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You are gone And I am so lonely. One minute, so full of life, So full of living; Then, suddenly, you are gone. Yet, You are everywhere. Hardly an hour goes by That I do not stumble over your memory and cry, and cry. How was I to know So much of me Was you? That caring for you Consumed so much of me? But, memories are not enough. I need to be touched by your soul, To feel your presence with me. Ah, Lass, If you be out there And if you can spare a minute, I need you.
Jerry Betts

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My emotions so confused. I lay here and write my heart out. What I wanted was now condemned as wrong. In feeling it slips away from me. I sit in sorrow and self pity. I felt just a tiny hand full left. Afraid to open my hand and lose what I had left I held it close to me. In realising I had to know what it was. I took my hand away from the safety of my body and slowly ungluing my fingers from the palm of my hand. Watching any dream or hope I had ever had flash before my eyes had sent my body into shock and not knowing what to do with myself I fell to the floor with every last memory there right in front of me but I couldn’t touch it. It was so close yet out of my reach the memories stuck like they were haunting me. Tormenting me.
Frankie Stones

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Untitled 884

The sweetness of you is the most beautiful thing in this universe the beauty of you is the most sweetest thing ever knowing you is probably the greatest thing to me looking into your eyes and seeing such a great goodhearted person such as yourself with a heart worth more than gold in this world has to offer your eyes are as blue as the blueest skies and your heart beats ever so beautifully your soul shines and burns like the fire of a candle full of love and desire you are a sweet wonderful kind and caring girl to me your like a queen someone whose orders Id follow without even asking why for you I would give my life if commanded for my life means little but for your happiness I sacrafice everything that in which I am or ever could be your smile speaks volumes to me soemthing Id always cherish in my mind in my soul in my heart will always be the ever sweet memory of you even into death into hell no one or nothing would take the most beautiful memory of a beautiful angel like you away from me.
dorian suchelle

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we run down memory lane thinking about what those memories meant. no ones quite sure where they went, all they know is that there gone. the past has happened its over with and gone. some people just can't move on. the future is to hard to face. the reasons we do things are not always explained. there are people who say the only reason people lie is because the truth is to hard to admit. i think that they are trying to hide something. someone knows its there how to uncover it is still hidden. you can look at someone and just get this feeling. when you know there lying sometimes its better to listen then to ignore. it may still be a lie but beneath that lie there could be something called the truth.
Fire Flies

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