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Poems On / About MURDER  5/1/2016 1:12:08 AM
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Best Poems About / On MURDER
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Abortion Is Outright Murder

You have no right to kill yourself;
You have no right to kill your own;
You have no right to kill others;
No one has right to kill someone.

Abortion kills the babe unborn;
Abortion kills the babe in womb;
Abortion is murder outright;
Abortion’s not anyone’s right!

Parents shouldn’t kill their progeny;
‘Aborting parents’ are killers;
Parents are like terrorists then!
Abortion isn’t doctors’ duty!

Doctors are meant to just save lives;
Doctors can’t abet murders, man;
Health care can’t include abortions!
Health care must only extend life.

Doctors are healers, life-savers;
Parents are rearers, life-carers;
Health care must try to avoid deaths;
Health care shouldn’t lead to murders foul!

Copyright by Dr John Celes 9-17-2009
Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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Why Murder Me For My Father's Crime?

Just as innocent as you were... In my lay in the pre-world Hoping to visit the colourful cosmos As every lives would have... Passing through tunnel of strive to lively life. Never knew about the sins of my father Would have been glad to call you mother But you denied me love; ordered my murder You should have let me visit the world and suffer Why murder me for my father's crime? I would have made you smile, If you 'd given me more time To be that joy that walks you on endless mile. Why did you do it? What have I done to deserve been butchered? How could you deny me a grave? I was innocent! Mum, I am! Why murder me for my father's crime?
Adesoro Segun

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Small Things

Small Beginnings

To record the simple things in life is important because they are a mirror
of everyday folks life. “A Person collided with a hand cart a suitcase fell
off and was damaged, ” this news, from the local paper.
What do we know? The owner of the damaged suitcase could develop
a hatred against handcart handlers and set out to eliminate them.
Another handcart driver found murdered, the police are baffled, the only
The clue is a broken empty hand luggage it had been purchased in a Chinese
shop and had many finger smudges on.
At the beginning of this murder spree few took an interest but when 25
Handcart handlers had been murdered; it was time to avert the sight stop
slandering Putin and useless civil wars in the Middle East, take a vigorous look
the social system. A young reporter, now a respected political journalist
was able to solve the case, because he was the one as a cub reporter wrote
about the accident, remembered it only because the hurt in the eyes of
the suitcase owner’s eyes, the beginning of an unforgiving hatred
oskar hansen

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Not Killing (By St. Thiruvalluvar)

321.Not to kill any being is the work of virtue;
But to kill leads to sinful deeds.
322.To share with other beings and protect them is the chief
Of all the virtues, the sages have enumerated.
323.Not to slay is an excellent virtue.
The next good thing is not to tell lies.
324.To think to protect the virtue of not slaughtering
Any being is the good way of living.
325.A noble man fearing murder and remembering the virtue
of not killing, betters the sages in dread of next birth.
326.The God of Death devours not to slit the lifetime
Of those who hold fast to non-killing.
327.Despite the risk of losing your life
Don’t do the acts of taking away the sweet life of others.
328.Though greater is the gain of doing murders,
The Wise despise the mean gain of killing.
329.Killing is the trade of human-born animals.
The Wise think of them as doers of mean, vile deeds.
330.The worst life who lead with dearth and disease eaten body
Are men, the Wise declare them as the sinners of murders
rajendran muthiah

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Poems On / About MURDER