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Mirror Say Mirror See

Mirror say Mirror see

Tell me what you see in me?

For what I see is a girl

She moves identical to me

But the girl in the mirror is nothing like me

She has no glow,

The glow that every girl needs

I see no beauty,

A plain Jane

Mirror say Mirror See

Tell me what you see in me?

What I See is not me

She has no hope in those little eyes

For she has seen too much

I see a girl who is not me

She does not smile

For her lips has spoken lies

Mirror say Mirror see

Tell me what you see in me?

Who is this girl in front of me?

For what I see is couldn’t be

Her skin is not perfect

For she has to many scars

She has been through too much

The girl in front of me is not the beauty I need

No, she is no Barbie

But a Rag Doll drug through life

Mirror say Mirror see

Is that really me?

I am no beauty

For I was never a gift

But a girl with a dream

Mirror say Mirror see

Will that ever be me?
Amber Griggs

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Look in the mirror
what do you see?
Is anything clearer
in your reverie?

Look in the mirror,
look within your eyes,
the lies form clearer
held in your disguise...

Look in the mirror
glare upon
the reflection you hate
Look in the mirror
it depicts your fate...

Look in the mirror,
see your whole life
in your mind the end is approaching
with the blade of the knife...
Look in the mirror
can you see the light?

Look in the mirror
it threatens to crack
as you stare at yourself
all the pain is flooding back...

Look in the mirror
watch the tears falling
Look in the mirror
hear the inner voice calling..

Look in the mirror
Do you see the evidence
of what you’ve done?
Is it all coming clearer?
You’re coming undone...

In the mirror
it’s crystal clear
you don’t want to be here...
Analla Maple

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See Me In The Mirror

Do you see me standing here,
locked up inside your mirror?
I watch you every day,
standing here inside your mirror.
Why can’t you look over here
at your mirror and see me floating,
waiting to be heard.
I talk to you for hours but
you never hear.
Your mirror keeps me bound
here, unable to touch, stuck in here.
I see you look around nervously,
as if you can sense my presence in here.
I shout, I stomp, I scream and yell.
You turn, quickly, to your mirror.
Your eyes widen with fear.
No! , I yell as you turn away.
Please don’t leave me alone in here.
It’s cold and lonely, please speak to me.
Your shoulders stiffen and
then relax outside your mirror.
Finally, you look at me and speak.
You ask me why I’m here and stay.
I tell you I don’t know.
I’m just stuck standing in your mirror.
You poor thing, you say, feeling sorry for me.
It’s alright, I say, you’ve kept me company all day.
You come closer and stand nearer to your mirror.
You raise your hand to the glass, and I raise mine.
A vibrant burst of beautiful light emanates from your mirror.
Real. I feel your hand touch mine.
I feel the roughness and the smoothness.
Free at last, I am finally real, to come and go as I feel.
To touch and be touched, and to give and take.
I kiss your cheeks and your mouth.
Thank you, I tell your shocked face.
Your rough hands cup my shocked face.
You return my hesitant kisses with your assured ones.
You are mine, girl in the mirror, you tell me.
I am yours, boy outside the mirror, I tell you.
Finally we are together.
Brooke Harris

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Mirror, Mirror

I look into the mirror
I ask myself 'Why can't I look like her? '
She's pretty, everything a guy wants
The reflection of me is nothing compared to her

She has everything, every guy
I stand in the mirror
Asking myself 'What do I have to do to get a guy? '
The reflection of me has faded away as I walk away

My reflection is nothing but lies
Slowly I walk back to mirror
Saying like the witch 'Mirror, Mirror on the wall who

is the fairest one of all? '

My reflection fades has her's appears
I jump back and walk away once agian
Knowing that I can't cry
Cause I know thats the only truth

She is better than me and always will be
I will never live up to her
The reflection in the mirror has told me nothing but

Lies that has taken over me
She has everything and everyone bowed down at her

Like a queen she think she is
Like the ruler of all nations

Mirror Mirror On the wall
I know I am better than she
One day some how some where
I will be married and happy, more happier than ever
One day I will go back to the mirror
Saying 'Mirror, Mirror on the wall who is the fairest

one of all? '
It is me of course...That is one day one chance I

have to prove to her that I am better than she
That I can get a guy for once
Reflections is slowly coming back
Now the lies are covered in the past
And the truth is finally coming out

(Nov 28,2006)
Heather Hill

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