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Take Me

Walking throw the field that once the most beautiful flowers on each branches of the rough smooth trees. All of those trees are burning in the fires. Raining ashes of those beautiful trees. The ground is hard full of gray and black ashes of my hopeful memories. I step closer to this one puddle of clear blue water. Looking at my face thats not mind anymore. My heart breaking inside of sorrows with crows around me. Tosee that box full of those happy memories once again. Awaking me up from this nightmare. Pulling down on my bones. Take me down with you. Help me find my happy place again.
christina weinke

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Why Would You Hurt The People That Love You So Much

We open the world with the happiness that we have for each other. But do you know the truth has no good memories. People believe everything will be good. They don't know that it gets worst everytime. Your hearts from all the YELLING SCREAMING. Why can't they be happy. Where is this family that I love. Falling apart. My heart is like a flower dying with my good memories. No longer exist.
christina weinke

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Beautiful Sorrow

I know the feeling you have. Sleeping does not help, because the pain follows you. Its like a demon on your back. and everyday it just seems to sink deeper and deeper into your soul. Its a pain that you feel when you see something that reminds you of that moment when everything was perfect. And you want to feel that again so badly you try to drown it out with new memories. I am gonna tell you now. there is no way to get rid of those memories. There is no way to put back that piece of your heart that you lost looking for something that was never there to begin with.
Clayton Laiche

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Untitled 884

The sweetness of you is the most beautiful thing in this universe the beauty of you is the most sweetest thing ever knowing you is probably the greatest thing to me looking into your eyes and seeing such a great goodhearted person such as yourself with a heart worth more than gold in this world has to offer your eyes are as blue as the blueest skies and your heart beats ever so beautifully your soul shines and burns like the fire of a candle full of love and desire you are a sweet wonderful kind and caring girl to me your like a queen someone whose orders Id follow without even asking why for you I would give my life if commanded for my life means little but for your happiness I sacrafice everything that in which I am or ever could be your smile speaks volumes to me soemthing Id always cherish in my mind in my soul in my heart will always be the ever sweet memory of you even into death into hell no one or nothing would take the most beautiful memory of a beautiful angel like you away from me.
dorian suchelle

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