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Mother Mary

Like no other
from the time
I saw first light,
mother Mary sacrificed
her life for me.

In times of desolation
when all others doubt me,
mother Mary still believes
in my integrity.

In times of darkness
when no other is near,
mother Mary talks to me
and tries to set my eyes
back on the light
and her voice
is the only one that I hear.

Every morning before the day begins
mother Mary’s prayers
goes to the King of kings,
telling Him of all the things
that living brings to me.

When all hope is gone
and all things are done,
mother Mary takes my hand
and reminds me to trust
and that the new morning
is very near.

Beyond reason
when there’s no indication
that any answer
or victory is possible,
mother Mary still believes
and the Almighty One
touches me through her.

Age is making mother Mary frail
and time is rushing by
and I am afraid
that the end is coming near
and although life has taken
its toll from her
mother Mary is like no other
and will always be
my dearest mother.
Gert Strydom

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Mom, Mother, Mommy, and Madre,
All different way to say this word.
But they all mean the same thing,
They all mean love, caring, and forgiveness.

A mother to tuck you in at night,
A mother to make all the monsters go away,
A mother to make the world seem happier,
A mother to give the best advice.

Don't take her for granted,
Don't push her away,
Be grateful for this loving creature,
for someday she will be gone.

A mother to teach a young girl manners,
A mother to comfort a broken spirit,
A mother to raise children with love,
A mother to be cherished with it in return.
Sofia May

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A Mother's Lap

Thousands lie buried in the lap of Mother,
The Mother, who hitherto, sustained her progenies,
Went berserk, for suffocated was She now,
By the tall jungles of concrete and steel.
Desperate was She, for the saplings and the green
Woods to grow in her womb,
But the progenies had desired otherwise.
So, She shook hard the ruthless jungle in deep frustration
And now thousands lie buried deep in her lap.
But filled was She, with remorse
For a Mother is a mother.
Only in her lap, a mother with a child survived
Cried high and loud the infant
But only his mother could hear
And a mother knows what’s best for her son
She fed the baby and fed for three days
But when the milk in her breast got over
Cut did She her veins, so that the infant could survive on her blood.
Yes, the baby survived for rescue came the next day
But the mother had left the world with a bright smile on her face
A smile of great succour
Look how beautiful the Mother is! How beautiful! ….
Raj Rajesh

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mothers are for

Mothers are for loving you
if you are good or bad.
Mothers are for helping you
when you do your works.
Mothers are for laughing at
your favourite jokes.
Mothers are for telephones
when they ring 'tring tring'.
Mothers are for hugging you
when you are weeping.
Mothers are for kissing you
a sweet and kind goodnight.
Mothers are for baking you
yummy birthday cake.
Mothers are for pushing you
when you are on the swing.
Mothers are for everything
that you can't do.
skywin shajilal

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