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Art Will Show To Eternity Your Soul

I am a woman, using a mirror everyday,
Like all of you, i'm seeing my reflection into it,
Even i am sad, happy, tired or bored,
What i'm seeing in my mirror it's my physical reality, my own truth.

I combed my hair and looked into my mirror,
I felt so delicate, unique and simple,
Having a smile on my face today,
My mirror will smile me back as feedback in same way.

I am a painter, i adore art,
In everything i'm painting it's life,
In each painting and spot of paint my brush does,
It's a history of great ideas my minds holds.

A painting is a gate to our inner side,
Through it vibrates the universe to our hearts,
A mirror will always show your face reflection to the world,
But art will show to eternity your soul.
Cristina Teodor

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In The Mirror

I place my self before the mirror
Press my palms in reverence
I reflect on the reflection
My essence projected back at me
More than a shadow
Yet far less than
Less than my what
It is me and what I am
The mirror reflects what I create
Create when I am before it
For absent me there is no reflection
My cause of devotion
Devotion to whatever I project into the mirror
In my life to manifest
I can patiently wait for defeat
Cowardly fight to no avail
Regularly face my lack of commitment
Or just see me
See the reflection is me
As I am
As I choose to be
A tree would reflect a tree
A cat a cat
A criminal a person
A mother a person
A child a person
Me a person
You a person
We can’t find our identity in the image
It’s only a reflection
And the mirror is a mirror
And I, I know what I am.

Tim caffery

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the metaphor of the mirror and the light

there is this face
in the mirror and it is talking to the body
to remind its skin
that it is real,

lights are turned off
and the face only hears a voice
from its mouth
it is assured still that it is a face
of someone it knew
so well
and will not deny it

the voice faded in darkness
and the face
hears nothing
and sees nothing about
its skin
and eyes

it is dark
and there is no voice anymore
except the
and the loneliness that is about
to make a scream
to the mirror
that had long shut itself
because there is no light

the face demands a voice
the mirror begs for light
for the voice is a security
that life exists
and the light is the only
anchor of the mirror
when it becomes a boat
in the sea
of emptiness

but there is no light
and there is no voice
the mirror breaks the silence
the face becomes the wind
there is no boat
much less an anchor

there is only a word written
on paper
left on the floor
and it is spoken for no
Sebastian Soberania

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Shattering Mirrors

looking in the mirror its no longer me
just a broken lifeless shell is all i see
wearing the makeup and the right clothes
the fake smile, it all puts on a show
behind the mask lays scars and bruises
so much hurt tucked away, kept hidden
the brokenness that cuts painfully deep
i see the words you scornfully screamed
and how slicing in deep they do sink
they steal anything good that's left in me
within my reflection i despise every part
the mask claiming everything's alright
when inside everything is torn apart
looking in the mirror i see my struggles
how i try so hard to be so much better
your perfect mold i always try to please
to the point of dying just to be so thin
though never good enough i am again,
looking in this mirror i hate every piece
my eyes stare back always criticizing
revealing every ugly hidden memory
forcing a smile again to keep such an act
though i am tired of this masked charade
broken down, i am unsure of another day
shattering the mirror into many pieces
is this really me? i'm aching for clarity
looking into the mirror's broken shards
i see so clearly its perfectly reflecting
this shattered image of mine i truly see
and i wonder if forever broken i will be
Silentpoet Grl

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