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Poems On / About MIRROR  7/22/2014 6:36:22 PM
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The Broken Mirror

This mirror i looked into was always broken just like my heart and
when the mirror cracks it sends pains through out my body never
leaving always at my side continuing down with the path of what was
once inside just now a hollow shell can never hide inside. Neither less it has always been this way and now when i look i can't turn away it just hurts inside cause nothing is there but a broken heart that reflects in a broken mirror that was broken to begin with never can be fixed. cause everthing i lived for is now in pieces.
Jhnaier Arrthur

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Behind The Mirror

Behind the mirror,
sits to watch
the fawning boy a man.
A man she wants
that boy to be.
Behind round eyes
the man
'she' longs to see.
The mirror only shows
her why
it can not be.
Though He 'Said'
'You are beautiful'
The mirror in her hand
'Daddy said'
Come on hurry up child
or you will be late for school
Is It Poetry

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The Mirror

I look across the room
Into the mirror
And I see nothing.
Just the wall behind me

I wonder
Am I a ghost?
I'm not dead

Am I a vampire?
I have no fangs
Nor a cape

Then what is wrong with the mirror
Is it broken?
Is it a magical mirror?
Who knows.
Brandon Park

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The Mirrors

Look in your mirror
See what you see
Unworthiness and some
The person you hate to be
Look in my mirror
See what I see
Gentleness and a
Loving heart
Everything I need

Two mirrors
Two different views
I think I'm going to shatter yours
Ashleigh Stephenson

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Poems On / About MIRROR