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Poems On / About MURDER  10/30/2014 10:54:45 AM
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Best Poems About / On MURDER
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Honey, Murder Me With Your Smile

Honey, murder with your smile
I deserve to be hung by your vile
Rope tonight.
Slap me with your kisses,
Splash a few on my lips, please
Caress my ugly feet,
And step on my sweet meat.
Ouch! It hurts.
Do not stop!
Slap me again with your lips, slap,
Slap me one more time. The moon flirts
Every night with the stars.
Venus blows kisses to Mars.

Honey, murder me with your smile
Right now.
Let me bow
In front of your beauty. Smile,
With me,
So I can be happy.
Kiss me,
Love me,
And murder every part
Of my living heart.
Hebert Logerie

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Writing Rebels

My writing on the wall results in murder,
Murder on the horizon shuns me,
This deed is done for the prison,
Opening the faces as they murder.
These walls ask of you a lesson of kindness,
Kind men shock our helping hands.
The idols are shattered in minutes,
Offerings begin to stage rebellion,
The altar was to offer its sacrifice of blood
And flesh. I have known the reality
Onto the realities, kicking the beggars
In their fortune and in their blood.
My writing is of the graphic writers
Who wait with increased gravity.
Naveed Akram

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My Mistake

Isn't it my mistake to take the blame
Why are you constantly reminding me
At least I admit my mistake
Yet you let drug dealers go free
Not to mention AID spreaders
And your going to judge us
That's not your place to prey on the weak
We constantly beat ourselves
And you throw in a kick or two
Until we're dead
Then you put on that cry
When you assisted the murder
Like you really cared but its just a show
Like you haven't made a mistake
to forgive and forget
Yet these rules don't apply
But everyone has killed someone
Even with out the knowledge
The kid who committed suicide
that you teased
You disobey your parents
Which rose blood pressures
You even reminded a teacher
Of his dead daughter
Which caused him to drink again
But the line of knowing and not knowing
Is thick
But no one sees that line
until they intentionally murder someone
But murder isn't in me
Although the threat is
But I can never take another's life
Intentionally, when i want to take my own
Its not my place to take another's life
Only God should possess the power
Even I would even accept my punishment
Because I deserve it
TaBresha Bozeman

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Serial killer

CoId silence
a prelude to violence
a prologue of madness
the dialogue of mumness
the noise of absence
heart beat stops
bystanders watch
others talk
as the police holds his chalk
the muderer's up a notch
coz tonight he was on spot
again on clock
murder without a plot
murder randomly sort
murder meticulously thought of
now all he has is an afterthought
the aftermath of implemented
he thinks too much coz thoughts
keep racing through his mind
thoughts of his past
his near past,
his present
his near future
and his ultimate future
the afterlife is not an issue
it was never the big Q
so he doesnt need a tissue
he's a rogue villain
blessed with brilliance
bounty to a million
camouflage like a chamillion
colours like strategies ever in
their billions
he's the type of killer they call... serial killer
martinez king cortez muriithi

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Poems On / About MURDER