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Poems On / About MIRROR  7/26/2016 3:18:54 AM
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Mirror beautiful mirror with clarity
Clarity of face and facial expressions
A great joy when I sees it after freshness
Mirror beautiful mirror always I likes.

Mirror beautiful mirror which can't say
The inner feeling of a human face
The inner feeling of a human mind
The great joys and sorrows it can't reflect.

Mirror beautiful mirror, we can see
The things, and individuals in angles
But here also it can't say their motives
Or the purpose of their observation us.

Mirror beautiful mirror in capable to change
The change of human face in dark and faded
But surely it can give a good feeling and look
After some make ups in the face with a smile.

Mirror beautiful mirror with a stand in table
Or its place in particular wall space we decide
But it always gives you a glimpse of your own
Your own face, but not your own heart
Or it can't give you a total satisfaction,
Still mirror have a place in all homes of the world.

Mirror beautiful mirror in friendship with light
Which have an impressive giving of help to mirror
The images it gives can be shined with light
Here light is the perfect friend of the mirror
And mirror itself is the friend of all of us.
Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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Have you ever wonder if there a whole another world beyond those mirrors every time you look in the mirror that question always seems to go through my mind

Even through that world is the opposite of our world what if on the other side hold the secret of everything that doesnt make since from relatively

unknowing what lays beyond the glass you call a mirror as you stare into those mirrors

can someone be watching you from behind those glass windows called your mirror nobody knowa what lays beyond that parallel universe

wondering if you crossed into this mirror if things would be different.
Candymarie Nevin

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Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who is the prettiest of us all?

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Cant you say something at all?

Mirror, mirror on the wall
I want my friendship to last some long
Lovely Girl

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Broken Images, Distorted Views

Every mirror tells a tale,
My mirror is a memory I do not wish to tell

Eery reflection has a story yet to be told,
They say the mirror never lies, but that's all my mirror ever sold

Look Into the reflective piece of glass, that mirror, pool or lake,
Gaze into the lie and realise that it's fake

Oh you look so classy in the mirror, but take a look inside,
Your body spins a different song, there's things your eyes can not hide,

Now I use a different mirror, one that doesn't lie,
Mirror Mirror in the sky, look down in judgement from up high

Give me the facts, tell me the truth,
Strip away the layers of lies, right back to my youth,

The image I see in the mirror is not good enough, it just won't do,
The person starring back is perfect, but I'm just not you.
Phil Whittaker

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