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Another night goes by another night that I miss you,
I know that I have to forget you,
Cause you and me could never be,
But after loving you the way I did I just can’t put you behind,
I lie in my bed thinking of were you are,
How you are and if you are happy were ever you are,
Sometimes I feel bad because I know that I can’t,
Hold you in my arms anymore,
All I have is memories and those I will treasure forever,
For you were the one,
The one who showed me what love is,
The one who showed me what loneliness feels like,
Every night I wonder if I will ever hold you again,
As nights turn to days I feel never again will I see you,
Nor less hold you,
But I got something that no one,
Can ever take away from me not even you,
I got beautiful memories of us and that’s what gets me by day by day,
Hoping that one day I can make even more wonderful memories,
Till that day comes I will lie here in my bed,
Night after night rerunning my memories,
For they are what made me feel closer to you day after day,
Memories what would I do without them,
Their for I thank god for making such a thing as memories.
David Martinez

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This love I feel is a memory
But this memory of love is loved
For it’s a truly lovely memory
Of us two, who have loved

But our love is only a memory
and memories are soon forgotten
But the love I hold for you
Will never spoil, nor rotten

It’s not the love that you remember
For that love is a memory true
The love I hold is that of a loved one
Yes, I’d say that would do

For our love is ever evolving
Be it dead and in the past
The love I have for you now
Not even time could out last

Call it the love of the first
Or the first love for sake
No matter the distance, no matter the time
A simple call you can always make

For this love I’ll always remember
Until my dieing day
The brotherly love I hold for you now
I wouldn’t have it any other way
John Ashton

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Painted Horses....

As The days pass by,
And the kids ride painted horses,
Families smile again,
Remember the memories,
The memories of the Painted Horses,
The time when you were a kid,
And a time when a dollar was a dollar,
You spent it fast,
And without circumstance,
Remember the memories of Painted Horses.
When Prom flew by,
And your date was again forgotten.
And your pressure was there to stay.
Remember the memories of Painted Horses.
When your daughter was born,
And all the faces were there,
Smiling forever forth.
Remember the memories of Painted Horses.
Wake me when it's over,
Before the clock strikes Midnight,
Show me the memories that are now forgotten.
Show me,
My painted Horses.
M.A. Wood

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Caught In The Moment, Lost In The Headlights

Memories scream at me, talking in
an emotional tongue.
Good memories; bad memories… Which is what?
Some memories are great, but
I don’t
want to remember them.
It reminds me that
I don’t
have them anymore.
How does that happen?
The intensity, the feeling and the emotion.
Of that situation.
I have to let it go?
File it in my vast memory bank?
I got lost in the moment, caught in the headlights;
as I savoured, then lost, such incredible sights.
I’m reliving my memories, and the lights are too bright;
I’m caught in the moment, lost in the headlights.
Dan Brown

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