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memories of childhood pranks
memories of an old friend,
whose love knew no bounds.
memories of wishing once
that we can catch up the stars
memories of love, friendship.....
it flows like river in the mind
so still outwardly, but runs deep......

memories of my life
which no theif can steal
memories of being together
will always remain...
and there's always a chance
that our paths will cross again
but untill then,
you will always be in my heart
and in my memories....
Abstruse puzzle

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Say Good Bye High School

Laugh & tears, those are the memories that carry on our high school years. Four have flown by & yet here we stand, in line for soon our diploma will be in our hands; Some amazing times I've had here with you, now we're leeaving to start anew. Life has been easy, its been fun. However now high school is done. High schools finally over & were moving on. Still our memories will remain, along with our bonds.
So what I've learned Ill take with me. I'll use it for my future & make it the central key. & what i've learned is this:
Memories last forever, knowledge rulls all, theres no such word as never & dont ever fall.
Life has just begun & we have awhile till its done. So say good bye teachers, say good bye halls, say goodbye classrooms & say good bye bathroom stalls.Now we're ready lets say goodbye high school.
Melissa Hamilton

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Leaving School

It's the final day as we all take photographs and say goodbye; a thought goes through my mind.
I may never see any of you again. I don't want to let go of the many memories we have made.
Yet I know that will not happen as the memories we have created have been engraved on my heart and left a deep impression in my mind.

Your kindness and caring attitude has been an inspiration and so have you, and I look forward to the future where in some distant lifetime we will meet again and relive the old times and the old memories.

This is what makes me cherish the true friends I have now.
Jane Tomlin

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Words That Describe Your Eyes

Sniper, defender, explorer, a supernova, a galaxy, space, the sun, the moon, planet earth, crashing dark sky atmosphere, the blue, a calm ocean, a beach, a dormant lake, a torrent furious river, a green forest, squared field, a lost cloud, tropical rain, water, dew, a lasting rainbow, snow, sun, moon, fire, smoke, a farm, a tribe, a town, an airport, town’s vessels and veins, adds, light, noise, a restaurant, workers, students, sellers and shoppers, trash and dust on the street and in the air, heat, intention and tension stretching out to the end of the avenue, words, awkwardness, fear, anxiety, flying ideas, stop signs, tiny dogs, in bags resisting or following their masters from Affenpinscher, Brussels Griffon, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Chihuahua, Chinese Crested, Dachshund, English Toy Spaniel, Japanese Chin, Maltese, Miniature Pinscher, Papillon, Pekingese, Pomeranian, Silky Terrier, Tibetan Spaniel, Toy Fox Terrier, to Yorkshire Terrier, happy faces, heavy faces, cold faces, a flirter, a homeless, caps, pizza delivery man, a ups guy, a mixed up lady in the dress of a man, a shy man in the dress of a lady, a neighborhood, a house, faces I know and i do not know, children, teenagers, a man with white beards, a gang of old ladies, a bar, a salon, a antique shop, a church at the corner of the street, a lost foreigner, a two stairs home with a mailing box and golden four digits number on top, three windows in front, two downstairs and one large upstairs, a wooden door with few squared glasses and a ring bell, a threshold that freezes memories, a smell, an agitated fearful thoughts, From out side, I can see: a hall with a thin wall table, cloths hunger, an anxious Shepherd Breed dog is seeking more warmth, a kitchen, a table, a refrigerator with postcards, letters, and photos stuck to the door’s face, stickers, bills, calendars filled with appointments -some are red underlined, few already green crossed, and some still highly highlighted, - two dry lips covered with light-brown beige with pink orange toned lipsticks face approaches me, A volatile memory melts and crystallizes.
You open the door, you open your eyes large as well. I step into your eyes before stepping into your home. Your house is your memories and shelter, and your eyes are my home, my space, my escape, and my beautiful world. You help me to get in like a blind, the time I was discovering for the first time my blessing shaded world.
Atef Ayadi

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