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Poems On / About MONEY  7/28/2014 9:33:58 PM
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Like Society No Me No Like Society
Society Deal With Partiality
Society No LIke All A WE
It Only Like Who Inda Dem Friend and Family
CAter Fe De Rich and Not De Poor And Needy
De No Memba Sah Poor People Haffi Feed Dem Pickney
And It Cost Poor People Three Times Dailey
So what About Poor What About Poverty

De Put Nanny Pan De Money
Dem Put Manley Pan De Money
DEm Put Shara Pan De Money It Cant Satisfy We needs
De Money Too Small Fe we

Pickney Fe Go A School Parents No Have No Money
Not To Mention School
Book School BAg And Kakey
Society want We Live and Dead Ina Poverty
A It MMeck ME sah ME No Like Society
Nerica Cherrington

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the root of evil

The root of all evil
Has me negatively
interacting with people

I can't figure out the reason
People are just soo greedy
And when it comes to money
Why are they soo needy

Its always the people who
Don't need it chasing it the most
Life is funny without money
You notice things you wouldnt
If you had money

People are brain washed
Thinking that pieces of paper
Can bring you life long forfillment
But Materials will never bring enjoyment

Money can't and won't buy
Or health

Only brings
And a negative situation

The bottom line is this
Money can't buy you happyness
The happyness starts within you
Jaycee Wilkerson

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Quatrain #267 - Money can't buy one love because.......

Money can't buy one love because love is greater than money
yet money can help one find love which is sweeter than honey.
Money isn't everything but, in this world we find, it sure goes a long way;
love of money is wrong and, unless used to help others, doesn't really pay.
George Krokos

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Money Money Funny

I do not believe in money
I believe not in money money funny
the misuse of money so ugly

I do not believe in money
I believe in people
the gifts of certain people

I believe in people of dreams
people of pure passion dreams
lived with intensity beautiful souls

I believe in artistic passion people
who quit patchworks creative contrasts
who gift minds eye beautiful melodies

Copyright Terence George Craddock
Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

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