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Within Their Silent, Perfect Glass

Within their silent perfect glass
The mirror waters, vast and clear,
Reflect the silhouette of rocks,
Dark faces brooding on the shore.

Within their silent, perfect glass
The mirror waters show the sky;
Clouds skim across the mirror's face,
And dim its surface as they die.

Within their silent, perfect glass
The mirror waters image storm;
They glow with lightning, but the blast
Of thunder do not mar their calm.

Those mirror waters, as before,
Still lie in silence, vast and clear.

The mirror me, I mirror them,
As true a glass as they I am:
And as I turn away I leave
The images that gave them form.

Dark rocks must menace from the shore,
And thunderheads grow large with rain;
Lightning must flash above the lake,
And I must mirror and pass on,
Onward and onward without end.
Adam Mickiewicz

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“Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Who’s the fairest of them all? ”
“only you, ” her reflection replied
“only you, it cannot be denied.”
And so she laughed,
And walked away.
A glance in the mirror,
Another day.
Time and time, this went on,
Soon her ego, grew to be strong.
Then her reflection knew what to do
To tame the shallowness,
That it had grew.
“mirror, mirror on the wall
who’s the fairest of them all? ”
“an ugly face, an ugly heart.
You aren’t pretty, you aren’t smart! ”
Out of anger and rage she threw that mirror down
She shattered it’s glass
But her pain did not drown.
And then she knew what was left to do,
As she did it, twas like dιjΰ vu.
If only the mirror hadn’t had lied,
They’d both be here, they never had died.
But in the end, it couldn’t be clearer,
Never trust what you see in the mirror

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Life is a mirror so clear
When you look at and smile
it smiles back at you

Life is a mirror so faithful
When you are sad
It tells you it isn’t so bad

Life is a mirror so harsh
When you believe you’re fairest of all
It shows you those pimples

Life is a mirror so passive
When you watch it pass by
You remain where you are

Life is a mirror so cruel
When you hurl disgust
It breaks you down

Life is a mirror so jovial
When you laugh at it
It laughs back at you

Life is a mirror so fragile
Handle it gently
Never, ever let it drop

Life is mirror so beautiful
When you look at it
Remember how unique and precious you are
MVJ Simon

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Wisdom From The Mirror

It needs light so that mirror can reflect
Remove the darkness in your life
For you to shine and goodness can reflect

A concave mirror can make the object appear smaller
A convex mirror can make the object appear bigger
But a louder voice cannot make a person
appear to have a bigger mind or a bigger brain

A mirror can be used in a good way
Or can be used badly like that of the Queen
In the fairy tale of Snow White and the seven dwarfs
Hope knowledge will only be used for the good of men

Things in the mirror are illusions
They are not real but just a reflection
Fears we feel can be an illusion
Turn on the light of courage, and fear will vanish

Wide mirrors can make a place appear bigger
But wider knowledge doesn’t always mean a wider wisdom
Nor old age assures a greater understanding

Mirror only reflects outward beauty
Nor our eyes can see inner beauty
So treat anyone with respect and dignity
Regardless of skin or nationality

As mirror is of no use for the blind
So wisdom is of no good use for the closed or evil mind
Champs Ulysses Cabinatan

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