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Poems On / About MURDER  11/28/2015 7:34:04 PM
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Best Poems About / On MURDER
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Everything is going gloomy and dark Including our feelings and emotions Simply because of that mess that is Going on endlessly and permanently To our loved ones anywhere and everywhere... I can not do anything to anyone except To pray God to save their pretty souls... Evil and evildoers are playing their Ugly roles in igniting tensions anywhere... Circumstances are getting harder and Harder anytime, anywhere, and everywhere... That dark cloud of evil is hanging up In the people's sky without any clear escape... Many pretty souls have got perished For no logical reasons anywhere and everywhere... Only hunger, famine, homelessness, Mass murders, genocides, and many other Ugly atrocities are still happening everyday... The world's eyes are utterly blind and Inevitably things are getting worse and worse... No one knows exactly what will happen To the rest of those poor people who are Still over there or those who left for the unknown... That ordeal will inevitably end, but With great and huge losses of souls and With painful sufferings of all people. ______________________________________________________________________

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Chapel Hill's Tragedy

Just for sake a valueless parking-lot Towards three innocent souls, One Satan killed three persons, so Is it believable? ! Those innocent souls ascended to their Creator and The Satan fell in the justice's hand For the sake of a parking-lot! Lying's cord is short and the liar's tongue Is long... They will say that he is crazy or something Else... Innocent souls got perished for A parking-lot's sake! Does anyone believe that? ! It's a cold murder of A criminal mind want to avenge For a reason we ignore! Shall these innocent souls go for nothing? ! It's a complete crime That deserves a punishment, so Shall justice take its course In the justice's country and We feel satisfied after that from now on? ! We seek only the right justice That cools chests only... _____________________________________________

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Our Real Enemy

Not only our real enemy is The only enemy whom we know, but Our real enemies are those who pretend That they are protecting us with their Knives around our necks anytime... Our real enemies are those criminals Who kill us with cold blood anytime... Our real enemies are those who are mixing Between protecting us and murdering us anytime... Not a wise man can protect and can kill Another man at the same time... We clearly know our real enemies Around us anywhere and everywhere... There are ugly people who hide among us Just to kill us in the name of protecting us... We never surrender to those ugly murderers Simply because we have the right to live anytime... Our treacherous enemies are those who look For innocent victims among us just to replenish Their ugly and satanic desires anytime, anywhere, and Even everywhere in a world that is clearly blind, deaf, And dumb in dealing with ugly murderers anytime... ______________________________________________________________________

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That Ugly Aggression

Aggressors are going on Murdering and assaulting all Kinds of people on the ground... Heavy weaponry are used to wipe out Innocent souls anytime... Evil goes on preying on Innocent people without any fair punishment... Death scatters those innocent souls, but Without a clear end to an aggressive assault... The whole world is in big oblivion Simply because it is deaf, dumb, and blind... If aggressors' wishes to kill innocent people today, then Tomorrow will be against them anytime, anywhere, and everywhere... _____________________________________________________________________

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Poems On / About MURDER