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Song of Money

I had to pay one thing and another taxes
and debts and the cable television bill
the city was always too spread out for me

I didn't have the time to pay it all if I were a millionaire
I would hire a delivery service with a courier
but I have to go in person to the banks and offices

I didn't make it to the teller on time and had to wait
until the following day the following days multiplying
exponentially I don't know what this could mean

Money money that dirty and obsessive thing or dirty
because it's obsessive and above all because it's lacking
or lacking altogether or lacking in the desired amounts

There is an odd relationship between money and desire
and need I won't be the one to examine this in depth
these questions that should interest the Professors no end

A Peruvian writer used to say that money
does not produce happiness but rather produces
a state so similar it's hard to tell the difference

I guess that's a pretty good joke but money
is the 'nerve of war' the most bloodthirsty abstraction
the most powerful weapon the conclusive argument

I write poems so that among other reasons I don't have to
sing songs to money but as you all can see up there at the top
it says Song of Money it was bound to happen sooner or later
surya raman

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I Will Take The Money

In assets quite poor with little cash to my name
I will take the money you can have the fame
Your fame it will not buy you a loaf of bread
No you have the fame I'll have money instead
Your money speaks more of you as it does seem
Than fame or it's sibling known as high esteem
With money as such they cannot hope to compare
This simple truth with you I only do share
Few things money cannot buy that much we do know
And on bushes and trees money it does not grow
In life it is quite important it does seem that way
And it does speak every language as some are known to say
Perhaps I may sound greedy for that me do not blame
When I say I will take the money you can have the fame.
Francis Duggan

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'Tis In The Power Of Money

'Tis in the power of money real fame is to be found
And money is always involved where corruption abound
And corruption and human greed to each other live nearby
And why some people are corrupt this could be the answer why
Some will tell you that money is their nearest and dearest friend
And it is because of money that many friendships are known to end
And many with lots of money seem to have a crave for more
This year they have made two million in profit next year they aim for four
The lust for paper currency to everyone does not apply
But that money speaks every language is something that none can deny
Those with it are looked up to and those without it on are looked down
And who would wish for to be known as the pauper of the town
'Tis the lust for money that leads to corruption through greed
And those with plenty of it looked up to as those who in life succeed.
Francis Duggan

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# all about money

nothing comes free..here
everything is tagged
excepting life...strange
life given to us not tagged
the days and nights given
are not tagged even
even then....
day in and day out
i am all out
searching ways and means
to make my money...
i do not pay any money
for the sun and breeze
god in nature an absolute giver
praying for wealth and prosperity
praying for money...money..and more money...to god
i feel will get us not even a penny

when you send your kid on a trip away
you will give him money to spend on the way
we were sent here without a penny
when i return as dead stock one day
worldly wise kith and kin of my
send me with a penny on my forehead
just a penny?
is that what i was worth...or
is that the way fare to hell or heaven
just a penny?

Samanyan Lakshminarayanan

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