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Poems On / About MIRROR  3/2/2015 6:34:56 PM
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Rainbow Shards

Mirrors in my path begin to break
I consider escaping the horrific scene

My life is a maze with mirrors of illusions
Traps and fear are all I think about now

Never will anyone come into a complex mind like this
Even if it is only just in my own mind

The mirrors have broken when my fears grew
Shattered glass everywhere in my sight

Something inside me assured me I will see the light
The pieces of sharp glass begin to glow

As I am gazing at the broken walls of my mind become one
They all have rainbow colors in each of the shards
Sarah Pesta

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The Mirrors

Look in your mirror
See what you see
Unworthiness and some
The person you hate to be
Look in my mirror
See what I see
Gentleness and a
Loving heart
Everything I need

Two mirrors
Two different views
I think I'm going to shatter yours
Ashleigh Stephenson

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Fool are never fool...

Fools always have nails
To scratch their heads with...
They always find trails
To stumble their ways with
They always have arguments
To shut the mouths with
They donate themselves
To others to play with
My friend, what i owe you
My wisdom, to tackle with

But mirrors show everything
I used to be a mirror
And now i realized;
while watching in the mirror
That i am that bald man...
But i aint grow the nails
to scratch my head with...

Usman Hanif

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The mirror once told me that
My face was smooth and cute
My chin as bare as the Sahara

As the Sun counted our days
The moon counted our nights
And seasons exchanged fortunes
The mirror told me something new

All the smoothness is gone
As if it has been different ever since
My chin has turned into a bush
The mirror showed me a total stranger
This morning!

Yusuf Adamu

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Poems On / About MIRROR