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Poems On / About MONEY  12/18/2014 6:28:24 PM
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Best Poems About / On MONEY
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Dollar, Euro, Pound, Yen, Dinar or Rupee currencies,
Money passion drives one deep even into the abyss!
Money passion never stops even the sea shrinks to nil
And ends not even camel goes through the eye of needle!

No one can fight in the court to win justice without money;
No one can run politics and win in election without money;
No one can get educated to live quality life without money;
No one can live life as wished in the world without money!

What is God – love or truth or justice or power or money?
Many opt for money as with money only everything is done!
Without money there is nothing in this material world;
Without spiritual grace there is no place in the other world!

As in God everything is contained in money in this world
Why there is so much passion for money let the futures tell!
But just way is first one should earn name by one’s work skill
And by perfection achieve position, power, fame and money!
Ramesh T A

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Madam Jane

Money meks us bonny,
Money meks us glad;
Be she auld or ugly,
Money brings a lad.
When I'd ne'er a penny,
De'il a lad hed I--
Pointin ay at Jenny,
Laughin they flew by.

Money causes flatt'ry,
Money meks us vain;
Money changes aw things--
Now I'm Madam Jane.
Sen auld Robby left me
Houses, fields, nit few.
Lads thrang round i' clusters,
I'm a beauty now!

Money meks us merry,
Money meks us bra;
Money gets us sweethearts--
That's the best of a'!
I ha'e fat and slender,
I ha'e shwort and taw;
I ha'e rake and miser--
I despise them aw!

Money they're aw seeking,
Money they's git neane;
Money sends them sneaking
Efter Madam Jane!
There's ane puir and bashfu',
I ha'e i' my e'e;
He's git han and siller,
Gin he fancies me.
Money meks us bonny, &c.
Robert Anderson

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Love Poem-10

Honey … honey … I have money.
Enjoy the life is my only destiny.
Come on enjoy the life with me
Come on enjoy the life with me
Honey … honey … I have money.

Let’s go for a long-drive.
There, where is no tribe.
You me and the money
Let’s enjoy oh my Honey.

I have money … I have Brothers
I have money … I have Sisters
I have money … I have a Family
I have money … I have friends
I have money … So no relation ends
I have money … So worshiped daily
Honey … Honey … I have Money.
Enjoy the life is my only destiny.

Ask your daddy, ask your mummy.
Say, I am having enough money.
They will make you free.
As if they find a money tree.

Let me tell you I am also a human.
I am rich but not a superman.
I too have feelings and can’t stay alone.
All relations are fake you are true.
With you I feel the feeling of coffee BRU.
If doubt, ask to my mussel, Blood and Bone.
Honey … Honey … You are my money.
You are my path and you are my destiny.
Devraj Harikrishna

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An environment full of segregation
Divided into races and groups
The poor, the rich, the sick,
The black, the white
Children, adults, parents, men and
Women all fall in one category
Which is human

but grow In different branches when it
Comes to wealth

Some are already at the top
While others are still hiking
The ones at the bottom
Are the ones receiving
The left over's

MONEY! A paper in different
Colors mostly green but
Can give a red light to
Success in an empty pocket
Money plugged into the
Earths socket for now its
Electrifying earths circuit

Money is killing our oxygen
Through trees but no body
Cares because they want to
Pay there Childs school fees
Money now has a voice
As we all say money talks and
Bull shit walks

Money is taking over earth
Just like bad is taking over
Good we have no choice
We cant fight against it
Because it fulfills our needs
And grants our pleads
Money is in our dosage
It's a drug we are addicted to
Without money we cant live to be honest
Money is a thief it stole earths peace
And now its living it in peaces we give it
Kisses showing it love while our fellow friends
In homes are hating to starve

Money is taking over earth it's our child
We cant kill it because we gave birth to it
But look our own child is hurting us
Money is: killing, hurting, and damaging human and earth
Don't blame yourself if you are living in shame its money
Money is an error
Atlay Mwenifumbo

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