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Oh money-tree oh money-tree
Oh leprechaun were are thee
I only see mountains of unpaid bills
No extra's to satisfy my thrills

Oh money-tree oh money-tree
Oh wealthy man were are thee
I'm tired of my penny-road
I'll even kiss a ugly toad

In hope of fortune and a handsome prince
Oh money-tree...please...just a hint
Bojoura Stolz

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I want money,
He wants money,
And as I know every one wants money by hook and crook.
Then question arises who will stop the people from corruption?
Lok Pal, or may be others.
If Lok Pal will be corrupt then who will be next to stop Lok Pal from corruption?
I think that the power and the role of money must be checked in the society.
Stop the people from accumulating money beyond the limit
And limit must be decided as per ideal needs.
vijay gupta

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“lives” Are Priceless

Believe it, humans cost money, they’re profits, and lives aren’t


“It costs to be born, ”
“It costs to live, ”
“It costs to die.”

In the agriculture industry, money comes before being fed.

In the fashion industry, money comes before being clothed.

In the real estate industry, money comes before being sheltered.

In the business industry, money comes before doing without needs.

In the health industry, money comes before saving lives.

In the funeral industry, money comes before burying a life.

Money is the main human sacrifice and those celebrities are the public example; the dramas and appraisers surrounding their lives are preyed upon by tabloids that make earnings about their publicity:

Their charity work, it’s worth bronze.
Their childhood, it’s worth silver.
Adultery exposure, nude images, drugs, DUI, etc. it’s worth gold.
Death or prison sentence, a pandemonium, that’s worth platinum!

Coming into this world you’re paying a price, but what will happen if people can’t afford to buy anymore? Nah, that wouldn’t happen—it’s always will or a way, and even with the different birth control life can’t be eliminated.
Francee Bouvenir

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Where’s Your Treasure?

Money and wealth my friend, in this life shall come to an end,
While you are here upon this earth, what in life has true worth?
For we deal with money and God, while upon this earthly sod,
I may serve money in stealth, but can’t serve God and wealth.

We may use money for our need, but money isn’t guaranteed,
Our money may not be assured, but, I can count on The Lord,
In a world not sound or sure, only God in this life shall endure,
When it comes to money and God, we are led by Christ’s rod.

In heaven treasure’s to be stored, as we serve an Eternal Lord,
For treasure on earth will not last, as this time soon shall pass,
But the next life is forever, so in heaven, must be our treasure,
So, the question for your life, will it be money or Jesus Christ?

The eye, as the lamp of the body, affects how I spiritually see,
Does it show darkness or light, in a world when wrong is right?
Are we pursuing righteousness, or mislead by some darkness?
Is your eye spiritually healthy, taking God, over being wealthy?

I can’t serve mammon and God, for only He deserves my nod,
My heart’s desire to serve Him, in world that is affected by sin;
What are you storing up friend; where’s the treasure in the end?
What is your heart’s true desire, earthly treasure, or one higher?

(Copyright ©02/2014)
Bob Gotti

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