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Poems On / About MONEY  10/20/2014 8:01:42 AM
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Rich and Poor

Money brings problems to the wealthy and the poor
Money causes conflict that often leads to war
Money ruins families that can barley afford to eat
Working every night and day just to make ends meet
Money is still desired how ever great your wealth
Power and greed take control and corrupt your inner self
Needed for survival across the world in every place
Soon as you leave school get set to join the paper chase
Money is the path to deception, cheating and enmity
So watch that your arrogance wont make hell your final destiny
To believe your better or more important than any body else
Is an major fault in any man that is bought on by wealth
Money separates the rich and the poor
But when your times up money is no more
nic hillen

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A College Going Daughter's Prayer

Lord put money in my bank
And I shall call and earnestly thank
Ma who pestered Pa to bend
To her whims and bitterly end
The fight for money in my bank.....

Ma has told him it is less
What she calls the daughter's cess
For panties, knickers and monthly chum
Things so dear they hardly come
With the money in my bank........

My account should always overflow
And on my face there be a glow
I can then, dream to start
To fulfill the desires of my heart
With the money in my bank......

My sisters' told them I am down
With a viral that's profound
I am ill and need to eat
Medicines, cherries, grapes and sweets
With the money in my bank.....

Send me Lord some pleasing news
Of good money I can use
I shall end to feign and faint
Then douse the town in crimson paint
With the money in my bank

Ravinder Malhotra

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On the wall of Facebook of uncertainty
your blog is written-
A Street that swirls to Capitalism.
What to occupy?
Anarchy, Crash, War, or a History?
JP Morgan, Daniel Drew, Jay Gould or the WTO?

Prairie farmers, urban workers middle sizes traders
denounced 'Money Trust';
ultimately trusted money.
Progressive Reformers charged the 'Devil Fish'
degrading democracy;
finally joined to loot the other people's money.
Working -class socialists welcomed the money street
as a transit route toward collective ownership;
now distrusted.

It is not a Chinese wall-street
that encircled the capital
It is an American firewall that
engulfed the world in Seattle.
War came war went Wall Street is high
Capital comes Capital goes
No one can still occupy.
Because Money is Honey, Money is moral
Money can not die
Protest comes and protest goes
Wall Street erects high.
vidyut chakraborty

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I am pissed off

So they planned a reunion
a gathering of friends
a reminiscing of the past
a recollection of who we
once were
wild and carefree
in those
days revolutionaries
burning night candles
immersing trembling feet on the water
just to keep
eyes waking
and then making most of the hay
on those
sun shining days of our lives

and now
earning money
more and more money
still honestly

i want to come and be a part of
all of you
rags turning to riches
fools becoming wise
poor to rich guy
children of the farm to
executives in the

but i finally got pissed off
when this reunion turns out nothing
but another fund raising
to a fraudulent scheme
(to a certain extend i supposed)

i am telling you
money is always suspicious
and big fortunes have always
crimes behind them

do not tell me that money too
can root out evil
contrary to the common belief
that money is the root of
all evil

shall we debate it, my friend?
hand me the money, so much money, and i will tell you
how i become changed

I am not that kind
who shall bid for the highest donation
and then impress everyone
that i am making good in my present life
and that
i am paying back for all my crimes


don't say anything
i am not done yet.

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