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Best Poems About / On MIRROR
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And Blame Myself For The Loss

I do not need the mirror, it's transparent.
I do not want the mirror to torture me
I look, I see myself and I forget
And that is not what I want,
I want to use it and melt the sun
And blame myself for the loss.
I do not want to look at the mirror
Hanging on the wall of my little room
It makes me naked; naked to myself.
I do not want to look at the mirror
Hanging all around in the open street
It makes me old; wrinkled and rough
They are my mirror; the people I see
The old people I see ever day
You are my mirror
Come close, stand by me.

You are the mirror in your room,
You stay for hours watching yourself till
Your mother says you are late for work.
Out in the outside, you forget
You forget completely what you look like.
We are the mirror of the world,
We fail to exist without it
A quick glance at moving vehicles
Or those parked at the lot
Could be enough of a reminder
Until you get to the glass house.

I'm lost without it, and
All night I pursue my lost self
I dream of faces I thought are mine
Mirror is everywhere, but is useless
If it can't permanently retain me
I wouldn't need it for anything
Not for looking at myself,
I can only use it and dry the ocean
And blame myself for the loss.
Chime Justice Ndubuisi

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A thin flat pane
Of unblemished glass
And a reflecting plane
Of sputtered aluminum…
Mirror …amazing mirror
A symbol of fashion
Image of civilization
Right turned left
Again reflect
A self-portrait.

Mirror on the Hubble
It's Newton's kind
Exploring the universe
For all mankind.

Laser and mirror
Worked together
And gave this generation
An all new communication.

Mirror for makeup
The fair one behold,
Man's close shave
Handsome and bold.

Eye of the immersed
The sub's periscope
Eye pleasing patterns
Of the kaleidoscope.

Side view mirror
Rear view mirror
Drive without either
Sure a disaster.

Mirror to life's
Reflected shine
Life without mirror
It's hard to imagine.
Tirupathi Chandrupatla

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The Mirror Of Your Life... Can You Face It?

We all have a mirror
A mirror that reflects who we are
If we are brave enough
We can see our true self
We can see our soul
We can see who we really are
But we ignore the mirror
We cover it up with lies
We store it away
For we do not want to see the truth
We do not want to know why we are the way we are
It is better to use excuses for our problems
Than to acknowledge the blame rests on our shoulders
The ones who can see themselves in the mirror
Are the ones who change their lives for the better
They see the choices they have made were wrong
They see that their actions in the past
Have created the problems they face today
They see their flaws
They see their true self
The mirror shows them the truth
That others refuse to reveal
The mirror becomes their guide to life
For when they look into the mirror
They know who they are
Can you face yourself in your mirror of life
Or do you fear to find out
Who you really are
Are you afraid that you will not like yourself
Who knows how your life will change
Once you realize who you really are
Once you see your deceit
Do not cover up your mirror
Clean it and place it where you will awaken every morning
You will begin to see your flaws and weaknesses
Then each day becomes a day of revival
You begin to love yourself
You begin to enjoy life
Because you know who you are
And you know the choices you must make to make your life better
Dimitri Jagodinski

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Mirror, Who Am I

<She went to this place, and there stood three mirrors,
And all three were of the same large silvery size.
So then Tara looked into the first mirror,
And looked and asked,
What do I look like to people,
What do I look like I am?
And the first mirror reflected saying
You're fat with lumps on your nose,
With a fat face not even like a rose.
And Tara, tunring red smashed the first mirror with her boot.

Now she moved in a rage like a lion in a trap.
Now knowing what next to do.
But there was something.
So then Tara looked into the second mirror,
And looked and asked,
What do I look like to people,
What do I look like I am?
And the second mirror reflected, saying
You're bony like a toothpick,
With no beauty like a dried-up twig.
And Tara turning red smashed the second mirrrow with her boot.

Not knowing what to do but running around wild,
She knew her last chance, awaited her now.
So then Tara looked into the third mirror,
And looked and asked,
What do I look like to people,
What do I look like I am?
And the third mirror reflected saysing
You're pretty and look like a flower in spring,
So delicate and fragrant and blossoming.
And Tara turning red smashed the third mirror
With a kick, screaming 'Liar, Liar, Liar.'
Vera Sidhwa

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