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Poems On / About MURDER  10/8/2015 5:07:07 PM
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Best Poems About / On MURDER
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The Old Frame

Seasons come and go, day must overthrow the night from it's throne and night in turn pay's it full in it's own coin.Buy our hands the seed is murdered by the soil, but tomorrow resurrection knock's at it's door, for it's destiny must follow the paths it once trod.If on this day light fades from my view, the pastures glamour with the desert's garment, on my shadow I lay and become one in body, water is wine and wine is water, and my soul bids my body farewell, my spirit gives my body a good-bye kiss for all to see that every fiber of my soul rebelled to change, but my size and looks, they choose to hook their lips to it's feets, for once they took a step out the old door and never did they return to a home they once belonged.All yields to the command of change, perhaps, but like the ever-blue sky is the old me in the old frame.
tejiri pius kigho

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Some People Are Unfair And Unjust

If you make a grave mistake You will be liable to a court Session or you must stand trial For a crime committed by you, If you have proofs or clear Evidences, then you will be acquitted of All your mistakes or your bad mistakes, If you are unfair or unjust, then We can say that you have injustice, Being unfair or unjust in your life Will lead to bad and mean results. Some people have grave mistakes like The ugly tyrants and their ugly tyrannies, An ugly tyrant and his ugly tyrannies will Lead to disasters of man destruction like People's fleeing, people's displacement, People's mass murders, and all kinds of Atrocities anytime, anywhere, and everywhere. Because of some people being unfair and Unjust, human kind will pay a very high price. Unless we stand firm and united against The unfair and unjust people, then we will pay very high prices and bad results. Freedom, fairness, justice, and all kinds of good human relations will help Humanity and human kind go forward until The end without being harassed or bothered.

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I choose in my heart to live, to live a thousand years unending, as generations grow and wither like leaf, in nature's vigour to live unchanging. And though the world may develop and change, I choose to bear witness to the metamorphosis, to be there as it advances in age, against all odds and mitigating forces. Oh! Odds and mitigating forces, possibility of presence as the world bleeds, witnessing the aftermath of wrong choices, wars, famine, plagues, murders, monstrous deeds. I choose to live more than thousand years, amidst all the sorrow, agony and painful tears, yes, I may live through man's depressing wickedness, I choose in my heart to live nonetheless.
Morakinyo Temiloluwa Bolarinwa

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Louis Maxwell (In Memorial)

LaVena Lynn Johson and Pat Tillman, is there still another story to tell,
Well, ponder the “friendly fire” assination of U.N. Guard Louis Maxwell,
That’s so right, exactly like the first two it was murder in the first degree,
In mathmatical terms a murder, plus a murder & one more murder = 3.

However, what makes the latter more astonishing is that there is a video,
And not almost, or slighty, even a maybe, the actual shooting it will show,
Articles in the news media claims Louis “may” have died from friendly fire,
Oh, “the disturbing possibility” that a U.N. staff member accidently expired.

I have seen enough ganster movies to know what is a, “murder for hire, ”
Only heard of Pat Tillman’s but no doubt this was not any, “friendly fire, ”
The biggest question is why these incidents are being kept under wraps?
Here’s another funeral for a brave American as the bugler plays, “Taps! ”

This happened October 28,2009, today is April 22,2010,6 months later,
His heroic actions saved seventeen lives okay, how come all the haters?
Have a question for you, had Louis’s killing not been available on video,
May there be discussions going on now from an incident we didn’t know?

We knew about LaVena Lynn Johnson and Pat Tillman where’s their case?
Hey! Not just me doesn’t anyone else feel an ounce of shame or disgrace?
These three died needlessly in a war zone like being stabbed in the back,
By those supposedly on the same side instead of through mortal combat.

Not from a terrorist bullet or explosives as the Afghan government claimed,
During the attack Afghan Police & NATO Forces were called but never came,
Louis & Laurance Mefful of Ghana held off attackers as colleagues escaped,
No one can even remotely explain why back-up was more than an hour late.

Help was minutes away from the Taliban attack in this “secured” Afghan City,
Appearently, response wasn’t immediate because it’s only done by committee,
From Miami Central High he had a full scholarship to Floridia A & M University,
Yet, this outstanding trumpet player in the year 2000 enlisted in the U.S. Navy.

As family & friends gathered at his parents home, a wreath hung on the door,
Their beloved son now declared a hero would be coming home, not any more,
At least to the house where he was shown abundant love and taught to respect,
His mom Sandra decorated a memorial tree in their front yard lest anyone forget.
Luke Easter

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