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Poems On / About MIRROR  5/1/2016 3:07:37 AM
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When I stared unrelentingly into broken shards of irregular mirror,
The reflection that emanated was grotesquely distorted; with my nose appearing
to be broken at a myriad of places.

When I sighted my face in a thick sheet of mirror stained with a crimson slurry of blood,
I resembled the diabolical devil; with ghastly streaks of brutal red embellishing my forehead.

When I viewed my persona in a sea green mirror; hoisted towards blazing
light of the Sun,
Intricate features of my body appeared evidently blurred; and a bunch of hair on my scalp looked like blades of grass.

When I held a mirror painted with black; abreast twin pairs of my crystalline eyes,
I felt as if I had been divested of vision; with an ocean of perpetual darkness striking me at blinding speeds.

When I attempted to picture my silhouette; in the translucent mirror of the
emerald sea,
The image appeared preposterously hazy in the primordial stages; disappearing
at instants of boisterous waves transiting into frothy spray.

When I tried to spot my demeanor in the immaculate mirror of moon,
The reflection appeared overwhelmingly clear; but soon got obliterated by a cluster of black clouds.

When I audaciously attempted to view my outlines in the blistering mirror of the flaming Sun,
I inevitably failed to do so; as the acrid beams of light decimated all
my capacity to see.

When I tried to distinguish my color in a mirror camouflaged in frosty milk,
I inexorably looked like a clown; with my dexterously chiseled features transforming to fat smudges of white.

When I endeavored decoding my face in an absolutely Pellucid mirror,
I could sight it as it was sculptured at the reigning moment; without traces of emotion and empathy.

And eventually when I attempted to see my face in the mesmerizing mirror of my
beloved's eyes,
This time though the reflection which diffused was the clearest of all; and I sighted a blissful smile on my lips,
Which was a perennial signal that we loved each other; as much as we feared to die.
Nikhil Parekh

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I look in the mirror and see you there, with anguish, distract and despair-i was young full of life and you caught me unaware, the more i looked the more i gave in to your glossy thoughtless stare, every part of my soul longed for this perfect goal.each day morning noon and night you made me believe that it was all right.you said i would glow but NO oh mirror what have you done, i am old and brittle and yet there is much i havent done! !
jayne carpenter

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My Choice And That Is What I Want Anytime And Anywhere

I want a woman to love me and I love her in truth, I want a woman to feel me and I feel her in truth, I want a woman to recognize me And I recognize me in truth, I want a woman to give her heart And I give her my heart in truth, I want a woman to remember me and I remember me in truth, I want a woman to be mirror and I am her mirror in truth, so Other than this or that is greatly Wasting my time and wasting her time too.

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A Bad Critic

A broken mirror does not show A clear image Simply because it shows only Scattered pieces of an image... A bad critic is greatly a broken image Of a certain image, so How can compare a mirror to A critic? ! ______________________________________________________________________

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Poems On / About MIRROR