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Best Poems About / On MONEY
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These days the world runs on money
People can’t live without it’s as sweet as honey
Money is a reason for stealing
Suddenly it makes money sound unappealing.

Some sports stars are way overpaid
We could use that money to come to poor people’s aid
Children in Africa are way underpaid
Making cotton and wool for minimum wage

For money some people would do crazy things
Like kill a poor chicken, fry and sell its wings
There are some people I call extreme thugs
Throwing away their lives making quick money selling drugs

Life in this generation is just about becoming rich and famous
When they go to school and act like an ignoramus
Some kids don’t go to school they prostitute themselves
To those people before them their life dissolves

For money some people even kill
This happens everywhere but a good example is Brazil
Remember money doesn’t make the world go round
It’s doing the right thing and knowing your safe and sound
Chizom Okpara

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Money For Life

Stand now with the understanding,
You need money for life.
Much money. Less money.
Money for living, or money for greed.

Money for greed, destroys
The beauty of the soul.
Money for living,
A cherished journey of life.

Get your act together,
Use money the right way,
Give of some to those in need.

Money for life, used right,
A treasure to the souls of humanity.
Winston Harding

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This Is All I Wanted To Say

Down the road of life people change a lot
Money makes them crazy thus causing a clot
Whenever i get this notion into my mind
I go red with anger and loose my shine

I don't understand why people do so
They run after money causing into woe
Acts for a good cause builds an image
Money is hell, not a pilgrimage

Money may bring us, a virtual delight
It brings pain when gets out of sight
One should earn only the required
If earned more, you are a liar

Money is something that makes us greedy
Honey remains nowhere and life becomes heavy
If i understand this, then why not you?
Make life stable don't let it sway

With money in hand, there can be a taste
Without our dear-one's life is a waste
Living for money is not completely bad
Going just for it, is the biggest trap

Don't be money minded and get vexed
Follow the route where everything is zest
Don't let money drag you by its way
This is all that i wanted to say!
Kishor Pathak

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$$$$ and Some Change

Teasing the populace
A few in the acropolis lean back and forth
To a new opulent apocalypse
Profit margins monstrous
Changes lives to hieroglyphs
And knowledge sits in a store
At half price in obelisks
When you buy a novelist a silver spoon or a fork

-If it used to be familiar but now looks so strange
It’s just a side effect of money and some change

Money is a gossip kit
Its essence has a presence that screams
With glee while remaining ominous
Keeps the poor anonymous
Makes and breaks the politics
In any scene you can dream
It’s waiting on new hostages
Colored pink, purple, mellow yellow, blue or green

-If it used to be familiar but now looks so strange
It’s just a side effect of money and some change

Money finds new relatives
Money boosts the memory
Money heightens sensory
Money is a sedative
Money makes good company
Money lives so comfortably
Never gives and never needs any kind of reason
Never free but always free in and out of every season
P.R. Prosper

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