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Mother's Tears

I open my eyes to see the days horror. The sound of tears flowing down such beautiful faces. As families are torn apart by him. Giving into his demands as the mother is pleading screaming her love into the air to be breathed in. A poisoned heart that needs the tender touch of love. A crying mother at her childs feet begging her to leave his world. Her love is to much for a world filled with pain. Drowning in the pain that she's in. Saved by her mothers arms. Embraced in her arms of love.
Jessica Hernandez (teardrop)

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My Drearest Mother

My dearest mother you meant so much to me. Everyday I thank God for you. I ask him to protect you. All my life you have been there for me. Never missing a single moment because I know you deeply cared. You always encourage me to follow my dreams not to doubt them. I could make them happen you were the best mother ever. I know I never expressed myself. How I miss you so much. My heart aches for you. written 9/15/08 Posted 6/17/10 In the memory of my mother Esther Ferber Klayton
Susie Sunshine

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October Rose

Mother you were born the twenty-fourth of October.The month when things fall, and get blown alway.We will never be separated no wind could ever blow our love alway.Your birthstone is pink, and that defines your sweet tenderness.Mother your favorite color of rose is yellow which stands for sympathy.You raised me with care, and confidence.You always gave me A shoulder to lean on when no one else was there.I was the tree, and you picked up my leaves.You dried up the sap, and patched it with A comforting soothe.I feel as I could never lose.For I have you my October rose to hold close.

dedicated to my mother..Theresa Anne Howard
shonda barnes

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Happy Mother's Day Tribute

A mother's love kisses the small boo-boo's that hurt soo much,
even when the pain is too unbearable to touch.
A mother's love is what we run back too,
when the one person we love the most turns out to be untrue.

A mother's love says her child's life is more valuable than her own,
blessed by God and sheltered from the cruel intentions of the world.
A mother's love will always guide her troubled child back home,
gone weeks at a time, pressure of life caused her baby to rome.

A mother's love would never abandon what her seed has made,
kissed by God and touched by an Angel, to all the Mothers.
This is your day!
Cherlyta Rhino

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