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There was a king in a country
He announced publicly
That he wants such a magician
No sooner he looks could say
Who is worse, thief or gentleman?
Having come to know of king’s announcement
A foreigner old man came at royal audience
Old man- Your highness, I have such a mirror
This could tell about the nature of human.
King- Well and good, Show your mirror to me. Let me see
Old man-Your highness, here it is
The old man handed over the mirror to minister
Minister-What is this? I see a picture of monkey
King-let me see. Uttering this the king shouted, what is this?
I see a picture of leek
All of royal audience become afflicted and beat their fore head
King dashed the mirror to the ground violently
And the mirror broke into pieces
At the same time gave that old man life term imprisonment.

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Glass mirrors and shards

I am looking down through glass mirrors and shards
shards of what could and would have been a better life
As a kid I used to play with mirrors trying to get that infinite reflection
But now I only wish i cold pull them apart
I have become that infinite reflection
More copies then i can count
I have no control over the copies of myself for the are no longer me
I dive into the sea of mirrors, to try and stop the root
But I can not overcome the constant roaring
No longer do I know which copy isn’t a copy
In the end we are all just copies
So i leave the mirror and find a vantage above
Now I am looking down through glass mirrors and shards.
Dillon Crawford

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Reflections: Bridal Reign Or Bridle Rein?

Mirror, tell us mortals all
Is it Bride before fast fall?
Revelation of defeat?
Resplendent triumph? Joy complete?
Or hooded warning naught can stall
Recalling Chance consumes conceit?

Mirrored hand from sable shawl
Isolating wherewithal
Regretting wrinkles, tease or cheat.
Room for no groom when scythe's tithe treat
Outplays Hope's hand and trumps heart's call,
Refusing wedding band replete.

Mirrored lily blank receipt
In time to come when Time's dumb beat
Retrieves blanched gifts, lifts veil on pall
Returning dust to dust, recall
Of pregnant promise, harvest wheat
Rich Death's drought withered, seedless, small.

Mirrored grasp, last gasp, catchall
Icing dreams that once stood tall,
Rescinding promises pure, sweet,
Refusing prayers that children greet:
One wonders why life's mortal thrall
Runs out untimely, doom must meet.

Mirrored fingers grace-girl maul,
Intensely grip with gruesome gall,
Respite ungranted, paraclete
Regretfully cannot compete
Or face refrain of Fate's footfall
Retrenching humble, vain, slow, fleet.
Jonathan ROBIN

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Uneducated Mirrors

I thought that I was handsome but my mirror never lies,
So when I look into it now I always close my eyes.
If I can’t see the wrinkles and the road-maps disappear,
This knowledge is exciting and I have nought to fear.
Long before we had mirrors we looked into a pool,
Through the ripples what looked back was rather cool.
Science to the rescue; mirrored glass then came to be,
From every angle pirouette, see what’s come of thee.
Promenades, fashion parades; females strut their stuff,
Catwalks lined with gaga crowds, just can’t get enough.
So mirror on the wall what happened to that young lad,
Please put him back with grey hair; he’s really not that bad.
He’s weathered many storms in life, all etched upon his face,
It’s what’s deep inside within his heart no mirror can erase.
Rod Morris

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