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Best Poems About / On MIRROR
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In The Mirror

I place my self before the mirror
Press my palms in reverence
I reflect on the reflection
My essence projected back at me
More than a shadow
Yet far less than
Less than my what
It is me and what I am
The mirror reflects what I create
Create when I am before it
For absent me there is no reflection
My cause of devotion
Devotion to whatever I project into the mirror
In my life to manifest
I can patiently wait for defeat
Cowardly fight to no avail
Regularly face my lack of commitment
Or just see me
See the reflection is me
As I am
As I choose to be
A tree would reflect a tree
A cat a cat
A criminal a person
A mother a person
A child a person
Me a person
You a person
We can’t find our identity in the image
It’s only a reflection
And the mirror is a mirror
And I, I know what I am.

Tim caffery

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the metaphor of the mirror and the light

there is this face
in the mirror and it is talking to the body
to remind its skin
that it is real,

lights are turned off
and the face only hears a voice
from its mouth
it is assured still that it is a face
of someone it knew
so well
and will not deny it

the voice faded in darkness
and the face
hears nothing
and sees nothing about
its skin
and eyes

it is dark
and there is no voice anymore
except the
and the loneliness that is about
to make a scream
to the mirror
that had long shut itself
because there is no light

the face demands a voice
the mirror begs for light
for the voice is a security
that life exists
and the light is the only
anchor of the mirror
when it becomes a boat
in the sea
of emptiness

but there is no light
and there is no voice
the mirror breaks the silence
the face becomes the wind
there is no boat
much less an anchor

there is only a word written
on paper
left on the floor
and it is spoken for no
Sebastian Soberania

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There was a king in a country
He announced publicly
That he wants such a magician
No sooner he looks could say
Who is worse, thief or gentleman?
Having come to know of king’s announcement
A foreigner old man came at royal audience
Old man- Your highness, I have such a mirror
This could tell about the nature of human.
King- Well and good, Show your mirror to me. Let me see
Old man-Your highness, here it is
The old man handed over the mirror to minister
Minister-What is this? I see a picture of monkey
King-let me see. Uttering this the king shouted, what is this?
I see a picture of leek
All of royal audience become afflicted and beat their fore head
King dashed the mirror to the ground violently
And the mirror broke into pieces
At the same time gave that old man life term imprisonment.

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A Broken Mirror

I looked into the mirror one day
And saw what I've never liked to see
I saw all of my flaws that day
And every last one of my insecurities.
Put on display
Brought to the light
Looking into that mirror
My own tears I had to fight.
The longer I looked into the mirror
The deeper inside myself I peered
And when I noticed my reflection
I was startled to see
That MY reflection wasn't there.
It was the person I really am
Looking back at me
Someone who isn't as steadfast
As you make her out to be
But when looking at who I really am
Became to tough
When looking in the mirror
Became to much
I struck the mirror hard as I could
And watched it plummet from the wall
I watched the only thing
That's ever really seen who I am
Hit the ground
With nothing to break its fall.
And it lays on the ground
Broken to this very day
And I don't have the guts to put it back together
So I guess on the ground in pieces
It'll stay.
Tiger Lily Love

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