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Poems On / About MIRROR  10/6/2015 3:14:07 PM
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Look in the mirror
What do you see
Look in the mirror
My reflection looking back at me.

Look in the mirror
Am I enough for you?
Look in the mirror
What do you want me to do?

I follow the beaten path before me
Is this my desinted fate?
I slowly receed into the depths of myself
The heart is slowly consumed by hate

Will I ever be free
Of these shackles called opinions that resctict me?
Derek Webster

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Lovely Truth For Temporal Beauty

There was a beautiful queen living in a tower
Asking the mirror everyday she did,
with the same question in the same voice pitch:
Mirror hanging on the wall
Who is the fairest of all
The mirror always replied:
Your beauty is the one and never dy

Days became month and months became years
Ages gone by with the same ly that shed her fear
of aging and getting wrinkles on all her face
and very soon reaching the grim fate
in which she slept for eternity in her chair
with the old mirror of old lies answers
that she were the fairest of all
Wicha Surin

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Mirror Of Mirrors

Oh mirror of mirrors
please lie to me
tell me I'm as handsome
as I use to be

as I look corner to corner
in your space
let me see
a younger face

here! let me turn out the light
then you can lie about my sight

let me look from afar
then I'll shine
like a star

oh mirror of mirrors please lie
then I'll be
a younger guy

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Walking On Mirrors

A path of mirrors has begun to stretch out
Resembling mistakes made in life

With each step made on the crystal clear glass
A small crack is expanding from the pressure

As mistakes keep coming into my life
I continue to walk down the path

Remembering mistakes I have made
I begin to look into the mirrors

Looking behind me I see cracks in the mirrors
As well as the shards that have fallen out

Through the cracks in the mirror
I can still see my true reflection of life

Once again I turn around and see
A smooth path to start over on
Sarah Pesta

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Poems On / About MIRROR