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Poems On / About MONEY  3/4/2015 12:45:54 PM
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Best Poems About / On MONEY
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What is money?
Is it honey?
As today people are allured towards it
as bees are attracted towards honey
Money is something today which everyone
wants to grab
But sometimes when mode of earning is wrong
very easily gets trapped.

Money can buy books
But not knowledge and intuition
Achieving it needs great
reformation and revolution
Money can buy costly medicines
But not this precious life
As it is decided by heavenly God
till when on this earth we survive.

Money can buy branded clothes
And fill our designer wardrobes
But cannot soften the heart of our foes
Money can buy artificial oxygen
But not the late rainy season.
Money is everything for few people
For them honesty is something
regarded illegal.

Money can buy high class air tickets
But not morals and etiquette
India is in 21st century
People are running after money
Which sometimes brings agony
When relations are not given same preference
as given to money.

Money can buy a big ladder
But not steps of success
For that first good virtues a man must possess
Money should also be considered
a weapon of morality
Try to donate a bit
to orphanage and charity.

Try to control immense materialistic necessity
And divert a little towards spirituality
And maintain money's utility
As it is earned by great
hard work, honesty and ability
And live in this beautiful world
With peace, harmony and community.
Pragya Bajpai

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Chop Money

Nigeria, Chop-Money, too much of Chop-Money
We are so rich, yet so poor
because everybody wants to Chop-Money
anyway, anyhow, no one really cares.

See the Politician, Chop-Money,
kills the innocent for his sacrifice
according to babalawo’s counsel,
campaigning, proclaiming love for country
Na lie, he is after the national reserves.

Policeman, Chop-Money,
always on duty, only at night,
trotting a rifle and his torchlight,
pay 20 naira – no either-or,
if you don’t want to find his trouble.

Federal Ministry of…., also Chop-Money
years upon years, their retirees are on ‘pension-processing’
Query upon query, no progressing,
but ‘see the secretary’ and see a miracle happen
give what they want and get what you want.

Bank attendant also Chop-Money:
‘sorry, you can’t withdraw this week,
our computer is out of order’
before leaving the bank, count your cash three times,
one-sided currencies, flowing like rain.

Bus driver and conductor, professional Chop-Money,
beware, you might be short-changed.
Worse is they say you never paid,
‘see me see trouble, early in the morning’
before you sort it out, you’re late for work.

Salesman, Chop-Money,
ask the price and he’ll assess you from head to toe,
the real price: divide what he says by three
see his mouth like fifty-naira,
looking to make 200 percent profit,
and he just calls it business.

Association here and there, Chop-Money,
they are just after your membership fee,
then they’ll give you seminars about the past,
welfare group here or there, all Chop-Money
forget it, they don’t care about you.

Wherever you go, it’s all Chop-Money,
for some, it’s written on their faces,
and others are betrayed by their talk,
some others still cover with various motives.
Where can I find a Nigerian, not Chop-Money
seeking a simple lifestyle with things just enough,
seeking knowledge, beholding a future bright,
someone who would want to make a difference,
to leave clear footprints for others to put their feet,
where is he, where is she, honest and true.
If you think you are one, then you are my friend.

author: Tokunbo Ajewole, March 04,2003
Ayotokunbo Ajewole

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Madam Jane

Money meks us bonny,
Money meks us glad;
Be she auld or ugly,
Money brings a lad.
When I'd ne'er a penny,
De'il a lad hed I--
Pointin ay at Jenny,
Laughin they flew by.

Money causes flatt'ry,
Money meks us vain;
Money changes aw things--
Now I'm Madam Jane.
Sen auld Robby left me
Houses, fields, nit few.
Lads thrang round i' clusters,
I'm a beauty now!

Money meks us merry,
Money meks us bra;
Money gets us sweethearts--
That's the best of a'!
I ha'e fat and slender,
I ha'e shwort and taw;
I ha'e rake and miser--
I despise them aw!

Money they're aw seeking,
Money they's git neane;
Money sends them sneaking
Efter Madam Jane!
There's ane puir and bashfu',
I ha'e i' my e'e;
He's git han and siller,
Gin he fancies me.
Money meks us bonny, &c.
Robert Anderson

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Love Poem-10

Honey … honey … I have money.
Enjoy the life is my only destiny.
Come on enjoy the life with me
Come on enjoy the life with me
Honey … honey … I have money.

Let’s go for a long-drive.
There, where is no tribe.
You me and the money
Let’s enjoy oh my Honey.

I have money … I have Brothers
I have money … I have Sisters
I have money … I have a Family
I have money … I have friends
I have money … So no relation ends
I have money … So worshiped daily
Honey … Honey … I have Money.
Enjoy the life is my only destiny.

Ask your daddy, ask your mummy.
Say, I am having enough money.
They will make you free.
As if they find a money tree.

Let me tell you I am also a human.
I am rich but not a superman.
I too have feelings and can’t stay alone.
All relations are fake you are true.
With you I feel the feeling of coffee BRU.
If doubt, ask to my mussel, Blood and Bone.
Honey … Honey … You are my money.
You are my path and you are my destiny.
Devraj Harikrishna

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