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Poems On / About MONEY  9/2/2014 11:39:18 AM
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Dollars dollars dollars dollars dollars dollars
Money is life money is life money is life.
Dollars make the world spin
Money creates the world money creates the world.
Carl The LLama

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Oh money-tree oh money-tree
Oh leprechaun were are thee
I only see mountains of unpaid bills
No extra's to satisfy my thrills

Oh money-tree oh money-tree
Oh wealthy man were are thee
I'm tired of my penny-road
I'll even kiss a ugly toad

In hope of fortune and a handsome prince
Oh money-tree...please...just a hint
Bojoura Stolz

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the root of evil

The root of all evil
Has me negatively
interacting with people

I can't figure out the reason
People are just soo greedy
And when it comes to money
Why are they soo needy

Its always the people who
Don't need it chasing it the most
Life is funny without money
You notice things you wouldnt
If you had money

People are brain washed
Thinking that pieces of paper
Can bring you life long forfillment
But Materials will never bring enjoyment

Money can't and won't buy
Or health

Only brings
And a negative situation

The bottom line is this
Money can't buy you happyness
The happyness starts within you
Jaycee Wilkerson

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M.O.E. (Money Over Everything)

I really could careless
about anyone or anything else
As long as I keep my head focused
I'm sure that I won't fail
They say money can't buy happiness
They say money can't buy love
this all may b true
But money will keep me off of
the streets
And its this reason I can't
get enough
I can trust money 2 do
what I want it 2
It's money that I can rely
on 2 get me through what I
want it 2
Apollo Chandler

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Poems On / About MONEY