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Poems On / About LUST  9/17/2014 8:29:43 AM
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Feelings of lust

Feelings of lust
Her body I must
Tongues entwined
Naughty mind
Body shaking
Loins trembling
Sweetened bliss
Kisses miss
Touching hands
Awesome grand
Powerful hips
Tightened grips
Seeking eyes
Lustful cries
Silent tears
Climax nears
Feelings of lust
Her body I must
Bradley Lester

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My name is wendy and i am alone in a world so cold because I committed myself to love that quickly turned into lust a war I couldn't win no matter how I tried I didn't survive the battle i left into my shadow and left without one word as I never love again because of the pain the lie and most the lust

Love Rage
cierra mallette

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My World

In a world of hate, there is so much lust.
In a world of lust, there is so much pain.
In a world of pain, there is so much fear.

And here is where i stand
Crystle Jones

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If love is a sinful arch,
thou art the goddess of lust,
envoy of Asmodeus,
my sanity which you oust

I'm a sinner thou guide
kneel before thee I be
enslaved by your dark light
red moon November I see

If your love is my sin
this heart I carve out for thou
be it my offerings
my body, fluid for you

God may forbid this love,
the Second Hell awaits me,
mistaken it for lust,
or I'm mistakenly for thee..
kite remedy

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Poems On / About LUST