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Poems On / About LUST  2/6/2016 5:21:28 AM
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The night of my life is raining tiny droplets of hatred-love, lust, fear. The air holds onto the silence, never letting go [afraid to let go] Afraid to let go the one thing that is absolute, and real.
Brittany Baird

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Sands Of Time

to where the heart ake is bound true love will always be found as we gaze upon each other time will tell where true love is found for we are a grain of sand with in this hour glass of time if it is true love our love will grow spred with in each grain of sand lasting for all time if it is just lust it will just be that speck of dust unwilling to trust could you tell me are we the hour glass or just a piece of dust with no trust heaven will let us know wich way our love will go
Fredrick McDonald

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The One I Want

i want him so badly and he dose not know i whould move the earth just to be near him i study his face in my mind look into his eyes thats were my heart lies i hear his voice and i get butterflys some says he name my legs go weak my heart sart to beat the pouding so fast is this fealing i have lust or some thing that might last i dont know i am in love with him but he not my man some one else get the honnor of holding his hand so for now all is lost unless god makes a way and bring us togeter one day
libby lane

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Who Is He? ? ?

He is confidence, he is a master at mastering his fears.he is hate, passion, lust, anger, and love. He is the person that can walk into a room and fill evey dark corner with light with one smile, even if inside, he is torn apart, but......when he is all alone who is he? ? ?
Pricilla Carrillo

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Poems On / About LUST