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Mirrors all you see is reflexions
how do you know that what you see is real
all i see when i look into a mirrior
is everything appears backwards

My house reminds me of a fun house
we have mirrors in almost every room
all we need is a pointed roof over our heads
and we will be living just like those circus clowns do

Only we'd be all different shapes and sizes
we'd have big fat eyes and really thin bodies
we would look like we were on some sorta drug overload
we have to look in mirrors all the time

People obess over looks all the time
and it gets so that they need to carry mirrors all around
you cant even pass a mirror without looking in it
there is all sorts small, long, cubed, and even in cars
the turth of it is that we can not live without mirrors
Kristen Otto

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Looking Glass Reflections

When I was a child
the glass on the wall
was a mirror of me.
I put on faces and hats
and spent hours imagining

When I was thirteen
I hated the mirror,
for it showed me
the spots on my face
I spent hours attempting to cover.

When I was twenty
I would look in the mirror
and create each new face
that appeared on the stage
for the evening performance.

When I was a mother
I sat with my daughter
and showed her
the 'girl in the mirror'
and told them both stories.

When my children were grown
I met an old lover, who said
I was sexy and stood me
naked in front of the mirror
and forced me to look.

Now that I'm sixty, the image
I see depends on the mirror.
I like the one in the bedroom
because it faces the window
and the light is flattering -
especially if I take off my glasses.
Alison Cassidy

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Who Discovered The Mirror?

Who discovered the mirror?
We don't, at all, remember.
To show our faces beautiful,
How much it's really useful?

Above the wash basin
The glittering teeth clean
We see first every morn,
Before the day starts on.

The curly hair to comb,
The mustache to trim,
The oily face to foam,
How it helps at home?

Is there any beauty parlor,
Or a fancy dress store,
Or a modern shop tailor,
With no full size mirror?

Inside the ladies hand bags,
Or the gents coat pockets,
How the tiny mirror hides,
For their face-touch up uses?

To see the distant stars,
Or to find the tiny microbes,
How it serves a giant telescope,
Or a small but sharp microscope?

Mirror, mirror everywhere,
With our life for it to share,
Thanks to the unknown discoverer
For this all-time useful mirror.
Rajaram Ramachandran

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Dedicated to Chelsea DeOre

We all have hope,
Whether it be mental or physical,
Matter cannot be created or destroyed,
What about physical hope?
We can see things,
Not hallucinate,
But that is how we live.
We walk around on this earth,
Looking for hope,
Why look when you can find it when looking in the mirror;
In a mirror everything looks three dimensional,
But no one ever said that a mirror could put you in another world.
Mirrors show perspective,
We can look into them in many directions,
But we only can see each detail at once.
Only with a true imagination,
Hope can be seen anywhere,
Everybody else simply looks in the mirror.
For hours on end they can look into the glass,
But see naught but their own reflection staring right back at them.
But true, it is just a glass so why look?
Because we can see behind, to the left, to the right and in front of us,
No one can hide when in front of a mirror.
Ben Borkan

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