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Poems On / About MURDER  8/4/2015 12:23:42 AM
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Best Poems About / On MURDER
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Bloody Murder

Bloody murder bloody murder
Nothing tastes as sweet
As this delectable bloody murder
Even if this feeling is fleet

Oh didn’t I warn you then
When I said leave or you will pay
I’ll write this in deaths darkened pen
You should listen to what I say

Don’t turn back the blades not still
Don’t look back the bloods still warm
Who said I had no will to kill
Who said I was innocent in every form

Crackle like the madman listen and hear
There’s nothing worse than a broke mind
Soon he shall see my name clear
You think these bonds truly bind

Once again I’m free but none the less trapped
Thinking clearly as his words chain
Kept in a cage so my mentality he sapped
So I do as he says, broken from the pain

On the loose again playing his game
Running from an evil only I know
For my mind he has laid claim
Because under his thumb am I below

I am his shiny loyal toy
I am the one who can
Murder in silence and act so coy
Because I’m his broke assassin, a perfect hit man
Rebecca Pepper

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I think of murder
And I think,
Am I above it or just far away?
Is it beneath me or just not in me?
Or perhaps I’m mistaken
And murder is well within me,
Lurking in my being
Like some skittish imp
Hovering nervous as a finger
A hairs breadth over the trigger
Of a chain reaction of circumstances.
Or instead of this and me being above it
Is it somehow above me,
Like some club of heroes
I cannot join for lack of courage?
I guess all I know for sure
Of my location
In murders great divide…
Is my cringing scared reflection,
Of a victim in your eyes.
Kay Vitter

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>≫≫Empathy And Its Soul

It is of course an act of pure evil
To behead someone who is under your captivation
Killing in cold blood is like killing the entire mankind
Dear empathy, I totally agree with you
But could you tell me where your soul is
When they murder playing children in a beach
What kind of a kind act it is
When unarmed boys and girls are shot in the head

It is of course a criminal injustice
Or an act of a terrorist when they fire rockets, shoot bullets
Or blast bombs among innocent people
Dear humanity, I totally agree with you
But could you tell me where your integrity is
When they drop bombs and missiles
Over the heads of fleeing masses.

All killings are killings, all murders are murders
Dear life, I totally agree with you
But could you tell me why you distinguish deaths
On the basis of how the crime is committed.
Abdul Wahab

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when you take away a life
with the aid of a knife
you are taking away a life
that is clinging on to survive

make no mistake
be careful
asleep or awake
murder is unlawful

your eyes see into my soul
stabbing every corner in my heart
rip me open from the inside
until everything falls apart

you cause me so much pain
bringing me to tears
the hurt just wont go away
until its everything i fear

i cant stop crying
when part of me is dying
the tears i drop
they are tears of blood and murder

need i speak futher, no doubt it is

maryam kazmi

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Poems On / About MURDER