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"The Carney's Funhouse Mirrors"

Mirrors, mirrors, on the walls:
on the "Flood Lit,"
ka-lei-do-scop-ic, fun house walls:
showing images: telling all.

Sweltering, moonlit midway's:
"Burstin':" with (shadowy), propelling: compelling HU-MAN-I-TIES!
"Sizzlin': "with flashing, patterned CAN-DES-CEN-TRIES!

A circus (barker) stands aloft:
looking upon the faces:
crowds of gathering faces : (mindless) faces.
"TEMPTING, " daring: SHOUTING; " chal-leng-ing:
the MASSING soulful hoards:
of (empty,) featureless faces.

"Yelling, shout-ing "TELLING, " scold-ing:
"PLEADING," "BEGGING:" (crying, )sham-ing:
the (resistful,) huddled massed.
"SELLING:" the Carnies ancient, artful craft: of (dodging.)

Mirrors of life: (folding) mirrors of time:
(twisting,) con-torted passages: darkly lit behind.
Distorting, "TROUBLING " faces:
the house, of (convexed) mirrors: of "MUTI-IMAGED" lives!

People reflecting people, (reflections:)
in the "TELLING" hall of mirrors.
Multi-imaged reflections.
"UNMASKING," people faces: "Moon" eclips-ing faces!
All within the carney's:
"Fun House" show of mirrors.
Fredric Marsh Jr.

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Creature Within The Glass

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the biggest liar of them all?
I stand looking into the glass that reflects back to me.
Eyes full of misconception, spirits drowned in shadowed truth.
Why do I not recognize the girl in the mirror?
The girl with the same brown eyes, same confused look.
Staring into the eyes of the beast whose are my own,
I can see nothing; nothing but a void of black emptiness.
This girl is a monster in herself, a creature that can’t see past its own mask.
What is she afraid of? What am I afraid of?
I’m scared of myself;
Frightened to death that I will drown in the lies that swim around me.
Choking on my own promises that will shatter like glass.
Growing disgusted with the monster in the mirror I rage out
And throw my fist into the glass wall
As millions of clear reflecting crystals fly every which way.
Shards pierce the flesh of my palm and drain out along a scarlet line.
A reminder that the monster is real, that it lives within me.
Petrified that I will choke on my words I do not speak.
I sit and lay on the icy cold bathroom floor as I swim in a sea of broken glass.
The wall across from where I sit perched bleeding is yet another mirror.
The most gruesome disturbing image comes into view.
I stare at my reflection as the beast in the mirror bleeds.
Terrified at the final realization that I am the monster;
The creature within the glass.
Tears storm down my face as I realize I am scared of myself,
Scared of who I’ve become; what I’ve become.
I watch myself in the mirror cry and bleed
As I see that the only way to kill the monster inside,
Is to destroy the girl on the outside.
Andi Jakobs

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I Lost My Inocense..

i lost my inocense
This morning i woke up
i saw the mirror
which worked 4 me as a window
it showed me a little girl
runing behind his dad
asking him to take leave
the mirror said that was you
but i cudnt feel a sense of me
coz i still run behind some1
bu not 4 love or relation
but i run 4 simply me

then the mirror showed me another grl
joining hands in front of god
may b 4 his brother to get well
with her inocent eyes tears fell
the mirror said that was you
but i cudnt feel a sense of me
coz i still join my hands in front of god
but not for others
but my clever eyes cry just for me

the mirror then showed another grl
she stood alone, all alone, realy alone
and the mirror asked me to recognise her
i cudnt find who was her
the mirror closed its window
now i cud again c myself
but i looked the same as her
then i realised that girl is me
i lost my inocense i agree
sushmita tripathi

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I look at myself in the mirror
And what do I see?
I see a reflection of me.
Yet in the reflecting glass,
The face looking back is fake,
It is as if everything is a lie.
Smiling with perfect timing,
Laughing at the right moments.
In the mirror I see,
Something devistating.
I am empty and hollow.
What happened to who I was?
That person is long gone now.
Leaving just and empty shell
Of my fromer self.
All I can do is stare into the mirror
And see whats become of me.
The mirror that looks back at me,
Perhaps this mirror has stolen something.
Something that will be trapped
In the reflecting glass.
Perhaps the mirror took much
More than my face.
Maybe it took the girl
That once stood before it,
Leaving an empty shell.
Be careful when you look at the mirror,
It could take more than your face.
Nightshade Starlight

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