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Best Poems About / On MONEY
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Conspiracy Theory

the shells need people to fly towards and the bullet casings only expand and hit the ground normally after being fired at someone…so why are we still sending people to war, why can't we just make amends, or see that our time has come to get out of these war torn nations. Im sure these men don't know they are going over there to fight a war they cannot win, but instead just want to impress those where they live, or feel better in their parents graces, like they haven't waster their lives. Oh, I'm sure there are a few who are in for it for the fighting and as a way to take out rage, or some who really believe in our country, but what will it take for them to wake up, to come around full circle and see we are just fighting for money, and not just money, but MORE money. and this money is coming from nations who have no want for us as it is, they are just protecting themselves because we come over to claim land that isn't ours, or instill our own thoughts and beliefs into their economy. There are three nations left without a centralized bank run by a certain family, and those are the three nations we are currently invading. Tell me money is not the motive...
Keith Michael

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Poem Money

Money Money Money
Every one loves money

Some admit it
Some deny it

As was has been said
Money can't buy happiness

However, others say the opposite
Yes indeed it does

Money can buy you a house, car and boat
Money can buy you gifts for the sweet heart

All the day you work hard
For the nice pay check in your hand

Money can help for good cause and charity
Unfortunately for bad things and crimes

Most earn it in honest way
Others by evil way, deception and stealing

Money can be life beauty
Money can be also the source of all corruption

Money Money Money
Sweet and honey
sherif monem

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A Passion For Money!

Dollar, Euro, Pound, Yen, Dinar or Rupee currencies,
Money passion drives one deep even into the abyss!
Money passion never stops even the sea shrinks to nil
And ends not even camel goes through the eye of needle!

No one can fight in the court to win justice without money;
No one can run politics and win in election without money;
No one can get educated to live quality life without money;
No one can live life as wished in the world without money!

What is God – love or truth or justice or power or money?
Many opt for money as with money only everything is done!
Without money there is nothing in this material world;
Without spiritual grace there is no place in the other world!

As in God everything is contained in money in this world
Why there is so much passion for money let the futures tell!
But just way is first one should earn name by one’s work skill
And by perfection achieve position, power, fame and money!
Ramesh T A

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Money (Triolet Sonnet)

Money comes and money goes
And that is the way it is so
Be aware all the time that yes
Money comes and money goes
At times we have lots some times less
And with it just reap what we sow
Money comes and money goes
And that is the way it is so

So don't worry long toss your stress
Money comes and money goes
Keep life simple rid of excess
If you don't want more debts now
Money comes and money goes
And that is the way it is so.
Dorian Petersen Potter

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