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Poems On / About LUST  7/30/2015 9:10:01 AM
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The Remedy & The Sickness

The distance between our faces, I detect traces of lust and romantic musk in sweat death my dear could not come between us devils it's so hot fearing it will not stop, I know the remedy get close to me and i'll caress where public eyes cannot see the true heart you only show to me.
Isiah On a Corner in the Thundering Darkness

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The Last With Lust...

The last with lust...

between your arms...

here i am...

as a great panel...

drew by a great artist...

in front of your eyes...

here i am...

as boat without drone...

has no leader to ride...
lay away your imaginations...

threw your paintbrush away...

here i am your panel which you seeks for...

waiting your touches...

waiting your colors...

needing you as paintbrush...

to draw me through your fires..

and to fire each others..

let me lie down peacefully into your lap...

pillow my head on your chest...

to throw all worries back...

with a happiness taking a nap while you hugging me...

get me more close to you...

let me lose myself through your hot breathes...

and your exciting whispers...

to give me all colors of love...

here i am your panel...

give me your hot colors...

give me, my happiness through your great appetite...

draw me with your lips...

with your hot naked body fire me...

with no stop..

with no mercy...

to the last with lust...

by: hazem02@yahoo.com
hazem al jaber

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Deamon Seed

And when i Dream, I can feel you, come and take over me, take my insides and turn then im lust, as if looking at my own relection, drownding in confusion, fighting to survive as he changes, morphs into something i have never seen, I can see inside, don't deny what you fear, I am slowly changing, into the demon that is fear, that comes to torment, take my origionality and turns it sour, like a lemon on a fresh tat, because all of your lies completely engulf me, making a false witness, to the happiness you once gave me! Im gonna submit this to some contest. What you think?
Matthew Boisjolie

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I Feel Like By Cedrick Dennis

I feel like I'm in a tailspin My heart is like a whirlwind Lately I've been struggling Trying to keep these feelings from uncovering My dreams are influctuated My head is infuriated My heart is elated All because of you Nothing else matters Nobody else is there Everything is perfect When I am with you Smile from ear to ear Eyes with a glow Heartbeat doubling When I think of you Feelings that never cease Thoughts that never subdue Lust that never surrenders When I am away from you You took my hand Led me to happiness You took my heart Left me speechless
cedrick dennis

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