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Poems On / About MIRROR  12/20/2014 10:27:25 AM
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Look in the mirror
What do you see
Look in the mirror
My reflection looking back at me.

Look in the mirror
Am I enough for you?
Look in the mirror
What do you want me to do?

I follow the beaten path before me
Is this my desinted fate?
I slowly receed into the depths of myself
The heart is slowly consumed by hate

Will I ever be free
Of these shackles called opinions that resctict me?
Derek Webster

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She stood there
looking at herself...
at the beauty God bestowed on her
in front of this mirror

I stood behind her, wrapping my soul around her
my dark brown arms against her pale skin,
covering her nakedness
in front of this mirror

Our bodies stirred, feeling the fire
remembering our lovemaking earlier,
and previous times we have stood here
in front of this mirror

Like this very moment, her eyes
arresting me, her soul possessing me,
the warmth of my body against hers
in front of this mirror
Pablo Loves Life

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But in light
Mirror mimics your decor
Radiance of contentment
merriment of your colour
All your persona's highlight
Yet in light
Mirror mimics your torture
Parched field of your heart
Vexing failures of emotional juncture
All the somber feelings of your trot
And in dark
You shrink to the atom of anger
Burst and bang to crumble
But in light
crumbled mirror prophesies
'Crumbled life collecting itself'
And in light
You mirror your hopes
Indira Renganathan

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Lie To Me

Mirror Mirror on the wall
Who is the fairest of them all
Is she short or is she tall?
Is she fat or is she small?
Does she have looks or none at all
Dosen't it matter after all?
Is she smart or is she dumb is
She strong or is she numb
Mirror mirror on the wall
Who can compete with the
Fairest of them all....
Justina Blue

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Poems On / About MIRROR