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Best Poems About / On MONEY
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When It Comes To Money

Money is lovely and Double-edged, so Be careful when it comes to people Who deal with money anytime... ______________________________________________________________________

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Baltimore 4/27/15

Baltimore, to me represents the system itself boiling over with rage. This rioting is more than young teenagers having a moment under the camera to play, it is a systemic problem of wealth distribution with people frustrated and in despair. The police oppression of blacks and minorities may have triggered it but the causes go deeper then that.
This isn’t happening at some gated community; it resembles the riots of 1968 etc. This is despair, resentment of feeling trapped. The feeling of no future producing violence. You can’t just ship jobs out and offer people jobs they can never get ahead on in drug infested and gang ridden communities with broken families. To me it is the failure of the American system itself, our educational system, our willingness to incarcerate rather then spend the money on the front end and try to place every child and citizen into a decent career and job situation. Our system has helped create this deplorable situation.
Start spending a lot more money on educating poor and average Americans rather then spending enormous amounts of money on jail and prisons. Raise the minimum wage. Free trade schools and college. Tax the rich like the 1950’s. Get down to the real reasons why these riots are happening and show the true victims of a deplorable system that simply is not working and is full of racism, classism and despair.
Conservatives and right wing evangelicals will concentrate on the crime aspect of Baltimore, so they can rationalize the social-economic disparity in the system itself. They don’t want to see the repression, racism, injustice and greed creating these kind of situations. Selfishness blinds the eyes of modern conservatism and as long as they have money and healthcare etc they use superficial reasonings to dismiss all the poor, imprisoned, unemployed, disenfranchised and hurting people as lazy, criminal etc. Don’t fool yourself people. The gap between the haves and have nots is growing and the conservative movement is one of the main reasons why. If you’re a republican or a tea party person, REPENT! What happened to Freddie Gray is pure evil and only apart of the real story of todays AMERICA!
Joseph Narusiewicz

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Money, Power And Respect

Money makes the world turn around,
Power and influence rules the world,
Respect uphold the world firmly on it palms.
Money, power, and respect rule the world.
With money, you have all and power put
The world under your feet then brings respect.
Money, power and respect make the world
Goes round, and round like the earth on its Orbit.
john chizoba vincent

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would you rather be the one with 5 kids at the age of 16 and living in a trailer,
or would you rather be the one with 1 kid at the age of 35 and living in a manchion,
i would love to have one kid and in a manchion...i want to live my life for me and to be able to give my child everything they ever wanted would mean the world to me,
they all have told me that money aint nothing in life,
they all have told me that money is just another object in life,
i say that without money we would have no LIFE,
i feel that there is nothing in this world that could compare to money...
Angel Skinner

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