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Poems On / About MURDER  5/28/2016 2:56:54 AM
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Best Poems About / On MURDER
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Molech Practitioners

So far away from the Atlanta child murders
yet I remember em solemnly.
Hysteria era and young male coloreds.
Sermons on Pharaoh and Herod and
the importance of listening up
as if your life depended on it.

Our murder somehow ordained.
Found in the Lord's word. INSANE!
Revered in some circles these lynchings
similar these Molech sacrifices, pro-lifers.
PRO-CHOICE from this boy. Compromising
voice. It never occurred I'd be responsible
or unresponsive when my own offsprings were
on the line. A random Knight in Atlanta. Another
panther economically cancerous. Sell drugs and
Thug. Initiation, security. The arguments that there wasn't any GOD to help us louder than
Gangster Rap records. Yet our murders made us
consider why were we the necessary sacrifices to
secure the houses of others. Pharaohs, Herods, Americas.
Troy Ulysses Davis

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White Flag

Lo my past, all I breathe is you;
We dine together, drink wine,
Curse the present which is all but mine;
Thee the thought, I murderer, blood the carcass you call new.

‘Body lives, body lived,
You sleep, you die, you corpse in the grave;
Soul dies, love dies, a victim never brave,
Murder it, murder it, it is all what Homer did.’

‘No soul to eternity, is it so?
Soul murdered then or now, is it the same thence?
Isn’t the present I was here to live, O I know it whence?
The seed of guilt will harvest my grave, when nescience in all I sow.’

Sun is out, the dark on a climb,
Know I not whether to live the soul or bleed it to death,
Greenness, the dark, she now hides my path, should I choke the breath?
Never will I know, to live life, O soul, my eyes, or kill them both, turn as well as blind.
Damanio Grewalli

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Abortion Is Outright Murder

You have no right to kill yourself;
You have no right to kill your own;
You have no right to kill others;
No one has right to kill someone.

Abortion kills the babe unborn;
Abortion kills the babe in womb;
Abortion is murder outright;
Abortion’s not anyone’s right!

Parents shouldn’t kill their progeny;
‘Aborting parents’ are killers;
Parents are like terrorists then!
Abortion isn’t doctors’ duty!

Doctors are meant to just save lives;
Doctors can’t abet murders, man;
Health care can’t include abortions!
Health care must only extend life.

Doctors are healers, life-savers;
Parents are rearers, life-carers;
Health care must try to avoid deaths;
Health care shouldn’t lead to murders foul!

Copyright by Dr John Celes 9-17-2009
Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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Why Murder Me For My Father's Crime?

Just as innocent as you were... In my lay in the pre-world Hoping to visit the colourful cosmos As every lives would have... Passing through tunnel of strive to lively life. Never knew about the sins of my father Would have been glad to call you mother But you denied me love; ordered my murder You should have let me visit the world and suffer Why murder me for my father's crime? I would have made you smile, If you 'd given me more time To be that joy that walks you on endless mile. Why did you do it? What have I done to deserve been butchered? How could you deny me a grave? I was innocent! Mum, I am! Why murder me for my father's crime?
Adesoro Segun

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