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Want To Be Whur Mother Is

'Want to be whur mother is! Want to be whur mother is!'
Jeemses Rivers! won't some one ever shet that howl o' his?
That-air yellin' drives me wild!
Cain't none of ye stop the child?
Want jer Daddy? 'Naw.' Gee whizz!
'Want to be whur mother is!'

'Want to be whur mother is! Want to be whur mother is!'
Coax him, Sairy! Mary, sing somepin far him! Lift him, Liz--
Bang the clock-bell with the key--
Er the _meat-ax!_ Gee-mun-nee!
Listen to them lungs o' his!
'Want to be whur mother is!'

'Want to be whur mother is! Want to be whur mother is!'
Preacher guess'll pound all night on that old pulpit o' his;
'Pears to me some wimmin jest
Shows religious interest
Mostly 'fore their fambly's riz!
'Want to be whur mother is!'

* * * * *

'Want to be whur mother is! Want to be whur mother is!'
Nights like these and whipperwills allus brings that voice of his!
Sairy; Mary; 'Lizabeth;
Don't set there and ketch yer death
In the dew--er rheumatiz--
Want to be whur mother is?
James Whitcomb Riley

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The Death-Song

Mother, mother! my heart is wild,
Hold me upon your bosom dear,
Do not frown on your own poor child,
Death is darkly drawing near.
Mother, mother! the bitter shame
Eats into my very soul;
And longing love, like a wrapping flame,
Burns me away without control.
Mother, mother! upon my brow
The clammy death-sweats coldly rise;
How dim and strange your features grow
Through the hot mist that veils my eyes.
Mother, mother! sing me the song
They sing on sunny August eves,
The rustling barley fields along,
Binding up the ripe, red sheaves.
Mother, mother! I do not hear
Your voice—but his—oh, guard me well!
His breathing makes me faint with fear,
His clasping arms are round me still.
Mother, mother! unbind my vest,
Upon my heart lies his first token:
Now lay me in my narrow nest,
Your withered blossom, crushed and broken.
Frances Anne Kemble

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Happy Mother's Day

O Mary, Mother of God,
You are my everlasting Mother,
You help me and protect every one of us,
Whatever it might be, unlike other;

O Mother dear,
You are my most beloved Mother,
With your two hands you did so much,
It is beyond any words thinkable.

Comfort thy O Mother,
And endeavor to do,
What is conducive to
The happiness of her heart.

O Mother, Mary
Give us all the blessings and unconditional love,
Taking care of us all the time,
Thank you so much, O Mother Mary.

Mothers around the world,
The burden and suffering you carry are so great,
They beat every Guinness Book world records made,
But you know your responsibilities have not ended yet.

Be sure to enjoy this joyous day,
For love is poured especially for you,
Cherish and remember this wonderful day,
For you all are the greatest mothers.

May God Bless All Mothers on Earth;
Happy Mother’s Day to Our Beloved mothers.
Lawrence CH Hiun

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Agony Of A Child For Her Mother

my mother is the sweetest.
my mother is the cutest.
my mother is the smartest.
my mother is the greatest of all in the world.

my mother is the most wisest.
to save me from accident, she happily enjoyed to die.

i haven't seen my mother's face as i was of 4 years old then.

in my thoughts my mother is the most beautiful person.

she is like:

my mother's face is as white as snow.
my mother's eyes are as white as milk.
my mother is as white as cloud.
because she is completely covered with bandages.

my mother is the happiest person in the whole world.
because she can't feel any thing.

she can't feel any feelings.
she can't feel any pain.
she can't be sad.
as she was in comma, when i saw her.

i am the luckiest child in the whole world.
as i couldn't see her face.
i couldn't talk to her.
i couldn't play with her.
i couldn't share my feelings with her.

i am the reason why she was suffering such agony in life.
to save me from death, she sacrificed everything including her life.

i am the luckiest.
i am the fortunate.
i am the most happiest child for bearing this agony in my life.

As my mother is not with me on this earth.
she will always be with me in my thoughts.
Neelapu Suresh

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