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He Is Cruel

An instant/ Reality paused/ Fear/ A moment more true than birth/ Alone again/ As if forever there, he takes hold/ Darkness/ An icy hand surely there to finish the job! / The drum of an eternal beat splits through the silky fabric of reality/ A performer on a cosmic stage/ But he is cruel/ Bound to this reel and now destined for more/ He's saved the last dance/ Being, fading, the beat/ Every moment an eternity/ Every memory a thousand years of torture/ That momentous beat is filled with screams/ In a timeless instant it fills the void/ Expanding, intensifying, your world grows larger/ And as it grows so do the screams/ Your world is not empty however, for he has granted you that/ But he is cruel/ He fills your world with images, memories, thoughts/ Tainted in red they dance to the sound of a single beat/ A hollow beat
Guu U32

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Trinidad Villafranca

My name is Trinidad Villafranca named after my grandmother whom I never meet or at least not that i can remember.My name rolls beautifully off the latin tounge but sticks to the American mouth.My name i wish was Jasmine for I am truely a flower that with each day grows to blossom and with every tear of pain slowly withers away.I go with the current but, I never forget from which feild I came from or who watered my seed to help me grow the one who pushed the weeds away and keep me pure. The hands that held me in place. With the name Jasmine the memories never fade but, with the name Trinidad comes a memories i have tryed to erase from my mind over and over. A past a want to forget.
Trinidad Villafranca

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we run down memory lane thinking about what those memories meant. no ones quite sure where they went, all they know is that there gone. the past has happened its over with and gone. some people just can't move on. the future is to hard to face. the reasons we do things are not always explained. there are people who say the only reason people lie is because the truth is to hard to admit. i think that they are trying to hide something. someone knows its there how to uncover it is still hidden. you can look at someone and just get this feeling. when you know there lying sometimes its better to listen then to ignore. it may still be a lie but beneath that lie there could be something called the truth.
Fire Flies

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Mirror Of Memories

      This Broken Glass of Memories, it comes inside my every thought, puncturing all of my Hope to breathe outside reality. My eye's consumed in all the stares that break this heart inside of me.  So many pieces left inside it seems so hard to place them back like the pain inside my mind Seeking more than, just that place and taking more than what I feel but taking all I have embraced....To see this image in my mind running through me like a breeze, Its so unclear to hard to grasp...... This  picture kept inside of me locked away so far away shackled in my deepest pain...yes the mirror of my memories isnt so hard to find, i let it out in broken thoughts that cluttered up my mind, so many times ive fallen to the floor, torn apart like broken glass, i cant take it any more, and i feel that i wont last. But as i reach out and call ur name, my reflection begins to show a different face, as u put me back together but u put me in a different place. A new image in my mind state is what i now can see, my mirror has turned into ur face, because u shine through me.
Philip Goode

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