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Poems On / About METAPHOR  7/27/2016 2:42:47 AM
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She speaks in metaphors
If ever she speaks.
Wenjun Liu

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The creation of woman was meant to decor the world's interior, just to add a soft touch to the rocky contours upon the hard crust of the earth, and to stay as a partner to Adam, a blessing as a sister, a counselor as a better-half, a divine light as a mother, a source of delight as a daughter...Her wildness can be treated by some mildness, a fire to be handled with care using a safety valve, carrying in eyes the vagueness of delphic obscurities, her life is the happening one, no less than an epic, she is the primary color in the artist's palette with a myriad shades, the melody of a piper's notes that touch the heart, the metaphor of poets, interpreted in multiple meanings, a butterfly among the falcons...But now this is the time to refresh the profile of this mostly mishandled, misused rather abused being especially in the 3rd world countries, she is the one who should know well what are her boundaries and limits to be successful and safe in all terrible times...
Shahzia Batool

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Written Rap #1

Your words are quite comical, wouldn't consider them significant, You think you are winning, pssh please, I am already at the finish line, holding my porcupine, you can only attack my poetry, as you already know I am the king of balladry, I will shatter
to pieces, ever tried weeping? you have been abolished with my extremely decisive phrases, I have aimed with precision shot you dead with words of collision, that is another metaphor for you, you still cannot comprehend, sucks for you because I am already done my Friend.
Aziz Akrish

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You Have Talent

for you talent blow of kettle-drums as otshlifovanyy diamond. For you talent giant telamones as emperor Bonapart. For you talent as Mart Remrant as on a parade aglet. For you talent as hurricane of mind organ. For you talent tulip datura as smell of Alps. For you talent of metaphors tank Fan Fan Tulip. you have talent as Zhanna Dark as execution of fire of khorey and iambus. For you talent as a duelist to the barrier puts death and Hell. For you talent on passion is rich as on doubloons cardinal. For you
Vladimir Kinal

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Poems On / About METAPHOR