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Poems On / About MURDER  7/29/2014 11:47:15 AM
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Best Poems About / On MURDER
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Definition of Pain

Life so precious yet so easily taken away

happiness what everyone wants yet there filled with pain

People causing pain to others for their amusement

Which causes hatred from their victims in turn it creates their murder

What has life come to hatred, anger, pain, death instead of happiness, joy, love, life

how can I live with life

for if i'm happy others will give me pain

if i'm in pain others will fill me with hatred

which will have me taking their so precious lives

So how can I feel happiness once again

when in order to do so I have to create all those things I despise

So doesn't a victim create their own murder in turn creates the death of the murder

if all of this is true isn't life a cycle of happiness to pain then unto death.
Requiem Night

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The Killer Car

The Trial of The Killer Car
All it did was Murder by Benefit.
In The Prison He Ultimately fit.
Never did he had any Guilt.
For The Advantage of Doubt He was Well Built.
What is Right of Choice is nothing but a Way of Committing Crime.
Harsh Punishment is What The Driver Deserve.
A Long Term in Jail is What he should serve.
For Every Body the Law should be the same.
Murder is a Murder.
And The Punishment should be harder.
rohan bendre

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Alavanyo, van, lay, Alan, an, on, no;
But, murder she wrote!
Because, you were caught at your hideout.

Murder! !
Shot in the eyes and slashed into pieces;
As a result of a long standing dispute.

Murder she wrote!
Because of your illegal lust in this town;
And, now, you were finally caught by the Police.
Edward Kofi Louis

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My Mistake

Isn't it my mistake to take the blame
Why are you constantly reminding me
At least I admit my mistake
Yet you let drug dealers go free
Not to mention AID spreaders
And your going to judge us
That's not your place to prey on the weak
We constantly beat ourselves
And you throw in a kick or two
Until we're dead
Then you put on that cry
When you assisted the murder
Like you really cared but its just a show
Like you haven't made a mistake
to forgive and forget
Yet these rules don't apply
But everyone has killed someone
Even with out the knowledge
The kid who committed suicide
that you teased
You disobey your parents
Which rose blood pressures
You even reminded a teacher
Of his dead daughter
Which caused him to drink again
But the line of knowing and not knowing
Is thick
But no one sees that line
until they intentionally murder someone
But murder isn't in me
Although the threat is
But I can never take another's life
Intentionally, when i want to take my own
Its not my place to take another's life
Only God should possess the power
Even I would even accept my punishment
Because I deserve it
TaBresha Bozeman

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Poems On / About MURDER