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Poems On / About MURDER  4/25/2015 9:25:35 AM
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Best Poems About / On MURDER
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In Wartime

In Europe's reeking slaughter pen
They mince the flesh of murdered men
While swinish merchants, snout in trough
Drink all the bloody profits off!
Stephan Stephansson

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Remember Me? ! ? ! ? !

Do you remember me? Im the one who is crushing glass on your face, wishing i could exterminate your whole race; Bit****! snitches get stitches! ! Rob you of your riches! ! Dont you remember me? Im like an arsonist, sick murdering larsonist, never thought this would happen for getting me pissed? ! Got your name down on my hit list, your body racked by my fist! Got you hanging by your fingernails, beating you with iron rails screaming 'Now who hails? ! ' Whats wrong dont you remember me? ! im the one who is creeping into your dreams, pullin you apart from the seams, putting my cig out in your eye, ooh does that sting? ! haha im STILL laughing! ! Quit your stuttering! Remember im the one you cut loose left to roam and to be free after being beat, now you cant take the heat? ! Tying and gagging you, then leave your body in the street, for the stray dogs to eat! Kicking your face in with soccer cleats, sick beats on poor streets, taking you out? isnt an easy feat. But i promise soon you will remember me.
Khaos Dven

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My Murder

What i did was murder
I muredered her I killed
her really I killed who I was for
my parens own satasfaction
felicia Bordeau

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The Love Must End

Again your keeping me up at night. Thoughts of you forever on mind. Every time you smile i want to make you do it again. Every word you say i listen too intently. You speak so gently, oh the whispers of an angel. You have me now. Any way you want me. On top of you. You on top of me. Sideways, and backwards. Against the wall so tight. There so much energy in you. We both have seen the dark side of life. From alcoholics suicides, to murder she wrote over coke. We don't pretend, death is all around us. It makes stronger, it makes us weaker. But still real reasons will always be you. I would say I love you. But then i would have harder time with each goodbye. Its a mix emotion I'll never understand. Nothing is set in stone. Perfection doesn't adhere to desires, needs, or wants. Their is no code i must live by till and I'll be damned other then doing the best can. And if this doesn't satisfy I don't care. I shall not shed a tear. For who I am who I will always be. And if this offends you I'm sorry not for it but the loss of you.
Ace Of Black Hearts

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Poems On / About MURDER