt lust.

Love is care.

Love isnt just about the things we share.

Love isnt mean.

but sometimes complicated.

...and sometimes seems to sound overated.

Love is not just a lover

....but a classmate

....or a brother.

Love is all around us.

If we just take a look.

If we just stop judging the cover of a book.

Love isnt the first feeling but the last

Love is the hours and days

...and weeks together.

Love is worldwide.

Love is always by our side.

If we Just take a look.

If we work together

maybe we can possibly start over.

Maybe we can find that one true love.

The one we dream about.

The one we talk about.

The one we wish to one day marry

.....and cant live without.

Love isnt about not winning a fight

or being so much alike

But in the end bring peace and light.

Dont seek but be aware.

For love is out there somewhere.

Please be patient. Your time will come.

One day things will make sence and

you'll know where i am coming from.

Blessed Be!

Brandy Bee

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