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Poems On / About MONEY  4/25/2015 2:45:20 PM
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Listen to what i have to say see our education system is going its own way no money for these public schools. Teachers dont make the rules their paychecks getting killed as days go on. Please tell me where this nation went wrong were traped like the soldiers at war in Iraq. I came to tell Arnold Im here to fight back. He took more money than was ever known like Bush he talks about things he doesnt know. The Terminator crushed us he send us so far down he took our money and with it he drowned. Lets make a voice to change lets conquer the money that went away.Dont forget we must pray
John Quincy

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A Pretty Test

God gives money not to keep it, but To test you with it, You say I made it, but God gives it to you to test you, Money is a big test for you Anytime, anywhere, and everywhere, It's your choice whether to save it, to give it, To spend it, or to give it to the poor, It's your money, but It's a great test to you, Money is a weapon in the Satan's hand, but You can beat that Satan if you do good things, It is lovely when invested in good projects, but It's a deadly weapon if invested in bad projects, Some people kneel down to this bad master, but It is a good servant if used wisely, It is sweet when given to the needy, but It is bad when available in the bad hands, and It is a pretty test If given or taken in good or bad hands.

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Money! !

Oh money!
Money, money, money! !
That day, oh money;
For how long should i wait for you to visit me?

Money rules and money is for power,
And the lack of money had made many to fall;
But the dead know nothing about you again.

Many have fallen due to the lack of money,
But my love is for the fish of the sea!
And to examine and observe the birds of the air;
But i am still waiting for my freedom on this earth.

My mind is with an idea and i want to express myself,
But to a world full of wars and less peace;
So what can i do without you oh money? !

The world is cast off and it is defiled,
And with dead men walking around us always to share with us;
But for how long should i wait for you oh money? ! !

Oh money, wher are you?
Where is your dwelling place so that i can visit you?
For i have to observe and examine you well when i do find you.
Edward Kofi Louis

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Money does buy what we need
money buys us shelter,
money keeps us alive with food an water
How would we survive with out money.

Well i don't know because money does not buy us everything
Has money bought you any love or has it broken love,
has money helped global warming stop or continue,
money has never bought me anything, nothing at all.

Yes, we all have to use money to survive but that doesn't mean it will help with life
I have heard that the poor are more generous.
we all fall but that doesn't mean that we can't get up,
We fall for a reason and there is a reason for you to get up you just need to find.

Money will not find this for you,
The only thing that can find this is yourself
money may buy us what we need
but money does not buy us life.
Julius Meierhofer

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