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I'll Have Good Memories Of You Lew

I'll have good memories of you Lew until the day I die
And the only regret that I have I never said goodbye
We never got to say goodbye but how were we to know
That we would never meet again no never ever no.

I'll have good memories of you Lew in you there was much good
You were a kind and generous man and you'd help one if you could
You never did anybody harm and to many you were friend
And memories of a gentle soul stay with us to the end.

I'll have good memories of you Lew you were a man apart
And you will be remembered as the one with the big heart
There's many I may well forget but I'll remember you
Yes I'll remember Lew Germaine I'll never forget Lew.

I'll have good memories of you Lew from life you may be gone
But in the memories of your friends your spirit will live on
I never said goodbye to you but how was I to know
That we would never meet again no never ever no.
Francis Duggan

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The nights are cold and long when you are not here
The only thing that exist in my heart and soul,
are the hours of memories from our days gone past.
For those memories which remain forever within me
Keep the fire lit in every beat of my broken heart
and the life within my soul alive.
With out these memories I could not survive
the darkness of my dreams each night.
Nor could I begin to live in the essence of time
that surrounds every second of my most cherished memory.
These memories are of everything to who I am,
and what I have become.
So with each breath I take, my thoughts are of you,
and from you my moments become my ever lasting memory
of a love that still exist within each hour of my reality.

Written in 1998
F.L. Racca Sr.

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Precious memories,
Oh how sweet the sound,
They drive away the loneliness,
When know one is around.

Tho I spend many days,
Just stareing at the wall,
Yet I have my memories,
On which I can recall.

I think of times so dear to me,
And people that I knew,
Of distant countries that I've seen,
Upon oceans of deepest blue.

The days are past and gone from me,
Not to come again this way,
I'll keep them in my memory,
Until another day.

I'll keep them with me till the end,
The memories I love best,
And then I'll leave them all behind,
When my memories are put to rest.

But till the day, when it's time to go,
Of lovely memories to think no more,
My fellow writers with pen in hand,
Write on forever more.

Dedicated to those who love to write.

Franklin Spriggs
Feb 16,2008
Franklin Spriggs

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Our Past Lives On With Us

We may not be in prison yet we are not truly free
For of our past we are prisoners that's how 'twould seem to me
Bad memories always haunt us they never go away
Until the Reaper claims us they are with us to stay.

For many childhood memories are full of mental pain
Their heavy cross of sorrows through their lives with them remain
Children of war and famines they cannot forget their past
Their living nightmares with them linger though few other things seem to last.

Children of abusive parents bad old memories in them stay young
They live remembering their traumas and die as the unsung
Their innocence stolen from them in their childhood of tears
Bad memories still with them undimmed by the passing years.

We may not be in prison though it would seem to me
That we prisoners of our memories of our past we can't be free
Until the Reaper claims us good and bad memories with us stay
Our past seems to live on with us and it never goes away.
Francis Duggan

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