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Poems On / About MIRROR  9/16/2014 10:28:47 PM
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Decieving Reflection

Searching for myself
Almost blind in memory
Thinking of this picture, I
Do not see
Lost in thought
Questions unanswered
Is this really me
Mirrors show
Mirrors tell
But scared I am
to see something there that isnt really me

Is it reliable
how do I know
what if im really a ghost
an abarition beyond
or mirrors bring out
this light
this better me
David Sanjenis

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Once apon a time...

Once apon a time
there was a girl
she was so innocent
but one day she looked into the mirror
and was shoked by what she saw
the person in the mirror seemed nothing like her
her hair and clothes were different then before
she left her old friends for a new crew
and when a guy would come along
she left them too
everyone said she was fake
but she did not belive them
now looking into the mirror
she asks herself
'how could this be?
this girl seemed so different and opposite
from me
but all along this girl was me.'
Kim Fritz

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This cold winter night is mirroring my heart,
restless deadlocked in a foreign life
ignoring people, looking for prickling suspense,
to escape this falsehood

This cold winter night is mirroring my heart,
graven image created to be cursed
pressing the gold on the thumping temple
stumbling thru tears

This cold winter night is mirroring my heart,
studiously hazard would degenerate me
apocalypse mood, careless
everthing will fade away.
Chiara Bogner

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A Mirrors Reflection

Many people look into mirrors
simply to find answers
and the only answer a mirror can answer is
'how do i look today? '

Then people try to look deeper
deeper into an object with only a surface
then that's all they begin to care about
taken in by vanity

Most people became obsessed with their looks
became self centered
but not this man
I got tired of only seeing the surface

So tired
so angry
then the mirror shattered when I snapped
the red warmth of freedom flowing from my hand

I closed my eyes
ignoring the world
taking in the pain
realizing who I really am!
Kaysen Fraker

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Poems On / About MIRROR