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Poems On / About MURDER  11/25/2015 2:18:39 PM
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Best Poems About / On MURDER
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I’ll tear the skies apart, pull the mountains out of the ground, hide the stars where they’ll never be found, drown the sun in the ocean, destroy all emotion, burn all the trees to ashes, make sure the eclipse clashes, press pause, defy all laws, break off the hands of time, forgotten how to laugh no tears to cry, dnt want a cure dnt need to know why, no place to go nowhere to belong, already lost my sense of right and wrong, u dnt know my kind ur too blind to see, only see the surface not what lies beneath, ur ignorance so well guarded, become wat u define as retarded, call me crazy cos I buried my ambitions, cos I follow facts instead of superstitions, cant break out in a sweat and scream, no more waking up from a bad dream, no more resting in peace, cant run outta breath, cos tonight, I murder death.
Silent Wind

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Blood, Sweat, Tears, Anger!

As i pase through the unrelaxing motion of hate.. I feel the blood in my body rising like a flood, The tears swelling down my face like unstoppable rain, The anger building up like a tornado and the Blood tricklings from my hands is the motion of an unsovled murder i commited.. i try to study these flash backs with an open steady mind, but then the pain is to deep to uncover the angry pictures i had in my mind.. It felt like i was going to blackout and lose my mind! then the aurguement flares up like a huge flame of fire, then i start to feel like an animal in the jungle looking for it's prey, then i instally attacked my deepest feeling and went out of my mind with an unbearble thrash to my life that i could'nt dare control.. closed my eyes to think deep within the mind and when i woke up i never fulfilled my unsolved nightmare?
tamia wells

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once i parted, Tha clouded stars shrug a false fairwell jesture. Thunder storms dressed as thought, pound this mind and my palms left cailsed, scared, A crazed days fixation mounts from behind, These shaded glass masks of words reused in whispers.. Shattered saints linger in my perversion of words, Elusive Truth.. Eroded Inspirations... Exhausted Intetion.... Bull shit flos from tha corrupt masses in this tryant mind, , And sleep is seldomly welcomed.. A murder in tha womb made my birth nothing less than a, , BURDEN.......... (J.K)
seth kennedy

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Accountability And Its Pretty Rewards

To be accountable, Anytime and anywhere, It means there are pretty People who follow you In a pretty and legal way, Accountability enriches our Life and paves the way into More precise examining what Someone does in his pretty Life for himself and for others, If there is no accountability It means everything and everyone Will be on the go and without Exact criteria in one's life, If someone does wrong to others, It means he should pay for it Like killing or murdering innocent People anytime and anywhere, As long as we apply certain criteria On people, so no fear anytime, Without accountability it means Life becomes absurd and useless, Life is based on justice and Fairness, but some screw life When they manage to escape this Pretty accountability on earth.

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Poems On / About MURDER