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Poems On / About MONEY  1/28/2015 4:13:13 PM
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Money vs human

Humans and money,
Is now related to each other,
As money is in their minds,
Anything could be done
To have them in their life.

is just a money,
something that is not worthy
than their love,
but why money can obsessed people
till family is not in their lines.....
And now as it is the time of money
even lover is not a trusted people
as money is in their head.....
anything could be done....
daniella diaz

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If I have money, then It's a problem, If I don't have money, then It's the biggest problem, Money talks, but when It does not talk, it means I don't have it or I smell it, It is a good servant, but It is a bad master at the same time, If I have money, then Everyone will respect me, If I don't have money, then No one will at me including My wife and my kids, Money is a big magician That can do the impossible To satisfy the possible, Without money, then all my life Will be in a big turmoil.

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Money palava

Owo, kwudi, ego and the name is endless
Everything we do is to get him to solve our needs
Money answereth all things
Many criticise this buddy as the root of all evil
But his absence is the root of more evil
a woman leaving his husband to marry money
a fellow killing another to make money
money, honey, no money monkey or dunkey
funny how cunny money can make you
betrayal like judas denial like others
money is worshipped by many a people
so the palava is not new it is as old as man
tochukwu nwankpa

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Money! Money! all around
all want money more
money rules our life now.

Money is the base of all virtues
Money makes friends and enemies
with money you get love of
If it's not, you worth nothing.

It make you great and people to flatter you.
love, respect. power all its
fetches you.
Satyendra Pratap singh

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Poems On / About MONEY