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Poems On / About MURDER  5/24/2016 3:01:38 AM
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Best Poems About / On MURDER
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The Milk Carton.

The milk carton use to be used for three things, and they were for: 1 to recycling,2 for drinking milk and 3 for putting our beloved family members on the back of the milk carton when they are missing.
I lost a friend one time, and she was put on the back of the milk carton come to find out she was murder of two day she was missing.
taye hosea

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The Monster

Why do I always do this? Why do I destroy everything I touch? The pain I cause you every day is murder, a never ending series of torment with brief moments of joy to be ripped away an replaced with more pain. The tears I cause you everyday streaming down your face is another reminder of the heartless monster I am to you, down to every last dropp is like acid eating away at my soul. i try to give you reason my madness but it comes out as excess and stupidity. You dealt with my abandonment, as I left you alone to die drowning in a sea of tears. I burned and destroyed everything in my path slowly eating away at any control i may have over you. i dont know how I can sleep with the fact knowing that after all the things I done, you still keep hope I will stop an come to my senses an love you. i don't deserve you, I don't deserve anyone cause I'm a monster im just a horrible person.
keron Johnson

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A Lone Wolf

In such dark bitterness, it stands alone, waiting for day to come. It's golden eyes pierce into your very soul, bringing such horror that none can bare. It howls in moonlight awaiting for something to happen but sees nothing. It's call murders the mind and fills it with hatred and sorrowful memories. When it sees it's prey it attacks with no hold backs. It bares it's teeth into the innocent specie's soul and takes it away to it's dark lair of torture to be devoured. The red blood shed by it's prey, drips down its snout to show only that it has no mercy for anything. The lone wolf, also known as life, has no mercy for anything and will never have mercy until hell freezes over.
Korinn Theriault

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The Lusts For 'Earthly-Wealth' Here On Mother's Earth!

The cries and tears of a brother in his grave, after he
was murdered by his sister 'Seeta' for a piece of gold.
Rev. Surujlall Motilall

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Poems On / About MURDER