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? ? ? ? ? Perfect? ? ? ? ? /3! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Never! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

When The day Ends i am Still wondering when i will ever Be good enough....... when Will i ever be As good as she is... Looks Like Never cause All My Life Ive wondered but i am Still not perfect Enough..... i spend hours in the mirror trying to make a difference but you still cant notice Me And when my time comes i hope you will realize how hard i really have tried cause everything i am now is nothing like i use to be i'm not me i don't even know who i am anymore i look in the mirror and tears fall slowly down my check cause i am still trying to be perfect...... and hoping for one day you to notice me.
Emo Barbie

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The Wind Beneath My Wings

There are signs of love should be very clear. As when you look in the mirror. And your image comes to you. You should live your life for yourself. She does so much for you. Never questions why. No matter where you go. She will be a part of you. And when she wanted to see you. All she had to do is look in the mirror. And that's why she s the Wind beneath my Wings written and Posted 7/31/09 Decated to my sister Helena Klayton Hopenwasser
Susie Sunshine

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Mirror Of Memories

      This Broken Glass of Memories, it comes inside my every thought, puncturing all of my Hope to breathe outside reality. My eye's consumed in all the stares that break this heart inside of me.  So many pieces left inside it seems so hard to place them back like the pain inside my mind Seeking more than, just that place and taking more than what I feel but taking all I have embraced....To see this image in my mind running through me like a breeze, Its so unclear to hard to grasp...... This  picture kept inside of me locked away so far away shackled in my deepest pain...yes the mirror of my memories isnt so hard to find, i let it out in broken thoughts that cluttered up my mind, so many times ive fallen to the floor, torn apart like broken glass, i cant take it any more, and i feel that i wont last. But as i reach out and call ur name, my reflection begins to show a different face, as u put me back together but u put me in a different place. A new image in my mind state is what i now can see, my mirror has turned into ur face, because u shine through me.
Philip Goode

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Mirror Say Mirror See

Mirror say Mirror see

Tell me what you see in me?

For what I see is a girl

She moves identical to me

But the girl in the mirror is nothing like me

She has no glow,

The glow that every girl needs

I see no beauty,

A plain Jane

Mirror say Mirror See

Tell me what you see in me?

What I See is not me

She has no hope in those little eyes

For she has seen too much

I see a girl who is not me

She does not smile

For her lips has spoken lies

Mirror say Mirror see

Tell me what you see in me?

Who is this girl in front of me?

For what I see is couldn’t be

Her skin is not perfect

For she has to many scars

She has been through too much

The girl in front of me is not the beauty I need

No, she is no Barbie

But a Rag Doll drug through life

Mirror say Mirror see

Is that really me?

I am no beauty

For I was never a gift

But a girl with a dream

Mirror say Mirror see

Will that ever be me?
Amber Griggs

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