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Poems On / About MIRROR  9/5/2015 12:41:52 AM
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The Mirror

If you look at the mirror
What you see is your image not mine
If I look at the mirror
What I see is my image not yours
If they look at the mirror
What they see is their images not yours or mine
Your image cannot be mine
Neither mine could be yours
Nor theirs ours
Why then must you insist in seeing your image
When I look at the mirror?

Birmingham, AL
October 13,2001
Yusuf Adamu

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Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Mirror Mirror on the wall
tell me what you see
Do you see the one smiling or her hidden tears?

there's one inside and one outside
do you show the one you love?
or the one who you are scared of?

No more masks around and thats the real one!
the one you dint know!
How strange that the dry eyes shows the ocean of emotions
reflects the vacuum inside!

Mirror Mirror on the wall
tell me what is real,
the past or the future,
how i wish you could create a clone like me.

free from all that holds me back
like a bird i could fly to the life i want
Srita Sri

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Look in the mirror
What do you see
Look in the mirror
My reflection looking back at me.

Look in the mirror
Am I enough for you?
Look in the mirror
What do you want me to do?

I follow the beaten path before me
Is this my desinted fate?
I slowly receed into the depths of myself
The heart is slowly consumed by hate

Will I ever be free
Of these shackles called opinions that resctict me?
Derek Webster

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Broken Mirror

I look at myself in a broken mirror
Attempting to distinguish who I am.
On one half of the mirror
I see a smooth, appealing smiling image
who's beauty entertains the eyes of the beholder.
On the other half of the mirror
an slowly aging sickly figure
with a deceitful smile that
plagues and toys with society.
I quickly put the broken mirror away
before I can discover the truth of
who I really am.
Erica Rankin

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Poems On / About MIRROR