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Best Poems About / On MIRROR
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Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, mirror, tell me why
The reason in which my heart can't comply.
What is it missing; where is it found?
Truth in which my emotions are bound.

Mirror, mirror, vanish the past.
These fears I have: why do they last?
The abuse, it haunts me; it won’t fade away.
Suffering that dwindles in my heart everyday.

Mirror, mirror, watch the tears fall
Into this empty existence I crawl.
Searching for my ray of light to clear my clouds away,
I close my eyes, and hold my breath, and then begin to pray:

“Mirror, mirror, I beg to be free;
Help me to heal, help me to see.
Banish my storm clouds, banish my pain,
Help to realize, that I am not insane.

Mirror, mirror, as you fall to the floor,
Breaking in pieces, I beg you once more:
That as your life ends, mine will begin,
Searching for lost emotions that have been hidden within.

Mirror, mirror, I bid you goodbye.
A weight has been lifted, I can no longer cry.
Sitting in the middle of sharp shards of glass,
I realize I have just said goodbye to my past.

Mirror, mirror, now I must go
To search the world and bask in its glow.
As I clean up the pieces that once used to be,
I silently thank you for setting me free.
Linda Racaniello

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' Mirror To Infinity... '

(Gen.1: 26,27 / Matt.13: 10–15)

The Mirror To Infinity
Has Appearances of Possibilities
And Countless Windows In Views
And Decision Doors To Choose …

And Which One To Go Thru?
Where Time – In & Out Moves
The Mirror To Infinity
Has Images of Eternity …

The Mirror To Infinity
Opened Oval-Opportunities
& May Shape Your Personality
But You Form Your Own Finality …

Took A Peek – One Before & Behind
In Two-Way Mirrors of Heart & Mind
& The Astronomical Portals Availed
… One Had To Be A Fool To Fail!

Two Mirrors Faced On Opposite Walls
Both To Each Other Looked & Called
And Entered Each Other’s Visibility
And Became One Mirrored-Intensity …

The Mirror To Infinity
Has Vivid Visions of Great Beauty
Beyond Ocular Imagination
It Even Has Rainbows’ Admirations

Where Insights, In-Flights Come Together
In Gold-Framed Fractals To Forever
Is It A Diverse Dimension Indemnity
… This Mosaic Mirror To Infinity?

The Mirror To Infinity
Offers Us A Multi-Mystery
Thru Secret Territories
In A Mirror’s Observatory …

The Mirror To Infinity
Holds Hopes & Dreams of What May Be
What Future Would You Like To See
… In The Mirror To Infinity?

Oh, Do Not Let Dull-Doubt Take It!
Nor Must You Let Blindness Break It!
Where You’ll Lay Shattered In The Past
Or You’re Trapped In A Piece of Its Glass …

The Mirror To Infinity
Set Royal Realms Around Reality
And Reaches On and On and On …
Its Gospel-Gaze Is Never Gone …
But Ever Staring Strong

– in The Mirror To Infinity –

Written & ©: 12/7/2011

By: The MoonBee
MoonBee Canady

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The Magic Mirror

Mirror … mirror on the wall,
Who’s the fairest fair of all?
Mirror … mirror on the wall,
Who’s the smartest head of all?
Mirror … mirror on the wall,
Who’s that girl standing tall?
Mirror … mirror on the wall,
Who's to hold me when I fall?
Mirror … mirror on the wall,
Why are you not answering my call?

Oh mirror...

The lines and the scars you do not hide;
My scattered thoughts you would not guide.

Me myself and I; the gap so wide.
Oh mirror; you make me look inside!

You show me a girl against the tide,
By the rules she would not abide.

Within your frame, a caged spirit am I?
By your name, what voice have I?

Oh mirror … can you hear me?
My mirror is deceiving me!

I will show you my smile... will you let me?
A star in my eyes... will you get me?

I will show you a happy face... please let me!
A shelter from myself... please get me!

Mirror … mirror on the wall,
Do not show me her face;
I have killed her and left no trace.

Mirror … mirror on the wall,
She shall never stutter;
With a new voice, words she will utter.

Mirror … mirror on the wall,
Her fear you shall never show;
Fearless she is to know.

Mirror... mirror on the wall,
Do not point at her scars;
It hurts... not her scars.

Oh mirror...

There is no Santa but tell her not;
Dreams are dreams but wake her not.

She will give in... tell her not to.
She will give up... tell her not to.

Cruel mirror...

Why show me a figure so broken?
Why tell me words unspoken?

My mirror...
Every time I look at you
I miss a line in her face.

Every time I come to you
A part of her I erase.

Every time I need you
I abandon her grace.

So my mirror..

Where is the little fat girl that you used to show me?
Where are the frightened eyes that used to look at me?

Is she still hiding her smile with her hand?
Is she still looking for a magic wand?

You loved her not;
You loved me a lot!

Mirror … mirror on the wall,
What have I done?

Mirror … mirror on the wall,
Where has she gone?

Mirror … mirror on the wall,
Which way do I run?

Yes mirror...

How I wish I could give you my back
and never look at you again.

How I wish I could leave you on a rack
and never fall for your tricks again.

Oh mirror... Why can’t you lie?
Why don’t you tell me that I am the fairest fair of all?
Why don’t you tell me that I am the smartest head of all?
Why don’t you let me stand proud and tall?
Will you at least be there when I fall?
Oh … Mirror … mirror on the wall …
Why are you not answering my call?
Marwa Rakha

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Mirror Mirror on the wall
Who's the savior of us all
Angel Amarante

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