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Poems On / About MIRROR  5/5/2016 3:03:18 PM
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Mirror On The Wall

Mirror, mirror hanging on the wall.
Am I big, or am I small?
Speak to me for once, and tell what you see.
I fill like I am a complete work.
No! My child.
It is a rare mirror that will show a man his true self.
In my eyes and God's eyes.
You will always be a work in progress.
jackie compton

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Man in the mirror,
Woman in mirror,
Child in the mirror,
With changes all over;
To change for the better,
And to move your life forward.
Edward Kofi Louis

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Day 23 The Hatter Is Madd

Day 23 The Hatter is MADD
Day 23 The Hatter is MADD
ALice is the looking glass qyeen she looks at me and sees her own reflection but when she moves her typing finger on her left hand it is my right hand that types to her we are living in the Mirror land and so inn love we thrive from day too day and night too night and week too week and month too month the years will all add upp into the lifetime lifeline eye emailed you a distress signal and you said yes and she always wears the white and blue dress in my mind she is the little girl again and nothing wrong with being blind to age we thrive in the middle of the day time we think we can we think we can like the little train that finally could has come back to mind and starting gunn the Hatter is blind and cannot see reality so what the Mirror of my Alice is where eye wish to live so what iff nothing comes and comes later and another day will find us back together and what is love but missing someone so badly then we get so happy when we see each one again and the Hatter is Madd but he is in love and the reason the thing seems allright is the girl in the Mirror the girl in the little girl dress the white and the blue the Alice in mind is my best friend without her eye crash in the wind
When she comes the Hatter is at his Happiest and Madd
Day 23 The Hatter is MADD
Charles Hice

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if you find out one day,
that your face in the mirror,
not comparing with yourself,
and saw that your face not belongs to yourself,
don`t try to smash the mirror,
because the defect is not in the mirror,
the defect is inside you...
hazem al jaber

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Poems On / About MIRROR