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The Uninvited Guest In The Reflection Of Your Mirror

Hey you, yes you.
I saw you were looking at yourself in the mirror,
heard you were trying to find the courage within you
to face every sun rise and l heard life is not as you had planned for yourself.
I am an uninvited guest and came with only one solely
purpose and that is to let you know that you are more than capable of doing anything you want, reaching any height you aim for and giving away as much as you want.
yes, l agree life's problems leave us with no faith within ourselves, without a believe that we could be enough but
l am here ain't l, telling you that l do not need to know deep, dark secrets about who you are, where you from, what you did but l know you are enough.
Stop looking at your reflection in the mirror, counting your weaknesses, judging your potential and comparing yourself to someone who does not have anything that you have.
Take your time, smile because you are beautiful. you are standing here ain't you that's proof enough that you are strong and capable of anything because you made it this far.

Life wouldn't be life if it had no problems, we would be of no use because we will not get to see how incredible we can be and how brilliant we are. Challenges are not there to break you down but its a mirror that allows you to look a little bit deeper within yourself and maybe with that microscope zoom and see the hidden jewels within you. You are really great, if only you would recognize that. I Figured l needed to say that, so go back at looking at yourself in that mirror but change your attitude towards that mirror, whole lot of things could be changed as well.
nthabiseng kgoronyane

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Mirror mirror on the wall,
what do you reflect,
A self righteous image,
or a deception of the soul.

Happiness beams from the image,
Sorrows seem to fade away,
Lovers see the beloved's reflection,
Fear brings out sacry visions.

Beauty adores itself in front of mirror,
Ugliness feels self content,
The reality seems to come alive,
Dreams can't even find its shadows.

In a parallel mirror,
One becomes infinity,
In a broken mirror,
Hopes get utterly distorted.
Jay P Narain

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The Mirror

When I was a little boy
I looked in the mirror
and combed my hair
had no idea who was there

as a young man shaving every day
the boy seemed to change
as I got older there wasn’t always
a mirror so I looked at others

I seemed to feel different depending
on how they looked at me
years later when I looked in the mirror
to see myself... my real self

I found that the real me, the same me
had always been in the mirror
...the mirror wrinkled
Alan Buckholtz

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Hall Of Mirrors

A hall of mirrors
So haunting
So many Memories trapped with.

A hall of mirrors
Trapped in Cathedral walls
Protected by Gargoyles.

A hall of mirrors
Is decieving.
Who else has secrets
In the Cathedral walls.

A hall of mirrors.
Regan Meade

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