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Poems On / About MIRROR  11/25/2014 3:50:05 PM
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Rokeby Venus (ekphrasis) by J.K. de Quiroz

I could only but wonder
what hands carved your ardent curves.
The young seraph hides its tower
upon seeing you.

How I wish you would at least
turn to look at me
or that Cupid
move the mirror to the left.

The mirror spells envy
to every other breathing woman
as you look at it.

How I sometimes wish
I were a god that could morph
into a mirror myself.
J.k. de Quiroz

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The Mirror

I look across the room
Into the mirror
And I see nothing.
Just the wall behind me

I wonder
Am I a ghost?
I'm not dead

Am I a vampire?
I have no fangs
Nor a cape

Then what is wrong with the mirror
Is it broken?
Is it a magical mirror?
Who knows.
Brandon Park

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In the Mirror

In the mirror
Lies a soul
A girl with nothing
Life takes its toll

Her eyes flash open
Her breath sharp
Her body shakes
She is alive

Her heart beats crazy
Her flesh fills the frame
Her life laid before her
Her soul lights flame

Glass shatters
The body moves
Closer, closer
Into you

Body shaking
Thrashing within
Your eyes sunken
Replaced with new

In the mirror
Lies a reflection
A girl with a soul
And can conquer lifes toll

In the mirror
Lies her true self
The one she's ready
To show the world
Rose Marie Cook

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Pretense Terma Riza Sonnet


Eyelashes lower hiding the mirrors
Impervious glimpse protecting her lies
Edged in defiance, surreptitious tears,
Threaten to uncover, secrets, time buys

Walking on eggshells, hesitating
Stepping neatly rising higher, she cries
Her own solitary space creating
As mirrored reflection exemplifies

Comes into the open wearing a smile
Expression impassive, eyes hypnotize
She carries herself with a flair for style
Behind the cover of pretense truth lies.

As mirrored reflection exemplifies
Pretense of truth, protection - therein - lies
Nancy E Alcorn

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