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Poems On / About MIRROR  8/4/2015 4:43:00 AM
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Freedom In Its Many Places

I'm on the verge of the straight and narrow, but should I die from my own arrow, for the walls of integrity are inside me, but what will it take for me to be free. I try and try until I can't try no more, for the last that I need is my freedom washed upon a shore, a shore of which is made by my own in caption, for freedom is to courage the burden of my inception. So this is my cry, this is my plea to be free from stress and integrity, to brake down the wall and see what is to see, the man in my free mirror, Me. For freedom has its many places and those many place will set me free, but the truth is a person, my Lord you'll let me be, to find my own freedom to set myself free. For I need my Lord to finally set myself free, to be the man I was made to be, scared of nothing, conqueror of all, the man people look upon to call, to call so they may be free, so I can look upon my mirror and finally see the man I am, and was always suppose to be, free for all to see, Me.
Augustus Gatlin

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Do You Think I See You In The Mirror

Do you think I see you in the mirror. Loking back at me. Someone with hopes. Someone with dreams. But inside she only screams. Calling out one hears me. I am all alone. But deep inside hoping for a better tomorrow. I look in the mirror who do I see me. written 2/8/08 Posted 2/8/08
Susie Sunshine

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Mirror Mirror on the wall
Who's the savior of us all
Angel Amarante

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? ? ? ? ? Perfect? ? ? ? ? /3! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Never! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

When The day Ends i am Still wondering when i will ever Be good enough....... when Will i ever be As good as she is... Looks Like Never cause All My Life Ive wondered but i am Still not perfect Enough..... i spend hours in the mirror trying to make a difference but you still cant notice Me And when my time comes i hope you will realize how hard i really have tried cause everything i am now is nothing like i use to be i'm not me i don't even know who i am anymore i look in the mirror and tears fall slowly down my check cause i am still trying to be perfect...... and hoping for one day you to notice me.
Emo Barbie

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Poems On / About MIRROR