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Poems On / About MURDER  5/24/2015 8:16:28 PM
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Best Poems About / On MURDER
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Broken Images In A Zigzag Life

That pretty image of childhood Dies everyday by killing innocent kids, That pretty image of motherhood Dies everyday by murdering innocent mothers, That pretty image of fatherhood Dies everyday by killing good fathers, That image of ruined houses and building Stirs disgusting and vomiting in me, All dreams vanish in the sea of darkness, Light fades when seeing darkness, Sadness's image prevails on every face, Fallen heroes are in their tombs, Cats and dogs got their portions of Sufferings and torture, Pretty life's horizons are broke, Love falls from atop, Injustice beats the places, Mercy is abandoned from hearts, Images of real nightmares prevail, The cake of the places is divided by Irresponsible figures, Only dead ends and only Endless questions are ahead, No pretty answers, but One day the sun will rise again Out of these piles posts of smoke and Out of these ruined places To restart a new life For everyone.

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The Milk Carton.

The milk carton use to be used for three things, and they were for: 1 to recycling,2 for drinking milk and 3 for putting our beloved family members on the back of the milk carton when they are missing.
I lost a friend one time, and she was put on the back of the milk carton come to find out she was murder of two day she was missing.
taye hosea

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Enemies Are Considered Friends And Friends Are Considered As Enemies

Your enemy is my enemy if We are relatives or friends, but Nowadays things have changed considerably Simply because of mutual interests... Enemies have turned into friends and Friends have turned into enemies... We praise our enemies who have murdered Our folks or our relatives, but We denounce our friends' deeds against Our permanent enemies anytime... We have new formulas for our days and For our time that do not match our principles Anytime, anywhere, and everywhere... Bloods never turn into water, but Some act against this anytime, so Enemies are enemies, but Friends never turn into enemies anytime. __________________________________________________________________

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Everything is going gloomy and dark Including our feelings and emotions Simply because of that mess that is Going on endlessly and permanently To our loved ones anywhere and everywhere... I can not do anything to anyone except To pray God to save their pretty souls... Evil and evildoers are playing their Ugly roles in igniting tensions anywhere... Circumstances are getting harder and Harder anytime, anywhere, and everywhere... That dark cloud of evil is hanging up In the people's sky without any clear escape... Many pretty souls have got perished For no logical reasons anywhere and everywhere... Only hunger, famine, homelessness, Mass murders, genocides, and many other Ugly atrocities are still happening everyday... The world's eyes are utterly blind and Inevitably things are getting worse and worse... No one knows exactly what will happen To the rest of those poor people who are Still over there or those who left for the unknown... That ordeal will inevitably end, but With great and huge losses of souls and With painful sufferings of all people. ______________________________________________________________________

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Poems On / About MURDER