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The memories of us so much in love...

your hands carressed my body as my heart melted away
your embrace made all of my pain and worries fade away
the smile on your face and the twinkle in your eyes made me belive our love would never die

The memories of us so much in love...

the love that you gave
and the love that we made
was somthing i thought no one could take

The memories of us so much in love...

how did our love turn into memories of just the past
instead of
memories of the past, moments of the prestent and plans of our future?

The memories of us so much in love...

are slowly fading away
but my love for you is in my heart
and there is where it will stay
Brittany Michelle Harris

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Drowning In the Past

Walking though the hallway of my mind
Looking at everything I’ve left behind
All The ghosts that refused to die
And the lingering question of Why?

I try to hide the past inside
Behind a two-faced mask
And despite my efforts to forget
All these memories seem to stick

My Mind wandering to a time of peace
And yet I find no such thing
Only memories of her drunken stupors

The moment her hands reach my clothes
And the smell of her gin and tonic touch my nose
Before I know what going on
Im the floor motionless as before

Caught in the broken memories
Getting lost in my mind
Sifting though all the thoughts
I thought were locked up
So much to forget
And yet no place to put it

Now there in my mind, behind an iron wall
Thinking it would never fall
But just my luck
All the memories flood back
And I'm pushed back into my past

Drowning in an ocean of my life
I still try to look at the bright side
Nothing I can do
Nothing I can say
Will ever make theses memories fade away

But I have a lifetime left ahead of me
And I'm not ganna let this hold me back
I have so much time to make new memories that outshine
All the Nightmares of my Past…
Olivia Braun

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As the summer comes ~~ Plans are made ~~ The hurtful words that were said ~~ Are forgotten ~~ The summer is an endless journey ~~ Seeing things ~~ Going places ~~ Experiencing things ~~ As I think about these things ~~ I find myself watching the sun sink deeper into the trees on the far edge of the field ~~ I see the fire in the pit ~~ Dancing around the logs ~~ I feel the warmth on my face as the memory’s start to roll in my head ~~ The memories that were made ~~ Friends that backstabbed you ~~ Friends that realized you were right ~~ Friends that will always be there ~~ I gathered my mind again and look into the pit ~~ Knowing with each stroke of this pen ~~ The memories I have of the year ~~ Make the days go by a little easier ~~ When the days are hard to get through ~~ I need the good memories I have of my friends ~~ And the little I have with my family ~~ The memories that are made stay a memory.
Marla Smith

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The memories....

The footsteps of two running children
Laughter that subsides into yells and screams
I seemed to freeze in place and hyperventilate

What happened to the good memories?
My mother used to hold me tight
My brother never got into fights

Worst of all I’m living with my grandmother who right now I hate the most
Because…She doesn’t understand me and doesn’t want to or care to
My father lives with us too but I don’t really have a problem with him

I just wish he acted more of a father than a friend…..plus a push over sometimes
My memories seem to pass me by
Relapsing inside and not letting me remember anything but glimpses as in black and white

Just remembering my past makes me think of the bad memories
If I concentrate on the good all I get is one sweet memory
Me and family went to a swimming place

With a dam and my brother and I went face to face under the dam
That was the last time we ever went somewhere as a whole family
Me and my brother just went under the dam and scared everyone……

All my memories are fading with my family and me
Now I can picture is: yelling, hitting, and almost dying because of car crashes
I wish to remember the good memories but all I get is only maybe two
Alyssa Howell

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