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Best Poems About / On MEMORY
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The Memory Lane 1

When we walk back and forth,
With loads of baggage in top,
On the memory lane of the past,
Thank you for spreading the petals,
For us to walk back and forth,
With joyful memory in the mind.

Beating heart of ours repeat,
The hormones secrete again to experience,
The sweet of memory of your touch,
In our life as Kith and Kins,
You have made our memory lane,
To be more beautiful with fragrant jasmines,
Thank you all again offering our love and prayers.

When we walk back and forth,
When we travel back and forth,
on the memory lane of the country,
Our legs are poked with splinters,
Of broken glasses of trust and respect,
Our body is kissed by the thorns,
That is grown from the seeds sown,
the children of evil rule this part,
where allergy of ivy is a venomous joy,
we can't chop off these trees of memories,
That is filled with tears of disparity,
Who have messed up the boulevard?
For the generation of us to suffer,
The hearts of ours weep to get attacked,
when the justice vessels are clogged
veeraiyah subbulakshmi

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O Memories Despite of Your Bitter Taste!

Searching for one more memory to keep him alive here
Never could get it till the moment how he've gone away
People whom we love
How they can go so far
How they can die
Leaving us here to die every single while thousands and thousands times
I've gathered all his memories to hide them in the depth of my heart
One more memory
One more time hurt me
Just keep his existence as he've never gone
O memories despite of your bitterness and all your caused aches
I want to get lost there
In your world absently I'll survive there!
O bitter tasted memories in you I've lost my dreams!
O bitter sweet memories Despite of Your
Bitter Taste!
I want to get lost there
I I've lost the ones I love up there!
Sossi Khachadourian

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Another night goes by another night that I miss you,
I know that I have to forget you,
Cause you and me could never be,
But after loving you the way I did I just can’t put you behind,
I lie in my bed thinking of were you are,
How you are and if you are happy were ever you are,
Sometimes I feel bad because I know that I can’t,
Hold you in my arms anymore,
All I have is memories and those I will treasure forever,
For you were the one,
The one who showed me what love is,
The one who showed me what loneliness feels like,
Every night I wonder if I will ever hold you again,
As nights turn to days I feel never again will I see you,
Nor less hold you,
But I got something that no one,
Can ever take away from me not even you,
I got beautiful memories of us and that’s what gets me by day by day,
Hoping that one day I can make even more wonderful memories,
Till that day comes I will lie here in my bed,
Night after night rerunning my memories,
For they are what made me feel closer to you day after day,
Memories what would I do without them,
Their for I thank god for making such a thing as memories.
David Martinez

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Drowning in the Past

Walking though the hallway of my mind
Looking at everything I’ve left behind
All The ghosts that refused to die
And the lingering question of Why?

I try to hide the past inside
Behind a two-faced mask
And despite my efforts to forget
All these memories seem to stick

My Mind wandering to a time of peace
And yet I find no such thing
Only memories of her drunken stupors

The moment her hands reach my clothes
And the smell of her gin and tonic touch my nose
Before I know what going on
Im the floor motionless as before

Caught in the broken memories
Getting lost in my mind
Sifting through all the thoughts
I thought were locked up
So much to forget
And yet no place to put it

Now there in my mind, behind an iron wall
Thinking it would never fall
But just my luck
All the memories flood back
And I'm pushed back into my past

Drowning in an ocean of my life
I still try to look at the bright side
Nothing I can do
Nothing I can say
Will ever make these memories fade away

But I have a lifetime left ahead of me
And I'm not ganna let this hold me back
I have so much time to make new memories that outshine
All the Nightmares of my Past…
Olivia Elise Braun

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