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Poems On / About MURDER  12/1/2015 8:39:50 AM
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Best Poems About / On MURDER
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Murder And More Murder, Sex, Rock'N Roll And Drugs

I can see through your wet panties,
that whores like you wear on purpose.
Boobs full of milk and long fat hard on's.

I can feel you on top sliding high up and down,
before you,
I diced up and murdered.

Getting caught,
I will not,
its never enough to get my thrills.
Crisco butter, coconut oil with some of the colonel's
fried chicken,

Moist red lips, that I close with a smack.
Snorting coke your glazed eyes, smoking weed,
your fast on my trip, power moves.

Eye's that can't open,
that I squeezed shut with my middle finger.
Green metal that glows bright pink, then red,
deep down inside,
I am sawing back and forth with my dull knife.

Murder and Sex and more sex, life with me stops,
committing sow drawn out murder.
Moving she gasps,
bipolar she goes moving to fast she let's off of the gas,
he says let's go.

The future is bleak as it crawls slowly past,
so fast that you missed your last show.
Words that shock, eating my fill, your face is like paste,
Your black bony asses is like glass, I see through.

I learned it all on T. V. growing up and to see,
him beating her up,
while she on top, holds him down.

Murder and sex,
drugs and murder and sex, rock and roll.
Way out in the sticks, n the country, my guns in their rack,
white pick up trucks.
I was to young,
and she was to obviously broken.

Wild both of us knew that nothings free,
neither one of us like some of the rest none were spared.
To die, O so young, to die, O so young,
but like mom and dad, die we did.
Is It Poetry

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Prolife, Prochoice

'Starseed Transmissions: One never
has enough data to assign value to any action.'

1. The world is estimated to reach nine billion humans in population
by 2040. How many trees will be left standing? How many animals' habitats will have been destroyed?
Will the violent weather patterns increase exponentially from the crushing human tread on the planet?

2. Children born to parents who did not choose and do not want them are more likely to be beaten, sexually abused, neglected. Other babies
are thrown into dumpsters or given to neglectful foster homes whose bottom line is money.

3. Should women be instructed about their bodies by celibate priests? Should the predominantly male governments of Romania, Spain or other countries insert themselves in decisions over the autonomy of
Women over their own bodies? Many women believe no government nor hospital
nor religious hierarchy of males should have sovereignty
over women's bodies.

4. When a Catholic hospital chooses to sacrifice a mother's life to save an unborn child... is that murder? Many Catholic hospitals are refusing to give abortions to women with fallopian tube pregnancies.

5. Pregnancy is still sometimes a cause of death for the mother from breach births, toxemia, placental abruptions, hospital MRSA etc. Does anyone have the right to force a woman to risk her life?

6. Those who claim that aborting a first trimester foetus takes away forever the chance of human birth are unaware. One woman who'd had 3 abortions went to a counselor with the gift of spiritual prophecy who said to her never having met her or known of her 'A soul has knocked on your door three times. The fourth time you will let him in.' Those who are aware of reincarnation (something not banned in Christian sects for many centuries) know that no abortion is murder... only the delay of the entrance of a soul onto a human stage.

7. The time at which a soul enters a body... can be at conception, the quickening of the first heart beat, often in the 5th month, or at birth. No one but God can say when a soul enters a body.

8. Attending a mass in New Hampshire, a woman heard a priest pray that all human life is sacred. She stood up and said 'The life of all creatures is sacred.'

9. How often the 5 'prolife' Supreme Court judges, governors, senators etc. vote money for bombing others, ratify judicial murder, eat the flesh of murdered mammals, suffocated fishes.. The term 'prolife' is very narrow for such people.

10. How many 'spiritual' teachers who preach prolife are silent about the abortions by bomb
of their governments, governments involved in the murder of pregnant women by drones.

11. Priests have counseled women with a dozen children, unfaithful nonproviding violent alcoholic husbands, that to divorce them would be a sin. These women are never free to pursue the true destiny of their hearts' labors of love. Their husbands often die sooner than the average life expectancy from lives of constant drudgery in jobs they hate trying to support the load of many offspring.

12. Alcoholic or drug abusing Women, women with AIDS, syphilis, etc.,
women beaten during pregnancy, have children
who start off their lives with physical injuries and crippling handicaps.
Often the brains of these babies are smaller because of nerve tissue

13. Jesus made no recorded comment about abortion but Jesus often condemned the hypocrisy and judgmental ways of the Pharisees.

14. Some males even want women whose pregnancies come from rape or incest to be forced to give birth.

15. The Catholic Pope says contraception is a sin. Are not many priests involved in voluntary contraception by refraining from sex?

16. Polls indicate that a majority oppose third trimester abortions... and support first trimester
abortions.. with no majority either way regarding 2nd trimester abortions.

17. Daughters of fundamentalist parents or controlling judgmental parents have often been beaten or shunned by those parents when their pregnancy is discovered.

18. Marriages and families can be destroyed by a husband's
fathering a child with a woman not his wife.

19. Because the Catholic hierarchy in the US has algined itself with the ostensibly prolife G W Bush and G H W Bush as well as countless Republican prowar senators, there have been wars initiated in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This poster has never had an abortion, but has not
faced the crippling poverty and abuse that many
women have.
Saiom Shriver

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Cruel And Unusual

Cruel and Unusual
by Ted L Glines

Is lethal injection
cruel and unusual?
Obviously painful,
therefore cruel,
but is it unusual?
No, lethal injection is
the usual death penalty
in some states.
The way that Jesus died
was cruel
but not unusual;
Romans did it all the time.
We like to view the Cross
as the choice of Jesus
to save us sinners,
but He was given no choice.
Our Cross is a Roman
symbol of life-death power;
arrogance in its darkest hour.
Even when they were pagans,
Romans had Catholic DNA
(miniscule time-warp there) .
What do we do with a man that kills
for anger or just for thrills,
how do we put his evil to rest
and avoid the cruelty test?
The man who injects the drug
or he who pulls the switch,
is a murderer at best
paying a cost,
his soul is (maybe?) lost.
There abides a greater mandate;
(I believe it is greater)
Thou Shalt Not Kill
(murder if you like) .
How do we measure “unusual”
against that?

If I found a murderer, I would put him in the hands of the family of the person he had killed, and they could exact their chosen retribution on him. Yes, this is a tribal way of dealing with a murderer. Is murder a sin? I certainly would never encumber myself with the sin of murdering him, myself. Would you? Nor would I pay a public servant to be his executioner, for that would encumber me with the sin of demanding his murder (tax-paying does not let you avoid the sin) . Even an atheist must address his own self-blame for murdering... a murderer (Catch 22) .
Ted L Glines

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There Was An Old Man Of New York

Edward Lear

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Poems On / About MURDER