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Poems On / About MURDER  5/6/2016 7:32:02 PM
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Best Poems About / On MURDER
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Dna (Human Evolution)

once upon a time, (or so 'they' say) we were just a bunch of monkeys swinging from the vines 'Til one fine day, we fell out of the trees and put our feet on the ground, we lost our tails and shaved our faces and used our brains to make ourselves a 'civilization' HUMAN, HUMAN, HUMAN EVOLUTION HUMAN EVOLUTION 'TIL WE ALL STAND we're on our way to a 'brand-new' age: to 1984, to Huxley's 'brave' new world we've got the technology and science is on our side... we're even re-writing history to prove we're right, there's nothing wrong with HUMAN, HUMAN, HUMAN EVOLUTION HUMAN EVOLUTION 'TIL WE ALL STAND its all coincidence- a series of accidents like Humpty Dumpty, like Jack and Jill, like your girlfriend forgetting to take her pill. NOTHING happens for any reason. there is neither well nor ill just a little more of this HUMAN, HUMAN, HUMAN EVOLUTION HUMAN EVOLUTION 'TIL WE ALL STAND now, we have sky scrapers and urban populations and thirty-one flavors of religion... we have apathy and poverty and HIV we've got controlled starvation, prescribed sedation, prime-time television, public education, and a steady murder rate. we've got everything but a Master plan HUMAN, HUMAN, HUMAN EVOLUTION HUMAN EVOLUTION 'TIL WE ALL STAND
mark bennett

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No Savers & No Heroes

Knowing millions are out of work, no one doing anything about the society or economy, no savers, no heroes. Criminals do what they think is good but isn't, rapes keep going on, kidnappers are on the move, murders keep killing innocent people, wars are still on and no one will stop it. Again... No heroes and savers. God hears our prayers and doesn't answer them, only the two letters that mean heartbroken-no. Obama is supposed to make a difference but the only difference he's making is making everything else worse. The government is making ridicules laws that shouldn't be passed - they should be helping out people with their lives. A world full of hate is like committing suicide for nothing and no one cares about the death. The poverty is getting worse, and at this rate we could be going into the next Great Depression. One person shouldn't make a difference. The whole world should.
Alicia Meyers

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Enemies Are Considered Friends And Friends Are Cosidered As Enemies

Your enemy is my enemy if We are relatives or friends, but Nowadays things have changed considerably Simply because of mutual interests... Enemies have turned into friends and Friends have turned into enemies... We praise our enemies who have murdered Our folks or our relatives, but We denounce our friends' deeds against Our permanent enemies anytime... We have new formulas for our days and For our time that do not match our principles Anytime, anywhere, and everywhere... Bloods never turn into water, but Some act against this anytime, so Enemies are enemies, but Friends never turn into enemies anytime. __________________________________________________________________

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I’ll tear the skies apart, pull the mountains out of the ground, hide the stars where they’ll never be found, drown the sun in the ocean, destroy all emotion, burn all the trees to ashes, make sure the eclipse clashes, press pause, defy all laws, break off the hands of time, forgotten how to laugh no tears to cry, dnt want a cure dnt need to know why, no place to go nowhere to belong, already lost my sense of right and wrong, u dnt know my kind ur too blind to see, only see the surface not what lies beneath, ur ignorance so well guarded, become wat u define as retarded, call me crazy cos I buried my ambitions, cos I follow facts instead of superstitions, cant break out in a sweat and scream, no more waking up from a bad dream, no more resting in peace, cant run outta breath, cos tonight, I murder death.
Silent Wind

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