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Turn On The Light

The mirror has a face
I wonder why she is so sad when she always had such a pretty face
The mirror has a face
Oh Cinderella, there no time for tears drying
Just turn the light on

The many cigarettes I have burned
The smokes don’t float me on the clouds
In the mirror I see my reflection

In the eyes there is a storm but the lightning does not strike through my iris
I am falling apart
I have a broken heart and the pain is searching for healing

Broken mirror on the wall
I am falling apart
Cinderella has no healing

Broken mirror is a warning that someone is inside my thoughts
The nights are stealing all my days
There must be something more meaningful
I want to hold the girl in the mirror
Saying oh Cinderella there is no time for tears dying
Just turn on the light to something beautiful
.... Chetty

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Breaking Apart

My mirror has broken.
It did not make any sound, as it fell on the
My head hung, I could see the broken sky with muddy borders in the
grassy background.
There are mirrors now; they are mirrors, on the ground.
Broken memories smashed onto the field where I stood, without bending.
The first drop of rain fell on the
The numb drops came softer and light.
The parts of my moist mirror were caught into the soggy field that made no sound.
There are mirrors now; they are mirrors, on the ground.
Came the wind as I stood still in the pin drop game.
The sun tresspassed and washed me dry, now
nothing bent and nothing hung – the parts no more mine, that lay on the
Supratik SEN

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Fairest Of Them All

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who is the fairest of them all?
Is it the one with the beautiful eyes?
Or the one whose beauty brings forth sighs
The one who curves and twists in shape
Or the one who you fall for far too late
Mirror mirror, you speak the truth
The reflection is see is a reflection of you
Me the fairest? HA you lie!
Build me up, then make me cry
Skin deep they say, but they lie
Because mirror mirror, my face makes you sigh
Beauty inside, they will never know
Because the cover is judged, judged by face alone
Hang my head, I have NO RIGHT to stand tall
I will never be the fairest of them all.
Sherice Malcolm

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Broken Windows Shattered Mirrors

Broken windows shattered mirrors
The tiny slivers fall like tears
They cut me till my arms run red
They make me wish that I was dead
And though I try to carry on
I know my time here's almost gone
Broken windows shattered mirrors

Broken windows shattered mirrors
I'm surrounded by these fears
I know I shouldn't be afraid
I feel like I'm locked up in a cage
I push and pull try to get out
I scream until I just can't shout
Broken windows shattered mirrors

Broken windows shattered mirrors
I'll have bad luck seven years
I know it's just a superstition
But I also know it's pure intuition
That made me stay not fade away
So I could live another day
Broken windows shattered mirrors
Anonymous Ghurl

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