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Poems On / About MIRROR  3/2/2015 9:08:49 PM
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Secret mirror

This mirror has no soul
No thoughts or feelings
This mirror has a secret

A secret that hides true view
It hides everything pure
And shows everything ugly

This mirror
Has no rule
Has no sense of emotions

This mirror is a secret
joelstine gonzaga

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I don't see what you do,
When you look in a mirror at me
What you see is perfect,
you say
And I have to wonder
Are we looking in the same mirror?
Because when I peek through my fingers,
The mirror is cracked,
Making my image unrecognizable
And still I know it is me
Not this perfect picture you have explained to me
What I see reflected is how I feel
So shattered and cracked
And tried to piece back together again
The glue used to keep the broken pieces
Of the mirror in place
Stains my image imperfect
And that's the real me
Mackenzie Scholte

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Walking Past My Mirror

Walking past my mirror watching my life past by
And all i have to say is why
Sometimes i want to laugh, most of the time i want to cry
I see you looking in my mirror and it makes me want to die
You think the mirror lies but, i know it doesnt
You thought that it was supposed to happen but i know it wasnt
In my mirror theres nothing but the present
But i dont like the present because it is not very pleasent
Its all going to fast and i want it to go slow
And all those bad things i just want them to go
shateeka williams

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But in light
Mirror mimics your decor
Radiance of contentment
merriment of your colour
All your persona's highlight
Yet in light
Mirror mimics your torture
Parched field of your heart
Vexing failures of emotional juncture
All the somber feelings of your trot
And in dark
You shrink to the atom of anger
Burst and bang to crumble
But in light
crumbled mirror prophesies
'Crumbled life collecting itself'
And in light
You mirror your hopes
Indira Renganathan

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Poems On / About MIRROR