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Poems On / About MEMORY  9/22/2014 3:12:41 AM
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A Memory

Just a memory from the past
That's what I always shall be
Friendships, thought would last
Turns out to be only a memory

A memory hidden in their minds
Packed away from a time ago
Awaiting in darkness for a light to shine
Letting a memory once again to grow
Katherine Sessor

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Like Me

Like jeans
My memories are faded
Like dreams
New memories are created
Like love
My memories had built me up
Like a breakup
My memories have torn me down
Like a sailor
I am lost at sea
Like you
I lost me
Kelsey Martinson

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Memories of good times,
but also of bad.
Our memories shape us,
mold us into what we will become.

At times we think,
of memories that we might have been.
Dwelling on the past,
fearing that our new memories will only be lousy.

We never fully believe that.
We never accept it.
Because we know,
that the sun must set before it rises again.
Joshua Wyatt

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</>The summer fades like sunsets

But I still have memories of you at the beach
The royal sun-god burned the images into my mind and memory

The memories are like the 1970s
They are back there, but still here
the beach in my memory fades in the distance

You are there forever,
and I wouldn't have it any other way

Godblessyou amen
Samuel Stuart Pennell

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