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Poems On / About LUST  3/4/2015 8:32:59 PM
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You must believe to devour,
perhaps you have?

Believe once more
and fill your belly
with the flavorable outcome of my lust.

Taste-buds are not hesitant
to soak foreign flavors,
test with taste,
lust in haste.

Be merry in the presence
of a ripened fruit,
let the tight lips trap your tongue.
Pleasure with difficulty,
for strife strengthens the passion.
Melissa Hurst

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Lust For Me

Lust for me
Call to me to please you
To drown your pain in my own
Rub gentle hands covered in blood down my body
Cover me in your sins
For they excite me like nothing before
They sicken me beyond belief
But still I desire you to want me
To long for me even when there is another
For my body is your temple
Your haven in which you may conceal yourself
And all you must do
Is lust for me
Long for me
For you are my only sin....
Nobody Important

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The motion of the dance beckons:
Will you surrender?
Principle falls away,
The bite of love draws heart's blood.
You lust for the dance,
Though it brings only death.
The final step, in the throbbing beat.
Your soul lusts,
And you surrender to your darkness.
Hands pull you under,
As you fall to the floor,
James Grengs

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damning her part1

you watch her intently
your eyes bore into her flesh
you note how she moves
with grace to her sway
she tempts you like no other

you like what you see
her soft olive flesh, envy green eyes
long brunnette tresses
she flows with young blood

you're hungry and you need to feed
but which hunger enslaves you more,
your blood lust or you're other lust?
confusion has its hold

you've made up your mind
you'll hunt her tonight
stalk her as she walks home

all the while unsuspecting...
Guarded Heart

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Poems On / About LUST