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Poems On / About MIRROR  1/28/2015 8:11:26 AM
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All she wants to do is be free mirror

Imprints of bloody hands stain the glass as I look at the mirror
My wounds are deep inside for everyone to see
If they even cared

A girl who cries for no reason
Who knows her anger is rising inside of her
Her soul is tainted

All she wants to do is be free mirror
This is what I see inside the other side of the mirror
As I stand there looking

The blood stains on her run from her heart to waist in the reflection
Tasting the stained blood which turned to the stained un-pure blood
Of the torment, pain, and lies

Her mouth opens up to say something
But bubbles escape only
Trapped inside the mirror as I peer inside

This is what I see on the other side of the mirror
Alyssa Howell

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Mirror-Collaboration With Unique Princess

When l look in the mirror, I don't know who l am anymore Trying to find my place and forget her face, which l try to please, wanted her to stay, but she couldn't stay because she was never there Physically or metaphorically..When she looks in the mirror l don't know what she sees player or angel fell for an angel and found a player, she pushed Yahweh aside and l did the same, her love left but mine still remains for the God has given me the name...l never thought this will happen to me, now l know because l m now awake from the dream, maybe this was not meant to be..Every moment l take a quick glance at the mirror l see the reflection of all the memories we shared l can't take another glance at the mirror because each time l do so, l feel the pain penetrating deep cutting me like surgery, l m tired of this feeling because l love and hate you the same time, l got to keep it going at the same time as love fads away may be its time l move and smash the mirror because l got is today.
donald kuutsi

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A Broken Mirror

A broken mirror is my heart
You shattered and tore it apart
Now I know not what to do
How can I stop loving you

When the mirror is broken
Never can it be fixed
I can still remember
My greatest fear

It was hard to put aside
To not just focus on you
Not to confide in you
Let you break my heart into

Voices are calling my name
Never changing just waiting on you
I never realized what you did to me
You do not need to be sad

This could all turn around
Just so you and I
Can be happy once again
My mirror will not be torn

Apart again
I can not let my heart
Be dark and cold again
We have to spend some time apart

The light I have to see
So I can look at the view
A mirror is crystal and clear
It has no scratch at all

You are wonderful
Inside and out
Those things are what made me
Fall in love with you

To think that I could see
I never thought I would
I will find one thing
A mirror of my heart
angel plant

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Wind blow
Blow me far away
Away from my grief
Grief from loss
Loss of a brother
Brother younger than I
I have lost hold of my roots
Roots withering
Withering in salty tears
Tears drying on my face
Face of my brother in the mirror
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Wall of sadness
Sadness disappear with the wind
Barbara Attaway

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Poems On / About MIRROR