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A Mother's Love Is Priceless Part 2

A mother love is priceless. No one else on this planet. Can love you the way your loves you. She will live you and take care of you. She will take care of you when you are sick. She take care of you when you are sad and lonely. She will always cook you favorate food. Or she would let you bet the food you love to eat. She will always be there when you need her. Because a mother love is pricesless and no one can be like her ever. written and Posted 12/2/09 In the memory of my mother Esther Ferber Klayton
Susie Sunshine

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A Single Mother

am a single mother at age 18 now am 21 and am happy i found out am a real man cause am doing two parts in my childs life am a mother and am her father i had to pick up his half and just move on. He also moved on from her life she doesnt know who he is and doesnt care cause she have so much love from me cami is my joy. because of her i want to do better then better i want her to have a life that her father and i would never give her cause he was all into be a loser not doning anything in life even for himself. Cami bring the best out of me and am a great worker cause of her cause she is my life. only a single mother is a great man we are better then a man we have no words to say...
diana ballesteros

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Happy Mother's Day Tribute

A mother's love kisses the small boo-boo's that hurt soo much,
even when the pain is too unbearable to touch.
A mother's love is what we run back too,
when the one person we love the most turns out to be untrue.

A mother's love says her child's life is more valuable than her own,
blessed by God and sheltered from the cruel intentions of the world.
A mother's love will always guide her troubled child back home,
gone weeks at a time, pressure of life caused her baby to rome.

A mother's love would never abandon what her seed has made,
kissed by God and touched by an Angel, to all the Mothers.
This is your day!
Cherlyta Rhino

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Well here I am; that’s what they told me; this juncture in time, this juncture, this place, I own this face; behind all these curtains I dance; they tell me that sometimes I speak though I cannot hear myself if I do…between you and I, I think that they are lying to me constantly…sometimes they turn the filthy music up so that I can’t even hear myself think and that’s the worst of all; what’s a man without his thoughts I ask you…let me out of here…I beg you to let me out here…the afternoon turns to night the night turns to morning the leaves fall off the trees…I hate these people…I hate this place…I hate these faces…the people outside are always grinning; I can see their drool dripping from their mouths to the concrete…where am I, mother? ...what have I done to be sent here…how many days are left until the darkness envelops my body like it has my mind…mother? ...the mother-father figure: the men in their long white coats wear masks that keep my germs from getting to them…I am contagious…I am insane…they told me that my name wasn’t what I thought it once was…my name is now A1573 and I am unable to speak…I can only whistle and gasp…
Jesus Mophet

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