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Memories are in the past
So cherish them while they last.

Things and people can be taken away from you
Leaving you feeling down and feeling blue.

Memories are a great bundle of joy
As you remember that cute little toy.

Memories are the things you remember
Like the christmas present you got last December.

Memories are bad and good
Like your cousin getting killed in the hood.
Maya Williams

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I Will See You....Yet, Can I Express How I Feel? ?

I will see you..After this long time...I will get to enliven our memories and sight our beautiful memories..<3
You were always there, my sweet love...You always showed me you care...That's what made me fall in love..Your heart full of love and care..And That smile that makes me want to fly up to the high skies.<3
I will see you, Yes indeed after a long time and after a long distance that cut between us..<3
Yet, Can I Express what I feel? ? Can I express the love you granted me? I wish I could..

My love, There came a time..Where I closed my eyes...And when I did, && Thought I would wake up with you in my life...I found I woke up w.a whole different picture..A picture that cut my heart into pieces..A picture i couldnt deny..My love...People try and wish to steal my heart..And Let their selves own me..Yet, I tryed and my heart is alright..But theres something that left me in confussion and disfussion..<3
Do You love me as much as they love me? ? Can You be there for all my years as how I am waiting for you..? ? I don't have a clue..And I don't want to lose the power I gained to make this love grow..My love to you is as a Rose that grows as years and life gives water for it to grow and show..<3
I know that the person who loved me.., which is not you..Is not for me..Nor My love or what I feel deep inside....Although, That person gave me confusion..Just like a poision..To forget all our memories..I hope, I dream that when I see you..I will finally see..And Sight our old memories..<3 My love, Don't worry about me..It's just a short period of time and I will come back to life..Happily, and peacefully..I Will grow and plant my seed..To grow loving you more and more than I love you now..I will put my wings on when I want to fly to you..I will imagine my love to you is something left to continue on w.me..I will not let that lover take you away from me..Because I love you Only..<3 My Love...I will see you, Yet, Can i Express my love to you again? ? Can I express what I feel? ? Yes Indeed..Because Me And You are meant to be..No matter who fills your place..They are invisble and they have lost the race..You are for me..<3 Just hold on..and have your head up high..Because you have won that race..<3 Your face is what I name..And See eVERY day in my dreams..I can't wait to see you not just in my dreams, YeT in reailty..<3 I LOVE YOU
Ala elouri

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</>The summer fades like sunsets

But I still have memories of you at the beach
The royal sun-god burned the images into my mind and memory

The memories are like the 1970s
They are back there, but still here
the beach in my memory fades in the distance

You are there forever,
and I wouldn't have it any other way

Godblessyou amen
Samuel Stuart Pennell

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Untitled 884

The sweetness of you is the most beautiful thing in this universe the beauty of you is the most sweetest thing ever knowing you is probably the greatest thing to me looking into your eyes and seeing such a great goodhearted person such as yourself with a heart worth more than gold in this world has to offer your eyes are as blue as the blueest skies and your heart beats ever so beautifully your soul shines and burns like the fire of a candle full of love and desire you are a sweet wonderful kind and caring girl to me your like a queen someone whose orders Id follow without even asking why for you I would give my life if commanded for my life means little but for your happiness I sacrafice everything that in which I am or ever could be your smile speaks volumes to me soemthing Id always cherish in my mind in my soul in my heart will always be the ever sweet memory of you even into death into hell no one or nothing would take the most beautiful memory of a beautiful angel like you away from me.
dorian suchelle

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