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Poems On / About MIRROR  10/31/2014 2:54:55 PM
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Girl In My Mirror

I'm looking in my mirror
Theres a girl in there tonight
Shes breaking apart so quickly
And nothing can make it alright
Her eyes are red and swollen
Mascara bleeding down her face
She'll never let them know
That shes feeling out of place
She asks
'Mirror mirror on the wall
Who is
The biggest fool of all'
Maybe its the girl
Crying her life away
Or maybe its the boy
Who's mind has been lead astray
Theres this girl in my mirror
With tears she can no longer hide
She can't pretend any longer
Because nothing is alright
Tatianna Rei Moonshadow

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Broken Mirror

I look at myself in a broken mirror
Attempting to distinguish who I am.
On one half of the mirror
I see a smooth, appealing smiling image
who's beauty entertains the eyes of the beholder.
On the other half of the mirror
an slowly aging sickly figure
with a deceitful smile that
plagues and toys with society.
I quickly put the broken mirror away
before I can discover the truth of
who I really am.
Erica Rankin

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And There is...a Mirror

And there is a mirror
A legend of honesty
Shadow for someone
And never be the light

That is mirror
Sometimes gloomy and icy
Sometimes lives just to see

That is mirror
Sometimes reflects from the wasted
Giving the venom contained truth

But let the mirror
Standing strong without losing freedom
Before the spell is broken
And bursts like shattered glass
maria sudibyo

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But in light
Mirror mimics your decor
Radiance of contentment
merriment of your colour
All your persona's highlight
Yet in light
Mirror mimics your torture
Parched field of your heart
Vexing failures of emotional juncture
All the somber feelings of your trot
And in dark
You shrink to the atom of anger
Burst and bang to crumble
But in light
crumbled mirror prophesies
'Crumbled life collecting itself'
And in light
You mirror your hopes
Indira Renganathan

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Poems On / About MIRROR