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Best Poems About / On MONEY
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$$$$ and Some Change

Teasing the populace
A few in the acropolis lean back and forth
To a new opulent apocalypse
Profit margins monstrous
Changes lives to hieroglyphs
And knowledge sits in a store
At half price in obelisks
When you buy a novelist a silver spoon or a fork

-If it used to be familiar but now looks so strange
It’s just a side effect of money and some change

Money is a gossip kit
Its essence has a presence that screams
With glee while remaining ominous
Keeps the poor anonymous
Makes and breaks the politics
In any scene you can dream
It’s waiting on new hostages
Colored pink, purple, mellow yellow, blue or green

-If it used to be familiar but now looks so strange
It’s just a side effect of money and some change

Money finds new relatives
Money boosts the memory
Money heightens sensory
Money is a sedative
Money makes good company
Money lives so comfortably
Never gives and never needs any kind of reason
Never free but always free in and out of every season
P.R. Prosper

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On Money

The praises of moneyed people many like to sing
And though money is quite important it cannot buy everything
Those with very poor health money cannot enjoy
That is something I learned as a very young boy
The great lure of money so many pursue
And that money speaks every language happens to be true
But the Reaper with his scythe any life does not spare
The Reaper of lives does claim the life of the billionaire
And though money can buy one friends as well as esteem
Money cannot buy one happiness or so it does seem
Though lack of money too can make one unhappy and as everyone know
That money on bushes and trees does not grow
And though money of course can buy one a good time
Lack of it can lead one to jail the price of serious crime.
Francis Duggan

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And about money

There is a paper that sometimes acts the rule of the blood's brother, its name is money
Money, the thing that makes the humans to work hard and harder, it's as sweet as honey
The laws of the creation is unchangeable,
But what makes some people to think that they can change the rules with money?
Some people even let the rivers of their eyes to move, only because of that paper,
And these rivers make the seas of fake power and fake joys, my God, what is this money?
A graceful life with that paper, a life full of happiness
But we don't know everything about the money
This phenomenon can help the people who are sinking in poverty and disgrace,
But the question is: who will donate them the require money?
This thing sometimes can't really help,
Real love and spirituality can't bring with money
But people can do lots of things with that wealth,
There are thousands of people whose house have been destroyed by this money
Can it make the people to really love each other?
Or we should ask: please don't make the humans so pride, o' money!
Ellias Anderson C.A ( Known as captain A)

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Wisdom on Money

Up on a mountain I asked a sage
To speak to me about money and he said:

Money: that tainted thing?
One says, "It's everything! "
Another says, "It isn't everything! "
For the poor, "It's a blessing! "
For the rich, "It's a trapping! "

The greed for money is evil
The corrupted sell their souls to the devil!
Money is made by some fools
For some money make them fools!
Money could be of great value
Owner may not have character or values
For some money talks
For some debts stalk
You could work hard for salary
Meanwhile lose your precious family
You could work hard to amass wealth
But you can't buy health!
Poor health can be costly
Meanwhile doctors become wealthy
Good brains may not have lots of money
Some wealthy, but do not good brains!
With money self-importance is misplaced
Without money you become displaced!
You may stretch your money
But snaps when you don't have any!
Some with what they have, manage out
Others get a heart attack when money runs out!
You can be rich and famous
But not find happiness!

Money could buy you a wife
Money and woman get married for life
She could walk out when there is strive
A woman looks for a man with a strong will
In her favour, wants a written will!
Love thrives when there's money for expenses
But love strives when are debts and losses
A woman could own shoes, a thousand pairs,
But her feet could, at any one time, wear only a pair
Money can buy an expensive apartment
But cannot buy a home with contentment
Money can buy lots of presents
But not the love from children
Money can buy lots of roses
Yet end up as love losers

Pausing, the sage continued
As my eyes on him was glued:

Money can't buy friends
Only acquaintances!
Money must be your servant
Never a servant of money!

Sitting at the feet of this saint of a man
With joy in my heart I left as a wiser man

Paul Sebastian

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