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A Mother's Prayer

A child always knows the times of a Mothers prayers.
For the prayers of a Mother are always known in the
heart of a child, Although a Mothers heart is many
times broken and bruised, yet it never fails. For
only a mother can see the beauty of her own, that others
may not see. For only a Mothers love can give you the
true forgiveness by the grace of God. For only a mother
has a heart that is close to God's love and mercy. For
in a moment of time, in the purity of her heart, She will reach
into the Heavens and pray the Father there
of, for His guidance and mercy, as only She can! For
only a Mothers prayers are of the purest Gold.
Charles E. Chancellor

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The Love Of A Mother

Though as upstanding citizens respect they've not won
The mother loves and believes on her daughter and son
The mother to her children is their greatest friend
She will always be with them right up to the end
The love of a mother is the greatest love of all
She stands by her children when from grace they do fall
The good mother her children does never forsake
A better friend than her they could not wish to make
With the love of a mother no love can compare
For she feels a genuine concern for her childrens welfare
When they are in trouble for them she is there
And the mothers who forsake their children to say the least rare
When they call for help she will answer their call
The love of a mother is the greatest love of all.
Francis Duggan

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'Never Thought It Would Come To This'

Who would have thought?
Never thought it would come to this!
While sitting in Mom's old chair
these things I would reminisce.

My mother's hands, my mother's eyes
My mother's hips, my mother's thighs.
My mother's teeth, her stale of my breath I smell
I'm falling apart, my bodies is going to hell!

When I was younger some use to say
You've your mother's blue eyes, with that hint of grey.
You've her nose and rosie cheeks and her blond silky hair
Where is it now I ask you?
Because I sure don't see it anywhere!

Why is it these things, I think of now?
bringing me this veil, of blackened cloud?
Why couldn't I still have what was mine I've earned?
And not that of my mother's, old she had plowed?

I don't want to live in the image of someone else
I've always wanted to be, just myself!
Wonder if this is what my mother had thought too?
when she reminisced about her mother and herself?
Linda Winchell

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A Poem From The Unborn

Now Mother please don't abort me, and do away with me,
Some day I'll be a joy to you, When from your womb I am free,
Please let me live and grow up, to be what I should be,
God made me someone special, Let me live and you will agree,

Mother I have feelings, and I am alive within you now,
A living, breathing, eternal soul, And I am sure I will know how,
to please and love you every day, Don't take my life away,
Mother don't make the wrong decision, and destroy my temple of clay,

Mother how many precious souls, Must die before they are born?
Remember I feel the pain and fear, As from you womb I am torn,
If you don't love me Mother dear, Let me live and I'll become,
A precious child of someone else, A loving daughter or a son,

Mother's with child the Lord has heard, Our blood crying from the ground,
With the millions of abortions, God heard the terrible sound,
Of the cry within the Mother's womb, As our lives were torn away,
O God in heaven hear our voice, And avenge our blood this day,

The Living souls of millions, Have cried within the womb,
Please Mother dear don't kill me, Don't lay me in a tomb,
O Mother dear I love you, God already knows my name,
Before I even leave your womb, I am alive this I proclaim.
Andrew G. Collins, Sr.

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