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Money Does Speak All Languages

Money does speak all languages or so 'twould seem that way
A lot of once wealthy people in eternal rest now lay
They left their millions behind them that's life as some might say
The reaper makes all equal and respect to none he does pay
You may be a multi millionaire the wealthiest of your tribe
But you cannot buy time off of the reaper the one you cannot bribe
Not one who respects rank or title as well as wealth and fame
The pauper and the billionaire he does treat as the same,
Money speaks every language for many it opens doors
And one never finds large sums of it when vacuuming the floors
Those who have plenty money are never short of a friend
And those who will tell you differently are those who like to pretend
That money is not that important and though money cannot buy life
For an old bloke in his eighties money can buy a younger wife.
Francis Duggan

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Money, what is the meaning of money?
A magic stick to achieve your dreams
A lethal weapon to defeat your enemies
A light makes your foggy day sunny
A fake laugh which makes you funny
A master key that opens all the doors
A constitution that makes the wolf rules
It is how few people can bowed so many

Money is a double edged weapon
It can makes you so happy
It can makes you grief-stricken
So you need wisdom with money
with money you can be the worst man
with money you can be a great human
Omar Eldamsheety

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'No One Makes Money From Poetry'

'No one makes money from Poetry”

“No one makes money from Poetry
If you need Money get it somewhere else
If you live your life by poetry
Be rich from something else,
Or poor forever.
Or have a job on the side
Which is not on the side
Like Wallace Stevens

If you need money
Don’t give your life to poetry
Give your life to making money
Money and Poetry they are not made together.
Shalom Freedman

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Where's The Money? (A Funny Story)

The mafia was looking for a new man to make weekly collections from all the private businesses that they were `protecting`. Feeling the heat from the police force, they decided to use a deaf person for this job - if he were to get caught, he wouldn`t be able to communicate to the police what he was doing.
Well, on his first week, the deaf collector picks up over Rs 50,00,000. He gets greedy, decides to keep the money and stashes it in a safe place. The mafia soon realizes that their collection is late, and sends some of their hoods after the deaf collector. The hoods find the deaf collector and ask him where the money is.
The deaf collector can`t communicate with them, so the mafia drags Santa to an interpreter.
The mafia hood says to Santa, 'Ask him where is the money.'
Santa signs, 'Where`s the money? '
The deaf replies, 'I don`t know what you`re talking about.'
Santa tells the hood, 'He says he doesn`t know what you`re talking about.'
The hood pulls out a.38 pistol and places it in the ear of the deaf collector. 'NOW ask him wher`s the money.'
Santa signs, 'Where is the money? '
The deaf man signs, 'The 50,00,000 is in Rose Garden, hidden in the ninth tree stump on the left from the exit gate.' Santa says to the hood, 'He says he still doesn`t know what you`re talking about and doesn`t think you have the guts to pull the trigger'
Edwin Drood

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