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Mother is a Firebrand [REVISED]

Non-slip carpet & fold-down box doubles as
a place to sit, in blue to complement mother's
colour scheme of room furnishings in the age
care home where she is campaigning to get
everyone doing exercises, convincing young
mothers-to-be home birth is preferable to high-
cost interventionist hospital confinement which
exposes babies to greater risks - mother is a
firebrand breaking rules

Living her own dream, infusing enthusiasm in
me for her schemes, I'm out scouting for things
mother may need, enjoying the activity, and in
between mother leads her coterie of friends to
sing, those outside the inner circle complain of
favouritism and gossiping by mother's gang
but I know mother's ways - anarchism and
rebellion against the status quo

And attempts to revolutionise events until a
new plan hatches; then mother will forget prior
arrangements, leave angry conspirators as
she dances (or rather wobbles) off to engage
in new fantasies - while those she left in the
lurch will soon be re-charmed by her energy
and infectious enthusiasm again
Margaret Alice Second

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Mother's helplessness.

I am aged, aged, and ailing
The dear ones of me is missing
To give a helping hand to continue
The journey of life to continue
The old mother of five exclaims
She was tired, and tiresome in look
Mother the great word of sacrifice
Mother the great world of love
Mother the great word of affection
The word of selfless sacrifice
I felt myself guilty representing
As a son of a beloved mother always
Years before this mother had worked
To eke out a living for her family
I have seen the bundle of provisions
Carrying to home with pride ever
There she bought some sweets to children
A great mother ever and tried her best
The children grew as adults and employed
But no time to look after the mother
A hopeless world she looks now
With such exclamation in mind of love
I feel it there must be some love
That children owes their parents
And give such care and concern always.
Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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In Downtown

Mother, he came at
Roared breathe liquor
Ruffled lips mine
And tore coat made

Mother, he unzip did
Burst lips pecked
Weight to walls
Where tore pants mine-

Mother, I screamed
He fell unconscious
Clamor tarried on
But could pierce dark not

Mother, revive bother
Learnt lips to lips gave
When crowds sneak
And accuse murderer

Mother, law calls tempter
A reason to sin
Was tattered coat truly
Brought by his doing

Mother, know be no murderer
Nor wench earning gallows
But why trusted law deem so
That public witness against?

Mother, why do I guilt bear
That public clamors my death?
Thought strolls beauty my damn
As first clamor a shame, my nude

Mother, teacher strength
Strength that brings my coffin
Teach none to surviving sibling
Only fear, let know beauty be curse
Adeosun Olamide

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Mother Earth

Mother Earth, give me your comfort from the birth
let my heart, in this world, be something worth
I want to feel the loving waves in my blood
from murmuring rill to roaring flood
Mother Earth, give me the power from the roots of your plants
Resistance, persistence and a fair chance
I want to feel my soul, in peace and quiet winter
See inside the hope and the faiths imprinter
Mother Earth, give me the strength to consider my prints
Let my senses experience the richness of spring
I want to feel the wind of lust against my cheek
When passion makes me wild, blind and weak
Mother Earth, give me much love and shelter like mothers do
Encourage me to live happily and to trust my heart below
But don't forget mother Earth, to everyone show
A Mother Is Always A Mother Wherever She Goes
Elisabeth Karlberg

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