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Best Poems About / On MOTHER
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When My Mother Was Away

When my mother was away
She left me without saying goodbye
She left me to great beyond
In this lonely wicked world
How would I survive
The demand of mother earth that asked of much from none
Oh! Mother, my dream of better tomorrow
My care not in worry
For always she is there
To meet the demand of mother nature
Not to worry her word of consolation always
Her remark for the demand of mother earth.
I lost my mood, my care and my future
I lost all a sweet mother could offer her child
My mother left memory of yesterday for my future
Oh! Mother, a paradise lost never to regain.
Mahfooz Ali

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My Mother

Mother my Mother, thanks to you,
For all you did & all you’ll do.

For all those lessons that you taught me,
From how to walk to how to see.
For all those nights in which you didn’t sleep,
& took my care whenever I was weak.

Mother my Mother, thanks to you,
For all you did & all you’ll do.

You are my weakness & strength too,
All that I am, is because you.
You gave me rose & took out the thorn,
Then gave me courage to carry on.

Mother my Mother thanks to you,
For all you did, & all you’ll do.

You are my life & you are my lord,
In Your shadow I can see my God.
I can feel your footsteps every time behind me,
All doors of hope were locked when you gave me the key.

Mother my Mother thanks to you,
For all you did, all you’ll do.
Mansi Sharma

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Mother's eyes

Telugu original: Mahe Jabeen
English Translation: Ch J Satyananda Kumar

(Amma Kallu)

jeevita saMbaMdhaM tegipOyaaka
baMdhaalannee baMdhanaalae

kalala Saaluva kappukoni
naannatoe aeDaDugulu naDacinappuDu
ammakaLLu svapna nikshaepaalu

chekkiLLaloe valapu vasaMtaalu paMDiMchi
doesiLLatoe amRtaanni vaDDiMchae
ammakaLLU pikaasoe varNachitraalu

moggalu vicchukunae
rahasyaanni choosina arudaina kshaNaallaa
ammakaLLu adbhutavalayaalu

amma chuTToo aaMkshala saMkeLLu
mounaM aame sahavaasi

vaMTiMTiki jeevitaanni aMkitaM icchina vaeLa
ammakaLLu adhivaastavika roopaalu

naalugu goaDala madhya
sajeeva samaadhi ayinappuDu
ammakaLLu niSSabda jalapaataalu

aksharaalu telisina amma
nirdaakshiNyaMgaa gaayapaDinappuDu
ammakaLLu bhaashakaMdani bhaavaalu

English Translation:

When the relationship of life is severed
All bonds are mere bondages only

Draping the shawl of dreams around her shoulder
When she walked seven steps with father
Mother’s eyes were treasures of dreams

Harvesting springs of romance in her cheeks
When she served cupped hands full of nectar
Mother’s eyes were Picasso’s paintings

Floral buds bloomed
Like the rare moments which viewed secrets
Mother’s eyes were wondrous circles

around mother
Chains of restraints
Silence alone is her companion

In the moment she dedicated her life to the kitchen
Mother’s smoke filled eyes were
Surrealistic images

When she remained alive in her grave
Between four walls of her house
Mother’s eyes were silent water falls

When well lettered mother
Was felt ungraciously wounded
Mother’s eyes were expressions beyond language

(Telugu original published in AMdhraprabha daily September 13,1993)
Ch J Satyananda Kumar

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My Mother

My mother I love u
You are only one in this world who is true
You are in me.I am in you
I love u as much as sky is blue

I am nothing in front of u
And how much u have sacrificed for me
Who can dare to prove?
My mother I love u

I am a dropp in ocean
And u r my immense ocean
U were always there for me
Every time I summoned
My mother I love u

I will be with u
Up to my last breath
I can’t express
How much in u, I have faith
My mother I love u

My mother your motherhood is divine
Its only thing treasure for mine
And after it there is nothing
Which I can find
My mother I love u

My mother tell me what can I do for u
I forget myself in front of u
Today I can really confess
I am nothing without u.
My mother I love u

Copyright © Shiv Abhishek Pande
Shiv Abhishek Pande

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