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Best Poems About / On MONEY
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Everyone needs money at some point of time.
Sometimes people get money and forget where they come from.
What they don't realize is that money can help you and hurt you.
You can have all the money in the world, but that doesn't mean your happy.
Some people will harm eachother over money.
Some people forget that money is the root of all evil.
If given a choice between money and happiness ask yourself which one would you choose.
Bryson Garrett

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# all about money

nothing comes free..here
everything is tagged
excepting life...strange
life given to us not tagged
the days and nights given
are not tagged even
even then....
day in and day out
i am all out
searching ways and means
to make my money...
i do not pay any money
for the sun and breeze
god in nature an absolute giver
praying for wealth and prosperity
praying for money...money..and more money...to god
i feel will get us not even a penny

when you send your kid on a trip away
you will give him money to spend on the way
we were sent here without a penny
when i return as dead stock one day
worldly wise kith and kin of my
send me with a penny on my forehead
just a penny?
is that what i was worth...or
is that the way fare to hell or heaven
just a penny?

Samanyan Lakshminarayanan

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Herbie The Hermit

Herbie the hermit lived alone
because he felt he needed no one.
He lived his life meagrely
and saved his money frugally.
As the money grew in his bank account,
he began to wonder whom was he going to leave his money to.

Each day the question plagued him
and no answer came his way.
Then one day he met someone
who was much poorer than he.
He lived on the streets, as it was the only life he knew.
He would give his money to him.

However, the man did not want his money,
explaining that he had many friends
worth more than his money could buy.
They are there for me
when I’m down and blue,
picking me up again,
which is more than your money can do.

9-12 December 2010
David Harris

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Is Money Worth Having?

This is a fast and competitive world,
Where the time is money
And the man is in hurry,
Oh, mad man, money is an awful bane,
You’d know that if you weren’t insane.

But alas, it is too late today,
And money if the feeling, the dwelling and the healing,
The love, the friendship,
The life of a man.

Today the progress of your life depends
Upon the way you interact when
You have nothing at all,
And the way you manage,
When you have ‘money and all’,
People say so while I don’t believe it.

The life depends much more on the heart!
A heart and only a beautiful heart,
Where feelings can live,
And love can prevail,
And no amount of money,
Can be dominating there.

A place where no rich or poor exist,
Where money would rust and be valueless there,
I want the world to be brought over there,
And make them LIVE their life, their way,
And not be slaves of MONEY for the day.
Rajat Joshi

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