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The Autumn of Metaphors

The ladder leans on our wall
we clamber rather than fall
as snakes to the pit
we flit
from dark to lighter
shadow fighters
springing from rung to sprung
until the autumn of our metaphors

The ladder needs our wall
or it could not point vaguely
its resistance to crawl
makes the arms stronger
to ward off longer

To walk under the metaphor
invites what for
absolute beginners
could be the hell
of the physical

Better climb the eternal
stairway to leaven
our daily bread
William Pryor

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Enjoy Every Bit

THERE is so much
unexplored deep down
the trenches of
the ocean

up there too
there is more to space
that is not grasped
by our limited

there is more to
the mere glitter of the stars

you cannot catch all the
glow that the moon
is giving

our faces have only what
light can reflect
what air can we

we are interesting

our oceans
spaces, stars, moons,
are but metaphors of
who we are

keep all these
in mind...you are too
you too are a metaphor
of what is there

there is no hurry
enjoy every bit
grab every moment...

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a broken heart

a broken heart

you search
for metaphor
to begin with

yes, you got
a broken

it cannot fly
but i prefer
a wing
like paper

or a wind
without wings

or a wing
the wind

or wingless winds
or windless

the point
one can always be right
for as long
as one feels
for as long
as one
still writes
for as long as one still attempts to write what one feels
and feels what he writes for as long as longing still longs

a broken wing
can always be a broken heart

a metaphor to always begin with

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Without A Promise

On the eve of dawn,
The words seem to scramble,
Forging their own messages,
Their own secrets.
The words are lying,
Leaving the pages scandalously clad.
A letter to remember;
The letters so empty.
The words have no meaning,
They rest as empty shells,
For metaphor upon metaphor.
Daniel Yetman

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Poems On / About METAPHOR