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Glass mirrors and shards

I am looking down through glass mirrors and shards
shards of what could and would have been a better life
As a kid I used to play with mirrors trying to get that infinite reflection
But now I only wish i cold pull them apart
I have become that infinite reflection
More copies then i can count
I have no control over the copies of myself for the are no longer me
I dive into the sea of mirrors, to try and stop the root
But I can not overcome the constant roaring
No longer do I know which copy isn’t a copy
In the end we are all just copies
So i leave the mirror and find a vantage above
Now I am looking down through glass mirrors and shards.
Dillon Crawford

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Mirror-Collaboration With Unique Princess

When l look in the mirror, I don't know who l am anymore Trying to find my place and forget her face, which l try to please, wanted her to stay, but she couldn't stay because she was never there Physically or metaphorically..When she looks in the mirror l don't know what she sees player or angel fell for an angel and found a player, she pushed Yahweh aside and l did the same, her love left but mine still remains for the God has given me the name...l never thought this will happen to me, now l know because l m now awake from the dream, maybe this was not meant to be..Every moment l take a quick glance at the mirror l see the reflection of all the memories we shared l can't take another glance at the mirror because each time l do so, l feel the pain penetrating deep cutting me like surgery, l m tired of this feeling because l love and hate you the same time, l got to keep it going at the same time as love fads away may be its time l move and smash the mirror because l got is today.
donald kuutsi

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The Guy in The Mirror

Who is this guy in the mirror?
Why is he looking at me?
Why is he staring at me?
Why is he ogling at me?

Who is this guy in the mirror?
Why is he copying my actions?
Why is he doing everything i do?
Why is he imitating me?

Who is this guy in the mirror?
Why does he look like me?
Why does he have my mum's eyes?
Why does he have my dad's nose?

Who is this guy in the mirror?
Why is he?
Wait a second, this guy in the mirror is me.

Sheikh Ahmed Tijan Bah

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Quicksand Polished Mirror

Mirror, mirror,
Rotating around earth's gravity
Upon quicktime changing reflective pools.
Grains of time being tossed on a surface
Forming an abrasive acidic covering
That reigns with tears full of polishes.

Rain ripples the surface of tides
In seas washing ashore see shore visions.
Landscape views teleporting time continuum,
Telescopic analysis within microscopic details.
Mirror, mirror with full length focal dimensions
In polished presence of a living poetic existence,
Temporal rhyming Uni-Verse of introspection.

Looking eyes universe of outside perceptions
Polished with imperfections that distorts light.
Shadows and shades shifting characters around,
Torn ‘n tattered cloth in a woven weave finish.
Picking up light waves in evolving distortions
Upon wiping a quicksand polished aging mirror.

David Lester Young (Franklin Doppelganger) 10/07/12 ©
David Lester Young

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