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Poems On / About MURDER  2/14/2016 6:38:20 AM
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Best Poems About / On MURDER
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once i parted, Tha clouded stars shrug a false fairwell jesture. Thunder storms dressed as thought, pound this mind and my palms left cailsed, scared, A crazed days fixation mounts from behind, These shaded glass masks of words reused in whispers.. Shattered saints linger in my perversion of words, Elusive Truth.. Eroded Inspirations... Exhausted Intetion.... Bull shit flos from tha corrupt masses in this tryant mind, , And sleep is seldomly welcomed.. A murder in tha womb made my birth nothing less than a, , BURDEN.......... (J.K)
seth kennedy

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Mass Graves Of Humanity

Today not like yesterday Because a criminal or a tyrant Is not satisfied with the killing Of a mosquito, but he is ready to Kill the whole humanity in mass graves Just to replenish his rotten mind, We're witnessing in our age the killing Of innocent people in masses or in mass Graves because there is a big revenge, Criminals or tyrants are ready to butcher Every innocent soul on earth because nothing Prevents these criminals from doing anything, The mind's voice is dead because we don't care, so Everything happens in front of us and every innocent Soul is butchered it's like we're in a real jungle, If we don't stop these crazy people or ugly tyrants From butchering us, then say have peace on this world, Where are we from these genocides or mass murders Here and there which perish all these innocent souls?

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Accountability And Its Pretty Rewards

To be accountable, Anytime and anywhere, It means there are pretty People who follow you In a pretty and legal way, Accountability enriches our Life and paves the way into More precise examining what Someone does in his pretty Life for himself and for others, If there is no accountability It means everything and everyone Will be on the go and without Exact criteria in one's life, If someone does wrong to others, It means he should pay for it Like killing or murdering innocent People anytime and anywhere, As long as we apply certain criteria On people, so no fear anytime, Without accountability it means Life becomes absurd and useless, Life is based on justice and Fairness, but some screw life When they manage to escape this Pretty accountability on earth.

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Targeting Innocent Kids Is Not Only A Crime, But It's A Genocide Anytime, Anywhere, And Everywhere

Mass killings and mass murders of Innocent kids by anyway is a crime against humanity Which is called a genocide, Many innocent kids are targeted by different ways of killing, Different ways of aggression, and different ways of perishing, If the world's largest Tribunal Court takes seriously all these Crimes against innocent kids, then The whole perpetrators and the whole aggressors will know that There is something serious against them, We side with the international laws against any war criminals Who think they can avoid the international courts that will bring them To justice to pay the price for their ugly crimes, but As long as these criminal perpetrators are at large, then The whole world's credibility is on test, Condemning and denouncing the aggressors are not enough, but They should be held accountable for the crimes committed by them and They should be brought into justice immediately and without any further delay, so It's serious not to neglect any crime (genocide) against kids anytime, anywhere, and everywhere.

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Poems On / About MURDER