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Poems On / About MONEY  11/29/2015 4:32:18 AM
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No Money But Soul

Power to make money
Is the act of Satan.
If one's love
Is to extract money
Is it true love!

I know not
What you think
About money
I think money is
Not honey
Money is funny
Money is not mine.

Money is most dangerous
It has not eye no ear
No heart no chart
But without money
You will not find any
As your friend kith and kin
Wife is first who make you clean.
gajanan mishra

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The Things That We Tend To Ignore

'Tis said that money makes more money and 'tis also said that much wants more
But the things in our lives that most matter are the things that we tend to ignore
Such as happiness, joy and contentment these are the things money can't buy
Though money in life is important and it's value how can one deny.

He's a millionaire forty times over and he is one who has it made
And he rakes in large sums of money and he knows the tricks of the trade
But in his heart he doesn't feel happy and in ways he feels quite insecure
And the one who is seen as successful you might say is mentally poor.

For his teenage son and daughter he's bought two new computers and he's bought a new merc for his wife
But he is a man without laughter and something is missing in his life
Still his money can't buy him what he's missing for to be locked in a safe in the wall
For happiness cannot be purchased and it is the best gift of all.

Success it can be gauged by money one might say that we've heard that before
But that money in life is important is a thing we ought not to ignore
Still the one paid for to sing not as happy as the one who for happiness sing
And there is so much truth in the saying that in life 'we can't have everything'.
Francis Duggan

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Money walks
Money screams a piercing scream

Money likes to show off
Money buys wine
Money offers to pay
But not out of kindness

Money Money Money
Walks through the door
Jack Jack Jack
Walks through the door

'Old Chap'
'Old Chum'
Shirty types
Comments the barman
Megan Haskins

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Money Is Everything

Money is everything,
Only through money
virtuous actions can
be possible.

Money gives status
and position.
Money begets
respect and honour.

Money is just a means
And not everything,
gajanan mishra

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