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My Drearest Mother

My dearest mother you meant so much to me. Everyday I thank God for you. I ask him to protect you. All my life you have been there for me. Never missing a single moment because I know you deeply cared. You always encourage me to follow my dreams not to doubt them. I could make them happen you were the best mother ever. I know I never expressed myself. How I miss you so much. My heart aches for you. written 9/15/08 Posted 6/17/10 In the memory of my mother Esther Ferber Klayton
Susie Sunshine

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October Rose

Mother you were born the twenty-fourth of October.The month when things fall, and get blown alway.We will never be separated no wind could ever blow our love alway.Your birthstone is pink, and that defines your sweet tenderness.Mother your favorite color of rose is yellow which stands for sympathy.You raised me with care, and confidence.You always gave me A shoulder to lean on when no one else was there.I was the tree, and you picked up my leaves.You dried up the sap, and patched it with A comforting soothe.I feel as I could never lose.For I have you my October rose to hold close.

dedicated to my mother..Theresa Anne Howard
shonda barnes

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Well here I am; that’s what they told me; this juncture in time, this juncture, this place, I own this face; behind all these curtains I dance; they tell me that sometimes I speak though I cannot hear myself if I do…between you and I, I think that they are lying to me constantly…sometimes they turn the filthy music up so that I can’t even hear myself think and that’s the worst of all; what’s a man without his thoughts I ask you…let me out of here…I beg you to let me out here…the afternoon turns to night the night turns to morning the leaves fall off the trees…I hate these people…I hate this place…I hate these faces…the people outside are always grinning; I can see their drool dripping from their mouths to the concrete…where am I, mother? ...what have I done to be sent here…how many days are left until the darkness envelops my body like it has my mind…mother? ...the mother-father figure: the men in their long white coats wear masks that keep my germs from getting to them…I am contagious…I am insane…they told me that my name wasn’t what I thought it once was…my name is now A1573 and I am unable to speak…I can only whistle and gasp…
Jesus Mophet

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Looking out over the vast valley, she sits with her family. Her children, she notices resemble their father. Suddenly she hears howl far off in the distance, The children look up at their mother their eyes bright with curiosity. Mother looks up at the moon and lets out a low resounding howl letting her mate know where they are, then the pups join in with the haunting choirs. A soft rustling is heard then the father wolf pads into the clearing with a fresh kill. Setting the deer down the pups run over and start to tare at the flesh and meat from the animal. A soft wolfy smile spreads acrost mothers face as she and her mate start to tare into the deer along side their children.
Shadow Vanity

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