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Tears Gather

She stopped crying, both ends meet. Your tears fade new powder powdered rice flour. You're a young deer marrow pulp mixed with bamboo shoots, when westerly winds are still loyal in your pocket. Mother crying both ends, both ends meet. Not to mention I slipped jasmine in your bun, fulfill my love of acacia flowers at the neck, was my idol when she reached to the eastern side. Mother was asleep this night, was asleep. Saw you lying on a lotus, once I was born at dawn miss-prone, then collapsed in a single evening. Stop crying mother, oh stop it.
Ilham Q Moehiddin

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Looking out over the vast valley, she sits with her family. Her children, she notices resemble their father. Suddenly she hears howl far off in the distance, The children look up at their mother their eyes bright with curiosity. Mother looks up at the moon and lets out a low resounding howl letting her mate know where they are, then the pups join in with the haunting choirs. A soft rustling is heard then the father wolf pads into the clearing with a fresh kill. Setting the deer down the pups run over and start to tare at the flesh and meat from the animal. A soft wolfy smile spreads acrost mothers face as she and her mate start to tare into the deer along side their children.
Shadow Vanity

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Mother's Tears

I open my eyes to see the days horror. The sound of tears flowing down such beautiful faces. As families are torn apart by him. Giving into his demands as the mother is pleading screaming her love into the air to be breathed in. A poisoned heart that needs the tender touch of love. A crying mother at her childs feet begging her to leave his world. Her love is to much for a world filled with pain. Drowning in the pain that she's in. Saved by her mothers arms. Embraced in her arms of love.
Jessica Hernandez (teardrop)

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My Drearest Mother

My dearest mother you meant so much to me. Everyday I thank God for you. I ask him to protect you. All my life you have been there for me. Never missing a single moment because I know you deeply cared. You always encourage me to follow my dreams not to doubt them. I could make them happen you were the best mother ever. I know I never expressed myself. How I miss you so much. My heart aches for you. written 9/15/08 Posted 6/17/10 In the memory of my mother Esther Ferber Klayton
Susie Sunshine

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Poems On / About MOTHER