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Best Poems About / On MONEY
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Desire For Money

Desire for Money
by Mohamed Fazloon

Stop the desire for money,
Some say; no money.no honey,
Don't you think it's funny?
People even buy status,
But if you are educated
you will have both money and status;
Come on, It's not so complicated,
Sometimes people are killed only for money,
Money will never buy love,
Can disappear even now;
Money is used as a weapon,
For 'Underworld' people to defend;
Some spend money without a reason,
Others spend during the season;
Earning money is hard,
Spending money easy and sad,
Our satisfaction will always banal;
Let's hope forbearance,
Deal money with importance,

Written on 06-06-96

http: //www.poetry.com/users/163252-Mohamed%20Fazloon

All rights reserved © 1996 by Mohamed Fazloon
Mohamed Fazloon

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Is Money Your Prayer?

Money does not like those
who are lavish and careless,
the more tightly they clutch it
the more swiftly it keeps vanishing
from their hands;
money loves the rich man's house
it helps him to adorn every wall and hall
with decor and grandeur,
it favors him with elite guests
when expensive wines flow from his cellars
and rich food is laid on his dinner tables
as parties, fun and frolic spirals constant joy
in the lives of those who are rich and the famous.
But the true glitter of money
only the poor man knows
for it shines and sparkles before his eyes
yet it never fills his coffer
as millionaires prefer to feed dogs
better than beggars;
money in all its magnificence
respects those who value it
and hibernates in the coat pockets
of those who hide it and fear to spend it;
money stays safely and securely
in the accounts of those who preserve it
and treasure it;
money does not like extravagance
though it does not repel expenses,
money helps you buy
every need or necessity
however huge or small it may be;
money the reward when properly earned,
money the sin when from another stolen;
money the force, money the weakness
when women fall prey to its offer
and when men fall caprice to its action
as even at Grand Prix they race
against the safety of their own survival;
money the prayer in every temple
as men murmur seeking prosperity
with their lips chanting and imploring God
to give them money and more money;
money the source of determination
as every morning it awakens men
to go work and earn their livelihood.
Money the inspiration
money the language
money the medium
but when you die and go
all that money can buy you
is your wooden box and an obituary;
money in all its turbulence
never fails to keep hearts
breathing and beating;
yet it cannot hold back the eyes
from closing permanently
when death summons men
to surrender to the Will of God.
Bernedita Rosinha Pinto

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Nigerians Where Is Our Money?

Nigerians where is our
Our money,
Our means of livelihood is no
where to be found within
our reach and the knights
still pumping it like petrol
Maybe, perhaps, they have
filling stations of money in
their secured mansions out-there
But we minors! are crying scarcity
of money which is more like petrol
scarcity during Yuletide season
Oh no! why is money drained and
nothing has been executed in the
gallery of change agendas?
Nigerian where is our money?
Workers have worked and no pay
yet no money to circulate
Everywhere seems like the lonely
land raped with doom
Where is our money before it is
jetted out to unknown destination?
Our money not your money for God's sake!
Please release our money from the prison
of scarcity so that we can enjoy life
before we die in an empty stomach.
Chinweokwu Sunlight M. Ndubuisih

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Money Makes The World Go Round.

Honesty becomes corruption
Loyalty is near it extinction
Though peculiar it may sound
Money makes the world go round.

People’s happiness is now money
Truthfulness seems a joke so funny
Many examples you’ll find around
Money makes the world go round.

Now jobs depend totally on salaries
Artistic halls are now empty galleries
Many witnesses can be found
Money makes the world go round.

Money! Money! Leads to crimes
Happy moments turn to sorrowful times
But bad deeds are bound to rebound
Money makes the world go round.

Hard work leads to true success
Hardworking never face this silly mess
Money makes the world go round.
-Tanvi Rattan
Tanvi Rattan

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