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I flew from out that shadow,
as well derived as thee.
I showed upon the glorious flower,
flourished by the sea.
I might as well take in some more,
from thy beloved memories.
But do not back up
from my power and my ease.
For I can take thy love from out
those golden memories.
Do not fear for I attain.
Give up yourself,
to the alluring melody.
Oh thy golden memories!
They are as if of precious gold.
Oh thy golden, distant, and beloved memories!
I see my soul in thy heart
as well as my feature
But do not think I am blind
of memories,
distant memories.
Oh memories!
Yael Anonymous

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But Still Memories Cling

in this dark room i sit and stay
only the howling wind haunts me like a prey
in this room full of memories, memories that flashback
memories of yesterday i don't want to go back

i keep my self shut, i keep my self shut
for that is the only protection that i ever had
for this sorrow always cling, for this sorrow always cling
like a song in the funeral that i don't want to sing

darkness crawled by and succumb in my bed
even when i sleep they haunting me to death
for there is no tomorrow that i am in peace
for memories remain of your last kiss

eventhough in the end your not coming back
in my heart left a void still holding back
bit by bit the memories of you i will forget
bit by bit i will try, bit by bit i will forget
but still memories cling, but still memories cling
Gilbert Tapales

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Memories Good, Sad And Bad

Some memories are good,
some memories are sad;
some memories are bad,
almost nightmarish in fact.
The good ones make you smile,
the sad ones make you cry,
and the bad ones make you frightened.
However, memories are memories
no matter what they are.
They are incidents of your past,
some of which you wish
never happened at all.
They are the memories
you try so hard to forget.
Unfortunately, the brain
cannot distinguish from good, sad and bad,
and the memories it throws up
are not always, what you want.

21 November 2007
David Harris

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Memories, All Of It, Just

memories, all of it, just
memories and nothing more.especally
the ones of the dead.
i lost the emotion to my memories
and in a way it makes me sad.
the memory of my grandfather, such a
sweet old man, he use to play fun
games with my brother and me. but
now he's dead, died when I was five
I had no emotion then and I
have none now, just a memory
that serve no perpose ever and it never will.
memories of a sorry past that i care nothing for.
But the essence of my macabre
past linger in mind, like the neiucance
that they always where. memories, all
of it, andall of it I care nothing for.
Victoria Lee

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