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Poems On / About MIRROR  10/25/2014 10:15:14 AM
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Pretense Terma Riza Sonnet


Eyelashes lower hiding the mirrors
Impervious glimpse protecting her lies
Edged in defiance, surreptitious tears,
Threaten to uncover, secrets, time buys

Walking on eggshells, hesitating
Stepping neatly rising higher, she cries
Her own solitary space creating
As mirrored reflection exemplifies

Comes into the open wearing a smile
Expression impassive, eyes hypnotize
She carries herself with a flair for style
Behind the cover of pretense truth lies.

As mirrored reflection exemplifies
Pretense of truth, protection - therein - lies
Nancy E Alcorn

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Adoring Mirror

The paintings in the art gallery
Remain the same
And continue to reflect
The eternal beauty
As inspiring today
As when I saw them as a child.

The ways of mirrors are not as true:
In the past a lover brushed her hair
Into the soft gaze of an adoring mirror
That seemed to love her
As much as I did,
But now the lover is gone
And only loneliness is reflected
In the same cold and unsympathetic mirror.
Uriah Hamilton

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Image In The Mirror

That image in the mirror
Is another girl
I wish I could be
That image in the mirror

Is so skinny
So pretty
That image in the mirror
Is the ME
I WANT to be
Courtney Welden

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Two hearts
mine a mirror
yours a stone
your strike
behind is left
hundreds of tiny shards.
Each shard
mirrors your face.
My heart now
the mirrors
of hundreds of faces...
Poem In Pashto By: Afzal Shauq
Translated in English By: Alley Boling
Book: 'TWIST OF FATES' Poem No.9/Page.37
Web Link: http: //khyberwatch.com/nandara/index.php?

Afzal Shauq
Afzal Shauq

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Poems On / About MIRROR