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Poems On / About MURDER  7/3/2015 2:54:56 AM
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Best Poems About / On MURDER
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Why Innocent Kids Are Targeted By An Ugly Aggression?

Mass killings of innocent kids By an ugly and mean aggression stir Our feelings and our emotions about that time, A lot of innocent kids are still targeted by an ugly war machinery That is using its full force against a little force Militarily and strategically there is no fair balance between pretty Defenders and war criminals who are testing banned weaponry! This bad timing in killing innocent kids makes us asking ourselves a Lot of questions about what's going on, The whole world is only watching a genocide clearly against pretty and innocent civilians, but instead of blaming the ugly aggressors, They blame the true defenders of their true land, Our world is either blind or it's looking with one-crossed eye just To avoid the blaming game for certain narrow calculations, Honestly our world is cruel when dealing with truths Simply because it sides with aggression and with the aggressors, Mass murders of kids is a genocide in its full meaning, so We let things to history to say its true word!

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what can I say, where what and why, I'm lost for words she didn't reply, how could I tell u this, I just can't explain why I feel lost and lonely, confused by these deep wounded lies, its ok now don't worry I'm fine, just a dream of flash backs of memories filled with life and shine. years have past and she didn't reply, was it love or a dagger edge of a murdering lie too late the rope hangs high, few short breaths...

he didnt reply.
roy collins

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Let More Room For Love

There are a lot of things in life That bother and harass a lot of us Like murders, robberies, drugs, ..., Always good people stay away from Headaches and what results from any bad things, Good people seek protection and peace, but Bad people and especially addicted people Look for targets to their crimes To get as much money as they can, Pretty and good people are on the right path Simply because they like peace and they like life While robbers and bad criminals seek to hurt all people, As long as pretty laws are available, then No fear because all people know that Their protection is guaranteed all the time, Anything that hurts people is lawless ans is Against their pretty humanity, then All bad criminals and especially bad robbers Must stop their ugly crimes against innocent people Anytime, anywhere, and everywhere, Days have changed, so There is no room for any criminal and for his crimes After this day.

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Suicide is to kill oneself By his or her will for a reason or For no reason anytime and anywhere, It is a self-murder which is not legal By anyway, by any reason, or by any will, It is a crime against someone who kills Himself or herself anytime because One's self is not his or hers, but it is The whole society anywhere and everywhere, Nothing allows anyone to commit suicide Because a human being is very important, If someone kills himself or herself, then Hell is waiting for him or her with its Pure fire because when someone kills himself Or herself it's like he or she kills a pretty soul, Every soul is great and worthy because all People are needed to be active people in life, Suicide is a big weakness of a desperate soul Got a lot of dead ends, but this is not the end of life, Life is great and pretty and we should live it Wonderfully till the last day of our life, then Never commit suicide or have the intention to do this, but Go ahead live life happily and share the others' pleasures!

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Poems On / About MURDER