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Rainbow Shards

Mirrors in my path begin to break
I consider escaping the horrific scene

My life is a maze with mirrors of illusions
Traps and fear are all I think about now

Never will anyone come into a complex mind like this
Even if it is only just in my own mind

The mirrors have broken when my fears grew
Shattered glass everywhere in my sight

Something inside me assured me I will see the light
The pieces of sharp glass begin to glow

As I am gazing at the broken walls of my mind become one
They all have rainbow colors in each of the shards
Sarah Pesta

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Mirror, Mirror

When I look into the mirror I'm afraid of what I see
I'm afraid of the person staring back at me
I'm frightened that the person will take over who I am inside
So instead of facing my biggest fears I run and I hide
But I stop and ask myself 'how can this be'?
The mirror can only reflect the person looking - which is me
I found out what I'm afraid of and it's not the mirror
Its really actually me that I fear
Kelisha Riveras

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Windows on Broadway

When I was a kid I was fascinated by mirrors
and by reflective panes of window glass
that I glanced at in passing

Conscious of my puny physique and pimples
I barely slowed my pace as I stole glances
that confirmed my inferiority

Doomed to be a bookworm, I thought,
and rightly so, even as my father tried
to get me to exercise

Sometime in my late teens I came
to realize that I could compete
with my more muscular companions

Sheer stubbornness and will enabled
me to outperform my former schoolmates
in the drudgery of hard physical labor

I still shun reflective windows and mirrors
whether it's walking down Broadway
or my own bathroom mirror!
Michael Pruchnicki

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A Mirror

a mirror
this body
a mirror
this body
for the sun
to speak
to the moon
that she
is beauty
for the moon
to say
to the stars
they represent
her hopes,
as the sky
casting light
on her dreams
a mirror
this body
for the gods
in the
various realms
to cross over
to each other
the heart,
the limbs,
to achieve
so that
they could look
at themselves
in a thousand ways
john tiong chunghoo

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