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Poems On / About MIRROR  5/24/2016 8:24:20 PM
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Shattered /3..

As i walk through my passed of the careless whispers and heart taken moments i emerged into a deep feeling and concetrated on the basic motion of life... living in hurt and a deep compassion of love twisted my mind like whirl pool that i couldn't control; as i tried too find the faith and courage to unbrake the curse, it followed me like wind... trying to unleash the unbearble moment where i found myself bending on my knees pleading God to help me find a better way for me to understand the streams of life and as i broke the pretty mirror i could'nt bare looking at the girl staring at me, so with one tap from my hateness i broke the mirror and it shattered me forever..
tamia wells

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Take the last breath, take another hit, another shot, another drug, another line, another drink, it will end you life slowly and painfully, so you never know what happend. After the beautiful high goes away, you fall into a darkness that you can't escape, the only way is to keep on doing your drug of choice- your new lover. Why do I call it your new lover you ask? Well, you spend your time sneaking around obsessing, deceiving, and craving for it. But that's not all, you lose the ones who truly matter, your in your own hall of mirrors observing all your faults and you get ashamed so you hide from it all by going back to your new lover, and before you realize it, the mirrors have shattered and everything you loved and knew once is suddenly gone from your life.
Sarah Jane Massie

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Hall Of Mirrors

A hall of mirrors
So haunting
So many Memories trapped with.

A hall of mirrors
Trapped in Cathedral walls
Protected by Gargoyles.

A hall of mirrors
Is decieving.
Who else has secrets
In the Cathedral walls.

A hall of mirrors.
Regan Meade

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Mirror Mirror On The Wall Who Is The Fairest Of Them All?

A person trapped in a mirrorNever can I come outNo prince charming or harmingcan ever save me with a righteous kissAll I can do is run and run with no place to hidein this crystal palaceSo many looking back at me through the glassBut never can they see me, never hearing my screamsI have wanted to live forever.Now I am forever trappedWhen a mirror cracks it is just meTrying to break freeAlas, when this part of the portalis open the shards cut through meand as I am being torn, I cower backinto my dungeonfull of pain and sorrowyet at the same timeoh so so hallowso remember whenever you break a mirroryou are hurting meand whatever you say or do in front of a mirror, I just might be there to see!
Silver shadow

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