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Poems On / About MIRROR  9/23/2014 7:19:12 AM
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The Mirrors

Look in your mirror
See what you see
Unworthiness and some
The person you hate to be
Look in my mirror
See what I see
Gentleness and a
Loving heart
Everything I need

Two mirrors
Two different views
I think I'm going to shatter yours
Ashleigh Stephenson

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Mirror, Mirror

When I look into the mirror I'm afraid of what I see
I'm afraid of the person staring back at me
I'm frightened that the person will take over who I am inside
So instead of facing my biggest fears I run and I hide
But I stop and ask myself 'how can this be'?
The mirror can only reflect the person looking - which is me
I found out what I'm afraid of and it's not the mirror
Its really actually me that I fear
Kelisha Riveras

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Gazing in self-admiration
'Mirror, mirror, on the wall, am I not the most beautiful of them all? '
It responds to me
'Child, Child, from here on the wall, you are the ugliest, then them all.'
Taken aback I say again
'You hear no truth and speak all lies, oh mirror on the wall, for I am the most beautiful of them all.'
It responds to me again
'I hear no truth and speak no lies, and from here on the wall, you are more ugly then them all.
Nae Tyler

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Mirror Mirror

My imagination
awful me
thee mirror reflects

My private thoughts
Vogue magazine
Human perfection
Imperfect teen

Unsaid truth
Homecoming scene
Every one envies
The Beauty Queen

Silent secrets
My heart is stone
If im not beautiful
I'll be alone

My thoughts feeling ugly
I say good-bye
If I can't be perfect
I'll surely die

Until I learn
a truth more pure;
within is where true
beauty does endure

Im looking up
there is no storm
I'll trust my heart
to keep me warm

Mirror Mirror
show me how
to love myself
starting now.
dragon panda

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Poems On / About MIRROR