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When My Mother Was Away

When my mother was away
She left me without saying goodbye
She left me to great beyond
In this lonely wicked world
How would I survive
The demand of mother earth that asked of much from none
Oh! Mother, my dream of better tomorrow
My care not in worry
For always she is there
To meet the demand of mother nature
Not to worry her word of consolation always
Her remark for the demand of mother earth.
I lost my mood, my care and my future
I lost all a sweet mother could offer her child
My mother left memory of yesterday for my future
Oh! Mother, a paradise lost never to regain.
Mahfooz Ali

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Getting Slowly to It

Getting slowly to it

I saw her calling loudly

Mother! mother! i can't bear it

Is it walking so closely

Your voice has gone away

Lost in the world and astray

Mother! mother! i can't bear it

Is it walking so closely

You promised to take me

Didn't that seem noisy

Mother! mother! i can't bear it

Is it walking so closely

Let me cling to my old toy

With a heart leaping with joy

Mother! mother! i can't bear it

Is it walking so closely

[I'll be glad if you visit my own wordpress and comment on it]
http: //fake11world.wordpress.com/
miss lavender

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Universal Motherhood

Gods can’t be everywhere
So born holy mothers are
The sole embodiment of spirit
Always honored, high in their merit
Ever loving, compassionate friend
Whose noble endurance knows no end.
Lively spirit lovingly cares to take all pains
Sufferings, hardships smilingly for no gains
Embraces, comforts, and inspires one to face
The life’s challenges with restraint and peace!
Moral supporter, guide and symbol of fertility
Ensures safety for entire humanity!

If great mother Kali frightened injustice
And Mother Mary sacrificed Jesus for Justice
Who can forget mother Yashoda of Sri Krishan
So also Mother Anjali of Lord Hanuman
For their great love not only for their sons
But to free the entire race of humans and Gods
Don’t we honour their love for mankind?

If the same mothers of our nations
Could widen their narrow horizons
And look at others’ babies as theirs’
Free from feelings of caste and Creed
And thoughts of being low or high
And come smilingly forward
To give solace and love to the tired
Bones of the loveless and the abandoned
Then the world around looks to everyone
Much brighter and hopeful
And none left behind as hapless orphans
Every son and daughter born gets a gentle mother
And mothers in turn, .a spectrum of lovely children!
Rekha Mandagere

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A Poem For My Mother

I need a mother who loves me, who understands me and is there for me
A shoulder to cry on, someone to rely on
But now I am older I can see you will never be
the things I need you to be.

a mother wouldn’t make you cry
a mother would never say good bye
a mother would never cause you so much pain
or call you all those horrible names
a mother wouldn’t tell you they want to die
a mother would never to try to control
a mother would give you all her heart and soul

Everyday I always try to keep all these thoughts and feelings at bay
but it has come to a point where I have to have my say
I needed a mother who would never close the door, but now that you have I realise that me and you are no more.

I live with the hope that one day you will see, how much hurt your words and actions over the years have caused me.
mis understood

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