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Poems On / About MONEY  5/27/2016 3:27:37 AM
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Money Is Most Important

At the top of people's new year's wish list you won't find poverty
For money speaks every language as most would agree
A lack of money in people causes low self esteem
Money is the most important thing to most it does seem
Yes money is the most important thing
The praises of a pauper you will not hear one sing
Music, song and dance may be food of the soul
But people with plenty of money of power have control
And of the World that we live in it does seem sad to say
That money speaks every language in the World of today
Yes money to many it does matter most
To a pauper anyone does not drink a toast
And you will not find many to embrace poverty
Money is most important as most would agree.
Francis Duggan

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The One With Heaps Of Money

The one with heaps of money his or her friends in numbers grow
And the pauper is the person only the kind of heart wishes to know
And money speaks more of one than words can ever do
And if you are short of money I can only pity you,
That money speaks every language is something you ought not doubt
And those who battle to survive know what the hard life's about,
It is a necessity of life despite what some do say
That's why people to earn money go to work every day
In the poor suburb of the city where poverty is rife
The poorest and the homeless live a miserable life
If they had heaps of money how different life for them would be
That money is most important no need for to tell me,
Why paupers do have few friends no need to wonder why
And those with heaps of money their friends in numbers multiply.
Francis Duggan

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A Disappointing Year

(a la Alex Jones!)

Everything is a lie and a cheat
And a steal.
America is (no more) honorable.
Proud to be an American? My xss!
Come off it! Where it's at is profitable.

Money, money, money, money. Crass!
All relationships are now a deal!
Money, money, money, money,
Alcohol or grass!
Demoralizing is what we see as real.

As Americans we're starting to see to fight
What must be fought to return to our birthright.
warner treuter

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The Costly Scientific Research (Opinion) !

I myself am a science teacher, but the indiscreet way billions of dollars of money being spent for the 'sense of achievement' of some intellectuals and contribution anything significant to knowledge is not advisable.

The social responsibility comes here because the public money is used for this. And nowadays science and supporting science (even by people who do not know anything about scientific knowledge and ways of doing science and research) has become a fashion.

All these days scientists and intellectuals were doing research with pen and paper mostly. But now a days no scientific research can be done without costly sophisticated machines.
Many times I wonder why we must know the big bang things, Higgs boson, or space research like probing universe and it contents at all since they involve trillions of dollars of money and do not throw any further useful light on phenomenon.
Also trying to know about initial stages of evolution is not necessary now and can wait to be probed and there is a big gap (trillions of years) between big bang (which appears to me a mythological story than a scientific theory) and pre-biotic evolution. No definite answers can be given for these.

The knowledge we are gaining by these exorbitantly costly experiments is not in proportion to huge amounts of money being expended. So only all this attention. Else who cares who is doing what or its usefulness?
We must also be remembering that there was star wars program - to wage wars in and for the control of outer space. There are many multi-billioners who want cities to be built in outer space and they want to live in them. You can understand the insensitivity of these 'rich' persons.

And from where this money is coming? From the natural resources available in under-developed and developing countries. This inhuman nature is despicable.
Time has come to audit the necessity of the monies given to scientists and what is the use of the research they are doing. Else lots of money will be wasted like these missions.

As a researcher in science I can assure that 95% of this research is not useful to contribute to the advancement in knowledge. Only technological research is useful. Rest of the research even if stopped, we lose nothing.
A debate has to be started on this topic: the relevance and use of scientific research in the advancement of knowledge and the money spent.
Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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