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Best Poems About / On MIRROR
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The Mirror

She stood in front of the mirror for her reflection to see

'mirror mirror' was her crying plea

'tell me i'm pretty'

'speak of my beauty'

the mirror was silent quite along time

and finally it responded it's answer divine

'i see before me the perfect view'

'a flawless creature young and new'

'a picture of fitness and flawlessness'

'you are the envy of all in your flesh'

'i see the wrinkles you have covered so fine'

'i see the tan to cover the cold hard hands of time'

'your smile speaks volumes of happy bliss'

'it shows your quality and finesse'

'you have the perfect facade for all to witness'

'your clothes are starched and clean'

'your skin and teeth have an unnatural sheen'

'your beauty is numerous, and should be etched in stone'

'yet you stand before me all alone'

the mirror fell silent and changed it's hue

she stood there silently awaiting it's cue

finally it spoke with a sad tone

'now let me show you what is not being shown'

the mirror sent images of her life and crime

it showed the tortures she endured for an exterior shine

it revealed her past before her eyes

deeper and darker than moonlit skys

to the depths of her soul the mirror did steep

to show her beauty that comes from down deep

once again the mirror did fog

allowing her memories to rise from the bog

she stood there crying with head in hand

as the mirror looked backed softly from it's stand

it spoke to her a few last notes

it had meaning in it's lasting quotes

'for ever can you fight to be young'

'but time will undue the work you have done'

'tis better to let the soul shine thru'

'let people see the true beauty, that i see in you'

the mirror went dark and never spoke again

she continued on with her own plan

till years later her looks were gone

she turned to the mirror and sang a sweet, sad song

'mirror mirror'

'tell me the truth'

'am i still beautiful? '

'do you still see my youth? '

slowly but surely the mirror awoke

and these last words the mirror spoke

'i see before me a beauty divine'

'whose beauty has not faded with long lost time'

'what i see before me is still the same young girl'

'in spirit if not body, you are always my pearl'

'it took you years to see what i see'

'it's not your body, it's the soul that breathes sweetly'

'now you know the truth with no hidden fee'

'look to your own heart for the answer'

'it will always set you free'

the mirror dusted over with dirt and mold

as she stood there in rags wrinkled and old

she watched as the mirror cracked and shattered

leaving her there withered and tattered

she turned and walked away with a smile on her face

for the last image on the mirror was her beauty still in place...
Half Past

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Man In The Mirror

I gaze at him long and hard;
The man that stands before me,
Is this all I am or to be;
I ask you man in the mirror.

Today I may allude the world;
As they judge me for all they see,
Do they know that man in the mirror;
Staring back at me.

The cars I drive, the villa I own;
Are assets I've worked hard for,
But that's not who I am or aim to be,
Says the man in the mirror.

I may lie to the universe and get away;
As I look him in the eye,
It is he whom I cannot fool;
Those eyes of the man in the mirror.

I gaze at him long and hard;
The man that stands before me,
Is this all I am or to be;
I ask you man in the mirror.

My handsome face or the numerous woman;
I've had eating off my hands,
No longer defines the man I am,
Looking back at me in the mirror.

I am sorry to those I've let down;
To those whose hearts I've broken,
Please forgive me for all my wrongs;
A new man in the mirror has awaken.

For now it's clear to me,
The magnitude of a man;
Is not about his wealth or intellect;
But defined by the size of his heart

It's not always about myself;
But to bring out the smile in others,
That's the man I want to see;
Staring back at me in the mirror.

For what its worth, I've grown;
Into the man that you now see,
Who I was yesterday is my past,
Now here's the man I want to be.

To those who thought I was a failure;
Thank you, thank you, thank you,
Those words made me become a better man;
Staring back at me in the mirror.

To those who have tawt me to be a better man;
And have seen the best in me;
Thank you for being lifes greatest teachers,
Helped make the man in the mirror you see.

God, you have been my navigator;
I owe so much to you,
Today I am proud of the man I've become;
The man I now see in the mirror is all because of you.

Man in the mirror;
We have come along way,
As the journey continues;
The man in the mirror is here to stay.
Anashree Narainsamy

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The Mirror

When I look into the mirror I’m appalled at what I see
I do not recognize that person who is looking back at me.

I know I’m better looking, you can be assured of that.
I wonder, then, who this is, who I am looking at?

I know I look much younger and I certainly have more hair
So I can’t possibly be that person looking at me over there.

And in this crazy mirror all my muscles look so small
Now I’m certain that person over there cannot be me at all.

Look at all the lines on him and his cheeks are much too packed
It’s hard to say…I’m not quite sure…but I think this mirror’s cracked?

Is this a fun house mirror? Am I wearing a Halloween wig?
Or could it be a magnifying glass ‘cause my ears can’t be that big.

No…wait! On further observation looking over and over again
I see the person looking out is the same one looking in.

I’ve heard it said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder
But it’s only in the mirror I realize I’ve grown older.

Most of the time I feel younger, like when I was 20 or 32
And I think inside my head I should look much younger too.

I do not wish for a mirror that will disguise, obscure or conceal
But I’d like one that shows how old I am and how young I feel.

Then when I look into the mirror I would be happy with what I see
For it would be easier to recognize the person looking back at me.
Jim Yerman

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"The Carney's Funhouse Mirrors"

Mirrors, mirrors, on the walls:
on the "Flood Lit,"
ka-lei-do-scop-ic, fun house walls:
showing images: telling all.

Sweltering, moonlit midway's:
"Burstin':" with (shadowy), propelling: compelling HU-MAN-I-TIES!
"Sizzlin': "with flashing, patterned CAN-DES-CEN-TRIES!

A circus (barker) stands aloft:
looking upon the faces:
crowds of gathering faces : (mindless) faces.
"TEMPTING, " daring: SHOUTING; " chal-leng-ing:
the MASSING soulful hoards:
of (empty,) featureless faces.

"Yelling, shout-ing "TELLING, " scold-ing:
"PLEADING," "BEGGING:" (crying, )sham-ing:
the (resistful,) huddled massed.
"SELLING:" the Carnies ancient, artful craft: of (dodging.)

Mirrors of life: (folding) mirrors of time:
(twisting,) con-torted passages: darkly lit behind.
Distorting, "TROUBLING " faces:
the house, of (convexed) mirrors: of "MUTI-IMAGED" lives!

People reflecting people, (reflections:)
in the "TELLING" hall of mirrors.
Multi-imaged reflections.
"UNMASKING," people faces: "Moon" eclips-ing faces!
All within the carney's:
"Fun House" show of mirrors.
Fredric Marsh Jr.

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