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Poems On / About MIRROR  9/17/2014 12:30:26 AM
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Mirror Image

You and I

We are mirror images

My reflection is in your eyes,

And yours in mine

When I see my mirrored image in your eyes, I see the person I could have been

Whole, complete, beautiful, understood

And I never want to lose that glimpse of the person loved by you -

my mirrored image in your eyes
Iris Rain

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The Magic Mirror Of Self

Gaze upon this magic mirror and what do you see?

Don't worry the mirror won't break or shatter... it will only show you who you really are.

So don't be afraid and take a breath, and gaze up this magic mirror.

Look deep within it and take away the mist...

Past the thorns and lies that you have created...

And lo' and behold,

There you are...
Mathew Sutter

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My face is your mirror
Have a glance see your colour
Face is the index of your mind
A weather a river and a wind.

My face is your mirror
When angry see the fire
Be with me see yourself
Come to me what a delp.

My face is your mirror
Your hell and the horror
Know thyself what a smile
Love yourself rest a while.

My face is your heaven
A garden of light no raven
Come and dance with holy sky
Angels smile and you feel shy.
Ershad Mazumder

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The mirror once told me that
My face was smooth and cute
My chin as bare as the Sahara

As the Sun counted our days
The moon counted our nights
And seasons exchanged fortunes
The mirror told me something new

All the smoothness is gone
As if it has been different ever since
My chin has turned into a bush
The mirror showed me a total stranger
This morning!

Yusuf Adamu

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Poems On / About MIRROR