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In The Footprints of My Mother

In the footprints of my mother,

I shall step to you.

In the footprints of my mother,

I shall stay innocent and true.

In the footprints of my mother,

I shall not give up hope.

In the footprints of my mother,

I shall give you my love note.

In the footprints of my mother,

Lead me to a better path.

In the footprints of my mother,

I shall releive in her wrath.

In the footprints of my mother,

I shall cure all of your pains.

In the footprints of my mother,

I shall bring you great reigns.

In the footprints of my mother,

I shall unleash the angels of truth.

In the footprints of my mother,

I shall defeat the evils booth.

The footprints of my mother,

led me straight to you.

The footprints of my mother,

Shown me I have nothing left to loose.

The footprints of my mother,

Guieded me towards the compelling lights.

The footprints of my mother,

Guided me towards the love of my life.
Erin Grantham

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A Tribute to Mothers on ‘Mothers’ Day ‘09’

A mother keeps the human race going!
She gives the kid(s) the important training;
She does the baby’s cleaning and nursing;
She tends to children’s bathing and cleaning.

A mother is the crux in kid(s) growing!
And children into adults keep turning;
She does the child’s dressing and nail-paring;
She sings the songs when child goes off sleeping!

A mother keeps the home and does cooking;
About the children all, she keeps thinking;
Most days, she does the chores and dish-washing;
She hardly gets some time for own sleeping!

A mother loves to work and keep slogging!
Sometimes, in vain for help, she keeps begging;
Some modern moms take to even blogging;
A few spend much time at husbands, nagging!

A mother knows the art of good loving!
Some are good in punning, joking, rhyming;
A mother teaches kids at fine writing;
She spends the night in ‘about all’, dreaming!

A mother soul is fixed to kid(s) rearing!
To problems all, she gives a good hearing;
Nothing amiss can escape her seeing;
At times, she gives the kid(s) a good beating!

A mother tells kid(s) to be God-fearing!
Some mothers can be bold and ev’n daring;
Some mothers can’t stay without arguing;
Good mothers believe in giving / sharing!

A mother is a great human being!
When someone leaves, she keeps her hand(s) waving;
For love sometimes, some mothers keep craving;
The world somehow keeps most mothers crying!

Copyright by Dr John Celes 5-13-2009
Dr John Celes

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A mother's love

A mother’s love is sweeter
than honey from the honeycomb.

It is more beautiful than
flowers blooming in the spring.

A mother’s love is helping you tie your shoes
as you get ready for the first day of school.

A mother’s love comforts you when you cry
after another defeating day at school
when you felt all alone.

A mother’s love will help with your homework
no matter how busy her day may be.

A mother’s love says she’ll be there
when it’s your big day-
and she is.

A mother’s love loves you,
even if you’re not a straight A student
or captain of the basketball team.

What is a mother’s love?
It’s not about buying everything you want to have,
but it’s about struggling to meet your every need.

A mother’s love remains strong to the end,
even through the hard times.

It’s not about making spaghetti for dinner
or ironing all your clothes.

A mother’s love will tell you the truth
instead of telling you all the things you want to hear.

It’s not about how much money she has
or how many gifts she gives you.
But it’s about her dedication and commitment
to raising you right.

A mother’s love sticks by your side
and gently reminds you of her love for you,
and that you’re not alone.

A mother’s love will teach you about a savior
and his love for us so we could be made anew.

A mother’s love laughs with you,
plays with you,
and is more of a friend than you could ever know.

A mother’s love is a gift you could never afford
but was delivered to you specially
free of cost.

You don’t have to give up
when you’ve got reassuring arms
around you all the way.

Cherish this gift
and hold it close to your heart.
For there’s never a gift more precious
than a mother’s love.
Alexandra Yeboah

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Happy Mother's Day! Precious Gems

Mothers, Mommies, Moms, Mamas,
Big Mamas, Gagrands, Grannies,
Grandmas, Grandmothers, Great-grandmas
Step Mothers, God Mothers, Foster Mothers
House Mothers, Den Mothers, Mothers Inlaw
Sisters who substitue as mothers
Aunties - who stand in for mothers
Play Sisters - for absentee mothers
Teachers-in school mothers
Sisters inlaw-who double as mothers
The neighborhood everyone's mother...
Hello! Mothers of the world!
Precious gems you are,
Whether near or far,
Living or departed,
In our hearts
You are always the star...
We thank you for
Letting us share your beds
When we were afraid.
We thank you for
Sweet memories of lullabies sung,
Your unselfish giving
Of gentle kisses, warm embraces
When day was done...
We cherrish your understanding heart
Your helping hand
Your smile, your touch
That said 'I understand and love you so much.'
And for holding us in your arms,
To squelch our alarms...
We thank you for tending scratched knees
And for blessing us when we sneezed
We thank you for butter and bread
For the shelter over our heads.
We thank you for the struggle it must have been.
We thank you for being our very best friend.
We thank you all..
You beautiful precious gems!
We Love You!
Dorothy (Alves) Holmes

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