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Poems On / About MONEY  8/29/2015 4:19:58 AM
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A Dream Job Or Money?

Doing interesting job is the desire of many;
But getting a dream job is a coxcomb ever!
Money has become the token for everything;
Work of any kind is decided by money value;
Calculating money only everything is planned
Whether it is education or job or any matter!
How can this attitude of men be changed ever?

Satisfying job or money? That is the question!
Many cannot say why they study the course or
Why they do the job of their interest or not ever!
For, they are not clear in vision, plan and execution.
Monotony, dissatisfaction and nightmare come soon
For many who go for money only from first to last!
Only for money attitude will land in disappointment!
Ramesh T A

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Begging Public For Money

Seeing a billboard bragging about gaming in Arizona,
contributing thirty-eight million dollars to
education here in our state.
Why then all the over-rides trying to get money
from the taxpayers?
Why are all the crying, whining politicians asking
us for more money for education?
We the sleeping tigers, the moral majority have
seen the discrepancy and will no longer dump our
hard-earned money into an education system that
has plenty of money.
Politicians and city council are so corrupt that
they keep the money for themselves and let the
children go without the money supposed to be spent
on their education?
RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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The More I Worry About Money


The more I worry about money
The more I worry about money-
Life has to change
I have to do something to earn some money
I am already too old for most things
I perhaps can be a caregiver again
A minimum salary for too much time lost-

The more I worry about money
The more I know I must do something
What will I do?
I will write a poem about worrying about money
And maybe perhaps after I have delayed it as long as possible
Go again to work long hours for a minimal sum
Shalom Freedman

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Money, what is the meaning of money?
A magic stick to achieve your dreams
A lethal weapon to defeat your enemies
A light makes your foggy day sunny
A fake laugh which makes you funny
A master key that opens all the doors
A constitution that makes the wolf rules
It is how few people can bowed so many

Money is a double edged weapon
It can makes you so happy
It can makes you grief-stricken
So you need wisdom with money
with money you can be the worst man
with money you can be a great human
Omar Eldamsheety

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