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Poems On / About MIRROR  7/23/2014 9:20:11 AM
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when you ask whether i am okay

when you ask that question
many things come into my mind too

'are you okay? ' such strikes my mind
and i retort
with 'why do you ask? '

we live in a mirror world
we project

who we are
what we are
where are we going?

your loneliness mirrors
you reflect light
to my mirror

i like to shine like diamond
but i am not

i am dawn fading
and the day does not recognize me

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Rokeby Venus (ekphrasis) by J.K. de Quiroz

I could only but wonder
what hands carved your ardent curves.
The young seraph hides its tower
upon seeing you.

How I wish you would at least
turn to look at me
or that Cupid
move the mirror to the left.

The mirror spells envy
to every other breathing woman
as you look at it.

How I sometimes wish
I were a god that could morph
into a mirror myself.
J.k. de Quiroz

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Poems On / About MIRROR