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In Mirrors Past

I look into the mirror
and stare at this face.
Life has gotten dearer.
Time has left its trace. What happened to the innocence?
Where is that youthful glow?
This isn't the mirror I saw myself in
so many years ago. Innocence became reality.
Youth gave way to mature
Now I wish I had the mirror
I looked into before. Mirrors show an image
We may not want to see.
The way we are today.
How we used to be. Remember while you're looking.
The reflection doesn't last.
Just think of how it was
When you looked In Mirrors Past.
Wendy Marie Georgi

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there is a gentle quiet repose about truths
the mirror holds them up so well
zen so well apportioned it crystalises
the world harmoniously to itself
we have all the respect for it
everyday we go up to it
to soak up its sublime honesty
smile and go face the world
as straight as we could
the part of us we love
we carry with gratefulness
a luminousity that lightens our steps
the part of us that slices up
our assurance of ourselves
we too carry with an ounce of dignity
like the mirror that never falters
in the face of adversities -scars, tortuous lines
that dig into the soul, claws that tear the hearts up,
shrivelled up looks, noses that go the wrong way, mouths
clefting like a mozart run awry

we throw in the grains
to help the mirror apportion
a better part of us to us
running through every corridor
of the selves, without fear or favour
in the spirit of the mirror
promising an enlightened trail friends
can rest their heart with ours
a zen mirror where strengths and
weaknesses, paradoxes and shortfalls
dance over our eyes with the
exquisiteness of a new and promising dawn
john tiong chunghoo

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Between Me and My Mirror

quatrain, ABAB

Mirror, mirror, the answer please
sound it with your softest voice.
I deal, dear Face, with expertise.
Ask on, I fear you'll not rejoice.

Mirror, are there gray hairs dancing
in among my blackest blacks?
Face, I see your foes advancing.
They're waving little silver plaques

in bold print, revealing loudly:
Gray hairs never, ever quit.
Gray is in, wear it proudly.
Lie not, dye not, give up, submit.

Mirror, mirror, the answer please
What are my best alternatives?
Face it, gray is not some disease
for treatment nor preventatives.

Glaring roots and ghastly color
will leave you appalled with regret
Let gray come, life could be duller
thank God, you're not bald, not yet.
Reason A. Poteet

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Shattering Mirrors

looking in the mirror its no longer me
just a broken lifeless shell is all i see
wearing the makeup and the right clothes
the fake smile, it all puts on a show
behind the mask lays scars and bruises
so much hurt tucked away, kept hidden
the brokenness that cuts painfully deep
i see the words you scornfully screamed
and how slicing in deep they do sink
they steal anything good that's left in me
within my reflection i despise every part
the mask claiming everything's alright
when inside everything is torn apart
looking in the mirror i see my struggles
how i try so hard to be so much better
your perfect mold i always try to please
to the point of dying just to be so thin
though never good enough i am again,
looking in this mirror i hate every piece
my eyes stare back always criticizing
revealing every ugly hidden memory
forcing a smile again to keep such an act
though i am tired of this masked charade
broken down, i am unsure of another day
shattering the mirror into many pieces
is this really me? i'm aching for clarity
looking into the mirror's broken shards
i see so clearly its perfectly reflecting
this shattered image of mine i truly see
and i wonder if forever broken i will be
Silentpoet Grl

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