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Poems On / About MIRROR  5/22/2015 3:28:39 AM
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Beautiful Freakery

Everybody runs the day runs away from time
waits for no man is an island life a day in
the beginning of the end of the beginning to
fly so high light white and heat
light years away from come coming
home again and again as the sun hits
the sky let me kiss you never call
me and you together we could be
negative positive flip-side of the
coin is only the other side what
about the edge of the night is young
Americans can't get enough have you
ever been to the circus it's in town
tonight very strange hall of mirrors
mirror man mirror me mirror you
mirror mirror man.
Richard Holman

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Mirror Of The Conceited

Mirror, mirror on the wall
who's the ugliest of them all?
the geek in the glasses,
the girl who is shunned in the hall,
the cutter with razors in her hand each night,
the one who looks like a muffin,
or the one with the bra that's had some stuffing?
Mirror, mirror on the wall
who's the ugliest of them all?
what do you mean the one in front of you, the girl with
the too tight shirt and
conceited attitude.
What do you mean the prejudice prat?
Mirror, Mirror on the wall
I am the ugliest of them all.
Courtney Bellush

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The Mirror

The mirror said the truth.,
desperate i wanted to look young.,
gracefully the mirror revealed my age.,
the fine lines on my face
i powdered with rouge and paint,
the grey strands visible beneath.,
i coloured with black paste
i was happy i concealed my age.,
with pride i took mirror to look at
alas i look older than before
i cried in front of mirror for hours
a mirror is always a mirror.,
whether broken or intact.,
with no favours,
it tells the truth without an error.
renu Vig sharma sharma

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If My Friend Were A Mirror

Tis a peculiar thing, having a friend,

Not knowing how it happens or how it starts,

If my friend where a mirror, could I apprehend,

Better all the ways in which it works?

Would I care for my mirror more or less?

Would I try to impress,

The mirror I want to spend all my time,

Or would I become vain,

And break what is not so easily fixed?

I love my mirror, betwixt

The bad days, and I embrace the good,

For If my friend where a mirror, would find I,

A most plain life, as a mirror would not tell any lie,

How, lucky am I to have a friend, who with whom, I do not have to try.
Hannah Rose Bicknell

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