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The Mirror

The Mirror
by Alex Lewis

I looked in the mirror, and saw no reflection.
From myself, I received a rejection.

I looked in the mirror, and saw everyone.
Conformists are far FAR from done.

I looked in the mirror, and saw a beast.
It was big like a mouse and small like a feast.

I wonder what I'll see today.
I hope I see myself,
But truth never works out my way.
There's too much control over my life.
The mirror's honest by good and by strife.
I thank the mirror for what I've done.
I'll look at her and see what has come.
Alex Lewis

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Broken Mirror

They cradle in fear and made the people live in tear.

Speeches were in sorrow as thoughts were in marrow.

In the passing nights, shadows could only walk in heights,

When all the faces were forced into their hidden traces.

All that they sought after, was to see the mirror in laughter.

In their forced labour, others were lead into gross favour,

Nothing could hamper their thoughts only how they stammer.

Believing in the best but yet was denied by the rest.

A stunt mirror they looked up to but was a place of terror.

Though the mirror be broken, it was a life that nearly was stolen.

To be broken is not to be stricken but to be sorry is not a worry.

Life as an image in a mirror needs to be cared from the rage.

If not handled with care can easily lead to despair.

Everybody wants to win the war but only patience can open the door.

A broken mirror has many faces but a stolen mirror has a broken race.
Siegfried OheneSidza

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I look in the mirror and see you there, with anguish, distract and despair-i was young full of life and you caught me unaware, the more i looked the more i gave in to your glossy thoughtless stare, every part of my soul longed for this perfect goal.each day morning noon and night you made me believe that it was all right.you said i would glow but NO oh mirror what have you done, i am old and brittle and yet there is much i havent done! !
jayne carpenter

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My Choice And That Is What I Want Anytime And Anywhere

I want a woman to love me and I love her in truth, I want a woman to feel me and I feel her in truth, I want a woman to recognize me And I recognize me in truth, I want a woman to give her heart And I give her my heart in truth, I want a woman to remember me and I remember me in truth, I want a woman to be mirror and I am her mirror in truth, so Other than this or that is greatly Wasting my time and wasting her time too.

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