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Poems On / About MURDER  5/27/2016 3:08:27 PM
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Best Poems About / On MURDER
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'I'M Sick Of This Life'

I'm sick livin a life of disappointments. All the commandments. My life seem to be a broken glass.I'm tryin very hard to put together the pieces of the broken glass. But i can't, the pieces evoke blood on my hand.There ar those tiny pieces that i can't find.Why? ....why? ..i ask why me? ..Must i be mean? ..sometimes i contemplate suicide.Becoz i hav no one 2 confide.I'm blazin with anger.That makes me wanna commit a murder.I'm sick of people tellin me whats right.Feels like i'm in a empty room with no light.Thinkin that life is bigger than me.Waitin for someone to call me. And tell that i'm wrong.But i have waited for too long.This life of indignation.That has no form of congregation.I can't take it any more.SORRY LORD 4 BREAKIN YOUR LAW, , , , BUT I'M SICK OF THIS LIFE
Bantu Ngcephe

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Lost In Death's Shadow

Sin to be deed is the only thing that is to keep a man going but to see a man, a friend, a brother to die is thee most painful thing ever as a man once had said “People come and go, but life still goes on” not in these cases no only “death till do us part” is only a saying of words that mean nothing to people of good intention but something of another sort to those who kill as a motive to rape and shoot and murder but only as days come and the moons rises when you lay wondering when the stars will comfort you in hope of love back of those that we have lost but only to them do I say goodbye to there family and friend of whom they may of loved and hated but only death is a thing of beauty it comes and goes but life still goes on.
Mathew Sandiford

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His Name Is Ben

The day i wanted to hide was the day i wanted to commit suicide. I always wondered why you got so much pleasure. Was it the way i cried? Was it the way i said i HATED you? By the way i ment it with my heart, body, and soul.I wish you die under bridge with a needle in your arm and white powder under your nose. I hope you regret ever talking to me in that tone of voice. I hope to god i will never see you again. I hope you kill your self with a gun up to your head because that is wat i felt like doing every day i was near you. I want to make you scream bloody murder when you see me. I hope you die.exactly how i did inside.
Destiny Vancil

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The Poem With No Name

Over the dead rainbow were blood falls and were flesh is torn appart, were dreams are shattered and were hopes are crushed, were love is broken, were there is no fun, no talking and nothing but pain and sorrow, were nightmares are born and grow to be scarry, were hell is wanted and heaven is needed, were people die, were people live the grave among us is shure to give, a painful life, a bird is were it belongs with a murder a ravens song, no one has seen this place cuase it is were you are when you fall into a sllep you cannot come back from the day of death will come soon so be shure to say your prayers and always have a reason for living, never give up your hopes and dreams just keep on chasing and rean to grasp your dreams in the palm of your hand and keep it close and then keep on searching and running till the ends of the earth when you have finally achieved your goal.
Jackalin Friday

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Poems On / About MURDER